United States of Islam

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A practical vision to Unite Muslim countries

Assalamu Alaikum,

I read a critic say, “Even if Islam were to sweep the entire area from South Africa to Philippines we [the western neo-colonialist] need not fear for they are utterly and hopelessly disunited. The Islamic world would probably turn in on itself over sectarian and national divisions before it would be a major threat to even India.” I wish it was not but I fear that is the truth. Today Muslims number 1.5 billion and counting. Oil drives the world and 3/4 of the proven oil reserves lie under Muslims feet. Islam the religion of Muslims is a potent force as it was when it first spread out of Arabia 14 centuries ago. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific isles is a landmass spanning 15,000 km inhabited by Muslim majorities.

Yet how do Muslims figure in the world arena? Sad to say it is nothing less that pathetic. The GDP of all the Muslim countries combined is less than or equal to that of France. When 50,000 Muslim women are raped by Christian Serbs in Bosnia, Muslims watched as spectators. When country after country falls to the hands of neocolonialist Muslims look on helplessly. When Lebanon is bombed to Stone Age and Palestine is no more they heat their seats. Millions starving in Africa, many more oppressed in Central Asia does not disturb the Muslim peace of mind. YaAllah! I dare say they will be heating their chairs even if Mecca is vaporized or millions butchered in Saudi Arabia and Iran. "The less we think about the Muslims the happier we will be," seems the thought of the day.

Disunited as we are I do not think Allah will help us if we do not try to correct ourselves. Allah′s help comes only when we change ourselves for the better. The darkest hours are the nearest to dawn. There are ways out of this seemingly stalemate situation.

Presented here is a vision to unite Muslims countries. If it materializes there will be a Muslim federation or union stretching from the shores of Atlantic to the isles in the edge of Pacific Ocean. First let us look at the some facts.

The map shows the current worldwide Muslim population distribution. The vision foreseen here is for a united union/federation of Muslim majority countries. Lets call it United Nation of Islam or Union of Nations of Islam or simply UNI for now, for easier reference. Here is the map of UNI based on the above Muslim distribution. The countries with more than 50% Muslim population will belong to the United Nation of Islam (UNI). This map shows this intercontinental UNI state.

United States of Islam

UNI does not necessarily mean something like a Caliphate, it could be like the European Union, and inshaallah can be created in phases and stages via discussions, consensus, coordination etc. The current national borders, nation governments etc. will be intact, but there will also be a federal government and parliament for the whole UNI. The people from one part of the federation, for instance a citizen of Nigeria would be able to go to Bangladesh or Malaysia without the need for a passport or other travel documents, just like within the EU. An investor from Kuwait will be able to start a business enterprise in Senegal or Pakistan as easily as he would in Kuwait. An Indonesian, Pakistani farmer will send his harvest to be sold to Moroccans and Yemenis without much hassle or import duties he presently has to pay. People within the UNI will be able to move and settle anywhere within the UNI federation borders as if in the same country. The movement of people and goods within the federation will have as much freedom as available in a country now. All people irrespective of gender, religion, nationality, caste, colour or language currently living within the UNI borders will belong and be citizens of UNI. They will have all the rights they enjoy now. There is no need for Muslims living outside of UNI federation to come and live in a UNI country, but of course if anyone wants they will be able to settle and obtain citizenship of any of the UNI countries.

Leaving things as it is or engaging in wishful thinking without action or allowing and appealing to non-Muslims to decide the fate of our Muslim ummah and our lands, in all likelihood leads to the devastation of both. We Muslims must decide our future and not leave it for the Pentagon or Kremlin. We are making a grave mistake in underestimating the abilities, resources and knowledge Allah has given us. Inshaallah if we try will make it.

It is worthy remembering 60 years ago a European Union was a dream of a few enlightened people. Today it is a reality. There always exists an urge in the Muslim psyche for something like a Caliphate. Similar proposals have been voiced before. Tha is good. But to bear fruit plans need to be made and we need to contribute by our actions. As the first step in materializing this dream we need to spread the idea to many as possible.