Accepted Mazhabs according to AlAzhar and other renowned scholars.


Confusion in Fiqh by pseudo-scholars

Lately, in this modern century, the word of “madzhab” is always being heard. It is likely a kind of crime when someone talks insultingly about mazhab. Even though the people who insulting the mazhab do not have any knowledge on that thing, but they are more likely to be a hero to defense of his own mazhab and sincerely and bravely heathen the others. What such a wonderful hero they are?

Nowadays, the issue on mazhab repeated. In the late of 1950′s, the mazhab issue has been concluded by the greatest Sunni scholar, Sheikh Mahmood Shaltoot. He was the founder and the head of Al-Azhar University in Egypt. As we know, in Islam, there are only 2 major mazhabs and each mazhab has its own branches. However, for the unknowledgeable individuals, they will tell us that mazhab has 3 major sects. Caution with such this man! An agent from Mossad.

Sheikh Mahmood Shaltoot, the renowned Sunni Scholar, has made a shock to the pseudo-scholars of Sunni who on that time strive and struggle to divide and split between the Sunni and Shia. However, in 1959, Al-Fadhil Sohibus somahah, Syeikh Mahmood Shaltoot had released a statement or fatwa that stated that Shia Imamiyyah or also known as Shia Jaafariyyah was not lost from Islam and was classified as one of the Muslims sect. it is the same as other Sunna mazhabs such as Hanafi, Maliki and Syafie.

In addition, there were big similarities on the thought between Shia Imamiyyah and Syafie. It is not only on the major thing in ibadah and life as a Muslim, but it is also on the simplest thing such as the position of head when we recline towards the qiblah. The other certified mazhabs in Sunni such Maliki and Hanbali stated that head must be directed towards the qiblah while syia Imamiyyah and sunni Syafie stated that leg must be directed toward the qiblah. Masyaallah-what such a wonderful of this unity-

However, the Sunni nowadays, do not obey on their own scholars. Not a “kampong” or pseudo scholars, but the scholars I mean, were from the centre of Islamic knowledge, from the land of prophets, from the land of sahabah. Sheikh Mahmood Shaltoot, Syeikh Yusuf Qardhawi and even from Malaysia, Tuan Guru Haji Hadi have stated that the Shia Imamiyyah was still classified as Muslim. They do not digress from the Islamic rules. They do not digress from the thought of Muhammad.

Sadly, even though the fatwa has been released, the statement and explanation have been made, by the renowned and famous Muslim scholars, they (the fanatic people) still want to argue on this simplest thing. Along my way to meet the Muslims from Shia Imamiyyah, along my life knowing them, and along my experience study and make research on Shia Imamiyyah, they never defame and abusing Sunna. Even, they pray on Sunna Muslims to unite with them under a same flag. That is, flag of Islam and kalimatu tauhid “LAILAHA ILLA ALLAH”-

It is undeniable that there are big efforts to divide and split us. MOSSAD and CIA. They would never give up destroying and dividing the Muslims. They create a story, and try to make us misunderstanding about our own religion. This was proven by the declaration of the Jews Assembly which has been published in a book. Notwithstanding, some Muslims from Sunna and Shia themselves do not realize on this thing.

Lets we look on my situation and condition in my college. I have been there since last year in 2008. In May 2008, I started my research on mazhab in KMNS. Since there are so many Muslims there, I think the research is brilliant and marvelous. I started to make a close relationship with some other friends who I thought can be considered to a discussion about their understanding on mazhab and jamaatul Islami. Unfortunately, the responds are really disheartened. Someone who I look wearing a serban, juba and so on, but have a lack knowledge on mazhab and always look other mazhab negatively without based on any knowledge on mazhab rules.

The prophet Muhammad said in a hadis which from my understanding on this hadis is, someone who do not know about something but pretending that he know about it, was hated by Allah.

So, I categorized such these people as so. Even though so, I tried to manage on this issue but it is totally ineffective. This is because their rudeness and egoism to know this issue. Therefore, I′ve lost my respect on them and they are totally had to be disinfected.

Below are the fatwa released by the well-known Muslim scholar, Al-Fadhil Al-ustaz Syeikh Mahmood Shaltoot, the head of Al-Azhar University, the famous and renowned Sunna scholar who was respected by Syeikh Yusuf Qardhawi and other pure scholars from Sunna. Read it and repeat it if you still can′t catch up on this thing because it is about the life of Islam. The unity for the sake of our religion. The successfulness to raise our dignities. Let′s unite my brothers and sisters-!!!

Head Office of al-Azhar University:
Text of the Verdict (Fatwa) Issued by His Excellency
Shaikh al-Akbar Mahmood Shaltoot,
Head of the al-Azhar University,
On Permissibility of Following "al-Shia al-Imamiyyah" School of Thought

His Excellency was asked:

Some believe that, for a Muslim to have religiously correct worship and dealing, it is necessary to follow one of the four known schools of thought, whereas, "al-Shia al-Imamiyyah" school of thought is not one of them nor "al-Shia al-Zaidiyyah." Does your Excellency agree with this opinion, and prohibit following "al-Shia al-Imamiyyah al-Ithna Ashariyyah" school of thought, for example?

His Excellency replied:

1) Islam does not require a Muslim to follow a particular Mazhab (school of thought). Rather, we say: every Muslim has the right to follow one of the schools of thought which has been correctly narrated and its verdicts have been compiled in its books. And, everyone who is following such Mazhab [schools of thought] can transfer to another school, and there shall be no crime on him for doing so.

2) The mazhab of Syiah Ja'fariah, which is also known as "al-Shia al- Imamiyyah al-Ithna Ashariyyah" (i.e., The Twelver Imami Shi'ites) is a school of thought that is religiously correct to follow in worship as are other Sunni mazhabs. Muslims must know this, and ought to refrain from unjust prejudice to any particular school of thought, since the religion of Allah and His Divine Law (Shari'ah) was never restricted to a particular school of thought. Their jurists (Mujtahidoon) are accepted by Almighty Allah, and it is permissible to the "non-Mujtahid" to follow them and to accord with their teaching whether in worship (Ibadaat) or transactions (Mu'amilaat).

Signed, Mahmood Shaltoot.

The above Fatwa was announced on July 6, 1959 from the Head of al-Azhar University, and was subsequently published in many publications in the Middle East which include, but are not limited to:

1. al-Sha'ab newspaper (Egypt), issue of July 7, 1959.
2. al-Kifah newspaper (Lebanon), issue of July 8, 1959.

The above segment can also be found in the book "Inquiries about Islam", by Muhammad Jawad Chirri, Director of the Islamic Center of America, 1986 Detroit, Michigan. Jawad Chirri was a well known Sunni scholar in America.

Let′s unite my brothers and sisters!!! Put aside the assobiyyah in mazhab!!! Takbir!!!

Small research project on mazhab, done by;
Nilai putra, Malaysia.

Study & research was started on 13 muharam 1428 - 28 rabiulakhir 1430.

Reference: -statements and verdicts by Sheikh Mahmood Shaltoot
(Head of Al-Azhar University in 1950′s)
-verdicts and speeches by Yusuf Qardhawi
-statements and verdicts from Dr Mohd Shahid Athar(USA)
-speeches and books written by al-Fadhil Hj Abd Hadi