When is a War Not a War? The Myth of the Global War on Terror

The "war on terror" proclaimed by President George H. Bush within hours of the. September 11

Mary Ellen O'Connell - Notre Dame Law School


Evidence that George W. Bush had advanced knowledge of 9-11

Webmaster: The stupid term of "war on terror" is used by countries and dictators to justify their aggression and injustice

It is essential to correctly classify situations in the world as ones of war or peace: human lives depend on the distinction, but so do liberty, property, and the integrity of the natural environment. President Bush's "war on terror" finds war where suspected members of al Qaeda are found. By contrast, war under international law exists where hostilities are on-going. To the extent there is ambiguity, the United States should err on the side of pursuing terrorists within the peacetime criminal law enforcement paradigm, not a wartime one. Not only does the criminal law better protect important human rights and other interests, it avoids elevating terrorists to the status of combatants in a war with the world's only superpower.

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