History of Mosques

London Central Mosque



Eid ul Adha in London 2012 Central Mosque Regents Park & Tooting

Surrounded by trees on the edge of the beautiful Regents Park stands the magnificent London Central Mosque. Designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd and completed in 1978- the Mosque is instantly recognisable by its breath-taking gold dome. The Mosque was built to cater for the increasing numbers of Muslim residents and visitors in London. London

The main hall of the Mosque can hold almost two thousand worshipers. Apart from a magnificent chandelier and a vast carpet there is very little furniture in the Mosque. All visitors must remove their shoes as a sign of respect and there is a separate gallery for women- who must cover their heads. The inside of the dome is decorated with broken shapes in the Islamic tradition.

The Mosque is joined to the Islamic cultural centre which was officially opened by King George VI in 1944 and was given as an unconditional gift to the UK Muslim community. Within the complex are a library, administrative department and residential area. Representatives tour local schools and colleges to educate local children on their faith and increase awareness of the Islamic and Muslim communities.

The building is an unmistakably vibrant and prominent landmark and a fine addition to the London skyline.