History of Mosques

Auburn Gallipoli Mosque, Australia


Gallipoli Mosque Open Day 19th September 2010

The Auburn Gallipoli Mosque is in Auburn, New South Wales, Australia. Auburn Mosque

The first mosque on the present mosque site was opened for worship on the 3rd of November 1979. It was a house which had the internal walls removed to generate an open space environment. The construction of the present mosque structure began in 1986. The Mosque's construction was completed and officially opened on 28th of November 1999, twenty years after the initial opening. The current building took a painstaking 13 years to complete. The construction time was restrained due to a lack of funds and the time required to raise funds through donations. The project was initiated and largely funded by the Turkish community. The total cost of the project is about six million dollars. Many other local Muslim members irrespective of their ethnic background have greatly contributed to the costs attributed to the building of the mosque. The present congregation is approximately 50% Turkish and the remaining 50% is made up of Muslims from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The site, above which the mosque stands, has a total area of 1 acre or 4,000 square meters. Omer Kirazoglu is the architect of the mosque, which was designed based on the Classical Ottoman construct of Mosque design, characterised by a central dome and minarets. The builder for the mosque was Ahmet Asim who donated much of his time. The name of the mosque - Auburn Gallipoli Mosque - reflects the shared legacy of the Australian society and the main community behind the construction of the mosque, the Australian Turkish Muslim Community.