How to handle WMD Weapons of Missionary Deception?

By: Dr. Adel Elsaie

Deception & Lies Built Christianity in 325 CE (1/10)

I used to have missionaries knocking on my door trying to save me from hellfire. !!! I needed to have a nice reply, so they could get the message. Now I ask any missionary that knocks on my door 4 questions, the missionary's answer is usually, "I will check with my supervisor, and get back to you". They never show up again !!!!!

1. How many versed are deleted from the Bible, and why?

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A list of deleted verses from newer versions of Bible. Read the footnotes of the Bible. Were these verses inspired or not?

2. What are Jesus last words?

The last words of Jesus on the cross come as a big embarrassment to Christian scholars. First, there are four different versions in the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These verses are part of a Christian doctrine of divine inspiration. If God had inspired these four writers, why did God inspire them to record different words? These verses are not just different words, but totally different concepts.

The following are the "last words" of Jesus:

In Matthew 27:46 Jesus′ last words were "Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani?" My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? (Mark 15:34) though it is Eloi instead of Eli

In Luke 23:46 Jesus cried: "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit."

In John 19:30, Jesus tasted the vinegar. Then he said,"It is finished." Jesus bowed his head and died.

If God inspired the Evangelists, and if they considered Jesus the Son of God, then how could there be any discrepancy about the last words of God or the Son of God on Earth? How can these verses be part of a supposed "divine inspiration"? No Answer. One Christian Scholar has a simplistic answer: Jesus said all of the above! Then why none of "divine inspirations" stated all of the above? It seems that the reasonable statement should be the one that Jesus said in his own Aramaic language. Besides those words were reported in two Gospels, Matthew and Mark. But this statement raises more serious questions.

The last words of Jesus according to Matthew and Mark represent an eternal mystery for Christianity. Why did Jesus think that God abandoned him? It is hard to believe that Jesus said that God abandoned him. There are three possibilities:

He said that. Then, why did the Son of God think that his father abandoned him? Jesus told his disciples that he would die and rise from the dead in three days. He knew that he would die and be resurrected, so how can that be called abandonment? If he is the Son of God that came to save humanity with his blood, so how can that can be called abandonment? If he knew his mission in life, so how can that be called abandonment? This statement simply contradicts the entire New Testament. Many Christian scholars have the same trouble justifying this statement.

He did not say that. This means that Matthew and Mark were not accurate, and God did not inspire the Gospels, because God would not allow any inaccuracies.

The man on the cross was not Jesus! This may seem at first sight that it is an unreasonable idea. But if we know that the same sentence, word for word, exists in the songs of David, Psalm 22.1, one may be tempted to suggest that the man on the Cross was a Jew asking God for help from his Old Testament.

The Gospel of Barnabas gives the only reasonable explanation. The man on the cross was not Jesus. He was Judas. Barnabas reported that before the alleged arrest of Jesus, God commanded the Angels to take Jesus out of this world, Barnabas 215. Then God acted miraculously that Judas was so changed in speech and in face to be like Jesus that the apostles believed him to be Jesus, Barnabas 216. When Judas was taken to the cross, he did nothing else but cried out "God, why hast thou forsaken me, seeing that the malefactor hath escaped and I die unjustly?" Barnabas 217. The first sentence is a prayer of the Jews from Psalm 22:1, so Judas was praying to God from the Old Testament. The guardian angles of Mary ascended to the third heaven, where Jesus was in the company of Angels, and told him that his mother was weeping. Jesus prayed to God to come down to Earth to see his mother and his disciples. Then God commanded the angles to bear Jesus into his mother′s house, and they kept watching over him for three days. After the third day, Jesus was carried up into heaven.

3. which one do you believe: Jesus or devils, Paul and people?

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According to the New Revised Standard, Jesus Called him son of man 84 times, the devils, people and Paul called Jesus son of god 63 times. Now which one do you believe: Jesus or devils, Paul and people? You be the judge.

4. Is it trinity or fifteenity?

In the Gospel according to John 17:22:, Jesus said:

"And the glory which Thou hast given me, I have given to them (disciples); that they may be one, just as we are one."

If one was to believe the Father and Jesus Christ to be "one" meaning "co-equal" in status on the basis of John 10:30, then that person should also be prepared believe "them" - the disciples of Jesus, to be "co-equal" in status with the Father and Jesus ("just as we are one") in John 17:22.

I have yet to find a person that would be prepared to make the disciples (students) "co-equal" in status with the Father or Jesus. And if one consider that the number of the disciples is 12 then the trinity should be fifteenity (from 15: father, son, holy ghost, and 12 disciples).