Missionaries in Singapore Target Bangladeshi Labourers

(e-mail received from a Bangladeshi student in National University of Singapore)

Many People Turning To ISLAM In Singapore

Peace be Upon You,

Christian Missionaries have stretched or expanded their activities in Singapore within a short time. They not only are targeting the local Muslims but also widen their prey to fool the Bangladeshi immigrants, as it seems from the latest report I have.

I can relate three incidents in this regard.

1. Four Bangladeshi NUS students, staying in Clementi, last Sunday they had two visitors (an aged lady and a young man), having them into their (visitors) conversation. At one point of conversation the lady read out some parts of the Bible to them....

2. In Geylang, near Jammeah Mosque, live many Bangladeshi Immigrants. The narrator told me two young Christians (Chinese) with a Bangladeshi helping them (one of many who are deceived) distributing rice, flour and other goods to Bangladeshis for free and of course, a leaflet along with those supplies (you can guess what that reads!)....

3. In Serangoon, they are distribution leaflets among Muslims. These leaflets invite them to join a recently started worship session every Sunday. The narrator provided me one which reads:

"With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26


191 Syed Alwi Road

Little India, Singapore 207722

Worship Hours: Sunday 6:30-7:30


Pgr. 92918861, Ph. 3360302

You may know how many Muslims gather there every Sunday, even if they are able to get 1% of the gathering the Number will be more than 500.

Why are they targeting them? Reasons are numerous. Two most important reasons may be,

1. It's easy to fool/deceive them for the Bangladeshi Muslims have poor understanding or knowledge of either religion. 80% are very poorly educated and cannot do research for themselves which is unfortunate because it's easy to be taken in by the supposed beauty of Christianity but a little analysis makes it clear which religion is the complete truth.

2. Easy to trap them by taking advantages of their being poor (providing worldly help and support). Similar strategy as they are adapting in other poor nations (especially in African Continent). These people immigrated to Singapore temporarily to work their backs off in order to support their starving families back in Bangladesh.

They are distributing free Bibles (Bengali Translation, printed in UK, one that I have seen) to them.

How can we resist them or rather save those ignorant Muslims from being deceived?