My first reading of the Qur'an

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In the Name of Allah Most Gracious most Merciful

What made me become a Muslim was reading the Quran from cover to cover. I did not have a person teach me about Islam other than Jesus was a messenger and not God or literal son of God. Before I read the Quran I told myself that if there was anything that went contrary to what I felt in my heart was true I would not accept Islam.

Up until that point I read secondary information about Islam and could not bring myself to read the Quran. But this was my chance. I read the opening Surah. It was sounded true and almost "Our Father" like. Then on to the next Surah the Cow, "This is a book in which there is no doubt a guidance for those who fear Allah." What? How can a book say that? What kind of book is this. Allahu Akbar only God can say this if not God then a really, really arrogant person.

I continued to read about Moses and the punishment of liars and those who reject faith. The concepts hit me one after the other. Bang! I had to stop and think, bang! I had to stop and think again. By the middle of it I thought to myself what kind of book is this? I looked at the cover as if I would find the answer. I continued to read and realized that this is a book befitting of God's authorship. The Quran described God in a way that my heart knew to be true. This was the God I was looking for. This was the God my heart always knew but was never confirmed by my Christianity.

I figured by the middle of the Quran I was ready to become a Muslim but I kept on reading. My conviction further cemented with every page I read. Surah Mankind the last Surah and I was done. The next day I felt like I was floating on air. The world looked different to me. This book changed me.

There is nothing in this world that could sway me from la illah illala.

Snow is cold, water is wet, red is red, fire is hot and there is no god but God.

Allahu Akbar.


Hear my reversion story in an audio form. I did it with with a voice synthesizer.

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It has voice music in it: Christian in the first part and then Islamic athan in the last part.