Gabriel "Jibril Aqil Ali" Martinez

My Coming to Islam.


Hamza young american convert to islam crying when performing hajj

After my separation of marriage of 10 years, my biggest regret was not instilling or sharing the knowledge of God as I knew him as a believer in Christianity with my wife and more importantly my children who are most dear to me whom which I had dedicated to God as I knew Him then. Jibril My oldest brother "Ali" Martinez was the first and only Muslim in our family at the time and he had converted to Islam while Imprisoned in 1977 and was my first influence who shared his belief in stages to me. The second in our family was my Nephew "Hakim Malik" Toro who took Shahada in 1987 as a 5% Nation Member and came to True Islam taught by the Prophet (PBUH) while incarcerated.
He shared his knowledge of Islam in stages also with me. I became a father 1st in 1997 and I named my first born "Imanuel Jabril" Martinez out of respect for Christianity, Islam and the family. My second was born in 2001 and was named "Issac Ali" Martinez. Now my brother Ali was killed in 1992 in the Bronx New York and many of the Christian members of our family in some ways blamed Islam for his death and for my nephews incarceration and then came "911".
so I continued my life walking in limbo so to speak and practiced neither until my separation of marriage and a motorcycle accident that left me Spleenless and near amputated leg looking to God and believe it or not, Thanking The Almighty for it all. So I went to my ex-wife one day and apologized and expressed to her my regret of not sharing nearly enough religion with her in all our years together especially due to the fact that she is from Cuba and had so little knowledge of God and religion.
So I expressed to her my desire to live a righteous life and teach our children like wise and asked if she would aid me. I told her that I was sorry for buying her a Bible that was in "old Spanish" and difficult to understand and that if I bought her a newer Spanish version would she read it and help me raise the children in the knowledge Of God? She answered "No. I don't think so and frankly don't bother' She had no interest. I told her fine but not to interfere with me and (raising in the knowledge of God) the Boys when they are with me.
I went home that night and wept and prayed and demanded that God show me once and for all "AM I A CHRISTIAN, MUSLIM, BUDDHIST, JEW, JEDI OR WHAT?" Because I did not want my children to suffer in this life or the after life because of my ignorance. In order to teach them I had to be taught and I had to be right. So I typed into my Netflix account search: Islam, God, Christianity, Judaism etc. went on line and did the same and read all I could and watched all I could on the matter and most of all prayed. I visited the local Mosque and got literature on Islam.
I read very briefly about Jesus and the divinity being conceived in 325 a.d in a foot note but didn't think much more about it for I had a lot of videos to watch. I started to see the Truth that the culture and practice of Islam was not at all how the media portrayed it. It was not intimidating but actually quite inviting. It was beautiful, peaceful, powerful and oh so Inspiring. But the Christ and the divinity issue was so strongly instilled in me it held me back. I needed to know and understand more. Then "It" arrived.
The video "History Channel's a History of God" a search for monotheism: Jews, Christians and Muslims. It talked in dept about the myths of Christmas and and Christ and the divinity and the "Trinity" and "The Counsel of Nicea" That The trinity and divinity of Christ came 325 a.d. That was It. I took Shahada right there and then. I went to the Mosque the following Friday 03/30/07 after calling my nephew and sharing what I have learned and asking him to go with me. I took the Qu'ran and Islam and ran with it and have been running ever since Alhumdullillah. That's My story in brief. Asalmu Alaikum and Jazak Allahu Khairun for your time.

Jibril~By The Will of Allah