Debate between Muslim and Christian

Tahseen Shah


Debate islam & christianity Shekh Ahmed Deedat Vs Jimmy Swaggart

Let me share with you something interesting.

Two weeks ago I was scheduled to work on Monday Stats holiday. I needed that day off at any cost. I asked my co workers to swap shift with me but no one was ready to swap shift with me as it was the Stats holiday and long weekend. In the end, to cut the matter short, one my co worker said to me that he will take that shift if I paid him all the over time for that day which was about $ 1200.00

I replied to him that off course you can ask me any amount of money. He was surprised at this response and agreed to take my shift.

Surprised and curious he asked me so, "what is going on"?

I said that on the night before meaning Sunday night will be 27th of Ramadan and prayer on that night is equal to 1000 months of prayers.

He said Yeah I know that.

Peter is a staunch christian. And a Zionist.

After he came from his lunch break he started the conversation about religion. The start was very polite and respectful from both sides. We talked more and more and then we came to a point where I made the same mistake what many muslims are doing these days. As you guys did. Convincing white people that Christianity and Islam are very close to each other.

So I said to Peter that,

Look Muslims believe in virgin Mary while Jews consider her as an adultorous women

We consider Jesus as a very exalted Prophet ( Peace be upon Him), while Jews consider Him ( peace be upon Him) as a bastard and no Prophet at all.

We never say bad things about Bible because original bible is from God. Eventhough accroding to our believes Bible has been amended but still there are some parts that are the words of God.

So Peter why Christians are closer to Jews than Muslim.

To my surprise Peter's face turned red and said O' my God you insulted Bible. You called Bible as a corrupted book. You insulted Jesus by calling him as a Prophet. He is the God. Jews are better than you muslims because they do not insult Jesus like muslims do.

I asked why and how? They call Him ( peace be upon him) a bastard.

He replied that not all Jews do that and plus that is not as serious as deny the fact that Jesus is the Lord. He was crusified for us.

Then he jumped around and stared insulting Prophet Muhammed ( peace be upon Him) and started insulting Quran.

I wanted to punch him at this point but I played even smarter. I asked Peter why are you insulting our Prophet (peace be upon Him) while I did not insult Jesus. Why are you using profinity againsst Quran while I did not do such towards bible.

he replied Yes you did, yes you did. You just said Bible is corrupted an Jesus is not the Son of God.

At this I deliberately kept quiet and I said I will talk to you about this tomorrow.

That night I called my murshid in Pakistan and explained him exactly what happened.

He said good for you. You desreved that.

I was shocked. I said why.

He said that why Muslims these days are so eager to convince Christians that we are close to them. Do you think Hazrat Omer, Abu Bakar, Alik, Usman and Sahabh would do that. Why do we need to justify to them that we believe in Bible.

Allah S(WT) says in Quran in Surah Fatah that do not call them for compromise and you will prevail.

But these days Muslims who have love for this world have been punished by Allah (SWT) and busy polishing white people shoes and convincing them Muslims are closed to Christians.

Remeber my son anytime muslims try to do this they will be insulted by Christians and Jews. Do not do that. Who gives a damn about them. then mu murshid told me few things and this is what he told me and I said to Peter the next day.

" Peter you remeber you said Muslims are north pole and Christians are south pole.

I totally agree and I am glad that muslims have nothing to do with Christians. I found out that the person we call Prophet is Eisa not Jesus.

' Now answer this to me all along the Prophets have been coming in this world then all of a sudden God decides to come himself. Not only that but your .God decided to come out of a woman's vagina.

Upon this Peter interrupts, " because god wanted to show humility".

I said O yeah. the master of all, the most exalted needs to show humility.

On top of that according to you Jesus was crusifed for all your sins and he said there is no wrong. According to you Peter we can rob, kill, rape it is all good. no sin.

Peter replied yes.

I said then please tell your government to shut down all police departments, courts, Justice system. Ifnot then it proves that your religion is impractical and full of hoax. further more Peter write this down on a piece of Paper that if I rape your daughter andbeat you up right now. It is all good. Jesus died for our sins. Please Peter right that down.

At this point Peter is not letting me speak.

I said Peter moreover your Bible says that universe is only 6000 years old and Sun revolves around earth.

At this point Peter is going out of room in anger.

Peter we have nothing to do with your religion. Thanks to Allah (SWT) we have nothing in common.

My computer is not working properly and I expect lots of typing error. Please ignore that and accept my apologies.

Tahseen Shah