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Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah)

Dr. Adel Elsaie

Brain Storming

This Dawah effort and the Islamic youth Campaign  have nothing to do with politics, terrorism, or racism.

This is just a Dawah for Muslim Youth.

There is a dire need for Islamic Youth Awakening now. Most Muslims on earth know the current state of Ummat Muhammad. Muslim youth face many conflicts in today’s society.  The Western culture or “Islam from the West” is creeping in on this Muslim generation. "Cool" Muslim youth walk with a mobile phone in one hand and keys on the other hand. Their pastime consists  of eating at McDonalds, Pizza hut, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Many Muslim youth pray while their minds are totally outside the presence of Allah (SWT). Many other Muslim youth don't even pray or fast. Other Muslims are very strict to the extent of using Takfir if one does not agree exactly with them or their Mazhab (Islamic belief) . And then, other Muslim youth follow this great religion as prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah. We have imported the jungle of labels from the west, such as liberal, moderate, radical ... and used them to label ourselves.

Most of the Muslim countries’ Media are not helping either. TV Channels in the Muslim countries are packed with violence, semi-naked acts, consuming alcohol (even in Ramadan).

Many Muslims don't respect their elders. Many parents destroy the Islamic identity of their kids.

I can go on and on because the problems facing Ummat Muhammad are too many and very serious.

So let’s do something about this.

We are adopting a training program to rebuild the Islamic identity. This program will benefit many Muslims in many countries and Internet user groups.  First, we will promote this idea and then follow our youth campaign. Translation will InShaa Allah be provided by volunteers to major languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Malay, Spanish, German, and French.

Objective of the program

To train and educate committed Muslim youth to become better  Muslims worthy of the name Ummat Muhammad.

This program will focus on the following subjects:

1. Agree on the basics of Islam, and the importance of Muslim Unity.

Isn't that a great dream  to have Muslim unity similar to the European Union. Can you imagine all the resources in Muslim countries? We first need first a generation that believes in Muslims unity and shares Muslim values.

2. Beautiful Qualities of Prophet Muhammad

Our Role Model is our beloved Prophet Muhammad. (Oswah Hasanah). We will present the ethical and spiritual characteristics of the Prophet each week and ask the participants to adhere to this character. His faith, his trust in Allah, his mercy, his truthfulness, his generosity, his forgiveness, his gentleness, his concern for the people, his tender heart, his manners, and many others will be presented each week in a short story.

3. Great Muslims who Changed History

Stories of great Muslims are big inspiration to many Muslims. Each story will be presented in one or two pages. These great Muslims include the four rightly guarded Caliphs, Companions of the Prophet, Imams of the four schools of thoughts, and great young Muslims such as: Mehmed the conqueror and Mohammad Bin Qasim-Al-Thaqafi. Each story will be sent weekly.

4. Resolve the crises between parents and children.

The relationship between parents and children has never been so low. Yes there has always been a generation gap, but love and respect were the norms of the Muslim Family.

5. Converts to Islam.

Probably this is one of the few lights in the darkness that is sweeping Ummat Muhammad, and they are so many. It is evident that a growing number of non-Muslims around the globe accept Islam every day. They come in all forms and from all walks of life: men, women, youth, old, priests, Rabbis, missionaries, intellects, all professions, rich and poor Why do they became Muslims? And why are they better Muslims than many average born-Muslims? Read their stories and watch their videos.


The biggest dangers facing the Muslim Youth

1. American Pop Culture.

Many Americans now reject this pop culture that produces drug addict, alcoholics, school dropouts, failing grades, teenage sex and pregnancy. Crimes are reaching historic levels even in schools and universities. Standard of education is going down, and standard of materialism is soaring.


2. Missionaries.

Missionaries are everywhere in Muslim lands: from Sudan to Palestine, from Afghanistan to Egypt, from Iraq to Algeria, from Indonesia to Nigeria, from Yemen to Kuwait, and don't forget Muslin youth in western countries. Learn in a simple way how open a constructive dialogue with them and how to refute their argument.


All articles in this program will InShaa Allah be published in the new section “Islamic Youth Awakening” on the front page of http://www.usislam.org/ . You can see it on the top beside the site map link, and on the left column near the top.

Can you imagine that we, together, succeed InShaa Allah to have all Muslim youth in all Islamic Ummah following the manners of our role model: Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad.

If you want to contribute or have comments, Please  Contact Us.

Jazakum Allah Khairan.

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