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Yahudi were those who continued to follow the Jewish faith despite being invited to the One God's religion by Prophet Isa Peace be upon him(Jesus - peace be upon him) and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). They are classed as Kaafir for denying the Prophets that came to remind them.

Also referred to as: Jews, Bani Israeel (Children/Progeny of Jacob), Isrealites, People of the Book, Ahle-Kitaab



Ya'juj Ma'juj (Gog and Magog) are one of the signs of Qiyaamah (Doomsday). They are very strong and powerful people whom nobody has the power to fight. It has also been narrated that they have wide faces, small eyes, grey hair and their faces are like shields covered with skin. They are from the progeny of Prophet Nuh Peace be upon him (Noah - Peace be upon him) and will cause immense amount of bloodshed on Earth.

Many thousands of years ago the barbarous tribes of Yajuj and Ma'juj were imprisoned behind an iron wall built by Zulqarnayn who lived at the time of the Prophet Ibraheem Peace be upon him(Abraham - peace be upon him). Every day Ya'juj Ma'juj try to break free through the wall of Zulqarnain until they reach the end of it to the extent that they could actually see the light on the other side. They then return home saying, ''We will break through tomorrow. '' However, Allah causes the wall to revert to its original thickness and the next day they start all over again. This process continues each day as long as Allah wills for them to remain imprisoned. When Allah wishes for them to be released, then at the end of that day they will say, ''If Allah wills, we will break through tomorrow.'' The next day they will find the wall as they left it the previous day and after breaking through the rest they will escape

The tribes Ya'juj and Ma'juj will form 99.9 percent of world's population at that time. Ya'juj and Ma'juj will cause destruction and bloodshed wherever they go. Prophet Isa Peace be upon him(Jesus - Peace be upon him) will take the Muslims to Mount Tur for their protection as nobody will be able to kill the Ya'juj Ma'juj. Muslims will make Dua (supplication) and Allah answering their prayer will send insects upon the necks of Ya'juj Ma'juj and in the morning they will be found dead like one dead man. Allah will send birds with necks like the necks of Bactrian camels which will carry the stinking corpses and throw them where Allah wishes. Thereafter, Allah will send rain and the earth will be cleaned

Also referred to as: Gog and Magog



The early part of one's life is extremely important, it almost invariably shapes the rest of a person's life since it is at an impressionable age when puberty has recently been reached, long term effects and consequences are ignored and Shaytaan's lure are numerous hence there are many things to refrain from.

Also referred to as: Jawaan, Adolescent, Teenager, Young