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99 Names of Allah w/ English Translation & Transliteration


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One who recites the Qur'aan according to the rules of Qiraa'at (recitation standards). A reciter can take courses to be certified as a Qari.

Also referred to as: Qur'aa (plural)



Direction towards the House of Allah (The Ka'ba) in Makkah, Arabia.

Also referred to as: Qibla



Qiyaamah (Doomsday) is the day this world will come to an end. No one knows the exact day of Qiyaamah except Allah. What is known is that on a certain Friday (l0 Muharram year unknown)) the Angel Israafeel peace be upon him(peace be upon him) will be ordered to blow the soor (Bugle/Trumpet) the sound of which will cause every living person or creature to die. The whole universe will be destroyed. The approach of Qiyaamah will be known by its Signs foretold by Prophet Muhammad

Also referred to as: The Hour, Qiyaamat, Doomsday, Qiyamah, Qiyamat



Qiyaas means Analogy in Fiqh

Also referred to as: Qi'yaas, Qiyas



Allah (God) has revealed many books to Prophets so that Man and Jinn can be guided. The most famous of these books are the Zaboor (Psalms) revealed to Prophet Dawood peace be upon him (David - peace be upon him), the (Towaat) Torah revealed to Prophet Musa peace be upon him (Moses - peace be upon him) , the Injeel (Bible-Gospel) revealed to Isa ibn Maryam peace be upon him(Jesus son of Mary - peace be upon them) and the Holy Quran revealed to the Last of the Messengers: Prophet Muhammad . The Quran is the last and current Divine Revelation; it supersedes all others and is the eternal miracle for all Mankind and Jinn. The Quran is in Arabic and consists of 30 Parts constituting 114 Surahs (Chapters) in total. There are millions of Huffaz (people who have memorised the Quran) who guard the whole Quran (6236 verses) in their hearts; its complete preservation in the original Arabic script is one of its Miracles. Allah's Final Testament to mankind has always been a miraculous treasure for all those in search of the truth and the meaning of life. Translations of the Quran and Tafseers (Commentaries) are available in hundreds of languages. The Quran is available in the form of Books, Audio CDs and Software for the Web, PC and Mobile Devices many of which also include Audio Recitations, Translations and Tafseer.

“Alif Laam Raa. A book which we have revealed unto you, in order that you might lead mankind out of the depths of darkness in light by the leave of their Lord � to the way of the Exalted in power, Worthy of all praise.”

Also referred to as: The Last Revelation, Koran, Coran, Qur'an, Koraan, Coraan, Al-Quran, Al-Quraan, Holy Quran.