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Asma-ul-Husna (99 Names of Allah)


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Also referred to as: Itaa'ut, Ita'at, Itaa'ut, compliance, dutifulness; observance, conformance.



There is a current disease where people who are not in a position to comment on Islam say whatever they feel or takes their fancy. They put forward their individual views without having the capacity or expertise in the subject matter being discussed. They attempt to perform Ijtihaad and claim to represent muslims when they are not qualified to do so. However well-intended or otherwise, the consequences of opining in Islam are almost always negative particularly in discussion groups and panels where debates are impromptu, time restricted and held without proper research. If an aspect of Islam is not grasped by our finite intellect then we must try not to meddle with it. A suitably qualified Alim should be approached instead and proper time and effort given to the matter.

Also referred to as: guess, conjecture, comment, discuss.