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99 names of Allah - Lesson 01 Introduction to the names of Allah by Shaykh Hasan Ali


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Supererogatory worship. Actions that are purely optional but can be rewarded for.

Also referred to as: Nafl, Nawafil (Plural)



A spiritual part of Man to describe the inner-self which is distinct from the spiritual part known as the soul (Ruh). In man there exists the capacity for desire. This capacity is termed the nafs (inner-self). This capacity refers to both virtue and evil



Najaasat is that which is defined unclean according to shari`a (alcohol, blood, flesh of certain animals, excreta, droppings, blood, vomit, semen, seminal fluid, etc).There two different types of najaasat: Ghaliza (heavy) and Khafifa (light) and many methods of purifying oneself or objects from najasa.

Also referred to as: filth, unclean, foul matter, defilement, najas, najasa, najasat, napaki, napaaki, napak, napaak, najasah, impure, najis.



Before the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad c 609 A.D. people who accepted Prophet Isa Peace be upon him(Jesus son of Mary- peace be upon them) as a Messenger regardless whether they were the progeny of Jacob(Isrealites) or otherwise (Gentiles) were classed as Believers because they accepted and believed in the Prophet of their era. The first set of these were the Hawariyyun (the Disciples). However, after his ascension to the second heaven the teachings of Prophet Isa Peace be upon him(Jesus son of Mary- peace be upon them) were distorted; he was misunderstood to be a son of God, for his mother Maryam (Mary- peace be upon her) to also be divine and to have been crucified even though he never died, still lives and will descend again as a just ruler. The Prophet I`sa Peace be upon him gave glad tidings of the coming of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) Prophet Muhammad in exchange, gave the tidings of I`sa Peace be upon him(Jesus - peace be upon him's) second coming. However those who continued to follow Christian ideology despite being invited by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to the One God's completed religion are known as the Nasaara; they are classed as Kaafir for denying Prophet Muhammad who came to guide all mankind and Jinn and correct their misconceptions on human divinity; All Prophets were humans, Prophets Adam Peace be upon him was created without either a mother or a father by Allah, Prophet Isa Peace be upon him without a father but Allah the Almighty has never had a child nor is he the child of any other, He has no partners and there is none like Him.

Abu Hurayrah reported Prophet Muhammad as saying:

"I am akin to the son of Mary among the whole of mankind and the prophets are of different mothers, but of one religion, and no prophet was raised between me and him."

Prophet Muhammad saved the first generation of this nation (Ummah) from the evils of infidelity and ignorance whilst the prophet Isa Peace be upon him(Jesus - peace be upon him) is alive and will descend as a saviour for the last generation of this Ummah, from the evils of Dajjal and his striking force. Prophet Muhammad has said:

"How can this Ummah perish when I am at the beginning and Jesus son of Mary at the end?"

Also referred to as: Nasraani, Christians, People of the Book, Ahle-Kitaab, Nazarenes, Gentiles



The Holy Prophet May Allah send peace and bessings upon him said: “The best friend in the sight of Allah is the one who is good to his companions, and the best neighbour in the sight of Allah is the one who is good to his neighbours.”(narrated by Tirmidhi). Allah Taa'la informed us to look after our neighbours, to care for them, to keep good relationships with them and to ensure that we have good neighbours.



Man is often negligent of his duties towards Allah and fellow creation.He forgets that he will one day return to Allah and be judged. The remembrance of Allah (Dhikr) reminds Man of his transient state and helps him to be mindful of his duties and responsibilities.Salaah is a 5 a day duty which is unfortunately most commonly neglected. May Allah guide us all. Ameen



Postnatal bleeding.

Also referred to as Nifaas



In Islam the night precedes the day in other words every date starts at dusk (magrib) rather than midnight. For example the Night of Friday is Thursday night from dusk till dawn and the Day of Friday is from dawn till dusk on Friday.

Information related to nights and specific nights of the year.

Also referred to as: Laylat



Nikah means Marriage. The marital status of a person changes from single to married on the performance of the Nikah Ceremony.

The Holy Prophet May Allah send peace and bessings upon him said:

"Marriage is the basis for blessings and children are an abundance of mercy."

“Nikah is my Sunnah.”

“Whosoever turns away from my Sunnah is not of me.”

A happy and successful marriage is a necessary goal for anyone who is either already married or is thinking about it. Building the family is essential for the complete establishment of our religion Islam, as the family is the cornerstone of the social structure. A successful and purposeful marriage is the indispensable foundation of this cornerstone.

Nikah should be a simple witnessing ceremony and not expensive. The dowry is an agreed amount that is given to the bride by the groom which them becomes part of her independant property wealth. In Islam there is no hereditary or occupational caste system; nikah is permitted between opposite sexes of the same faith. Nikah is a sunnah; it is a joyous event and celebrating it must not involve unislamic activities such as music or dancing.

Also referred to as: Wedlock, Matrimony, Wedding, Nikaah, Marriage, Shaadi



Niqaab is a veil that covers the face.

Also referred to as: Niqab, veil