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Someone who is not a Muslim; a Non-Believer. Rejecting Islam is called Kufr. Those that rejected the Prophet of their time or his teachings were also Kuffar.

Also referred to as: Disbeliever, Kuffar (Plural)



Ka'ba - The House of Allah in the sacred sanctuary in Makkah, Arabia. Muslims pray salah in the direction of the Ka'ba and are also buried facing the same direction. The direction is called Qiblah.

There is a certain amount of difference of opinion whether Adam Peace be upon him first built the Kaaba or whether the Kaaba was built prior to this by the Angels. However, some believe that the creation of the earth originated from the spot where the Kaaba now stands. Initially everything was covered in water. Then there appeared something in the shape of a bubble at that spot. Then the rest of the earth was spread out in all directions. When the deluge came in the time of Hazrat Nooh Peace be upon him the spot was raised. Thereafter Hazrat Ebrahim Peace be upon him. and Hazrat Ismail Peace be upon him. built the Kaaba on a spot shown to them by Allah, the exact spot where it had been previously, as is described in the Ayah in the first juz of the Quran. In one Hadith we read: "When Allah the Almighty sent Hazrat Adam Peace be upon him down to the earth from paradise, He also sent down His House and said: ' O Adam I am sending down with you My House, so perform tawaaf round it in the manner tawaaf is performed around My Throne; And pray to Me in its direction in the same manner as is being prayed in the direction of My Throne." Then when the deluge came during the time of Hazrat Nooh Peace be upon him the House was lifted. Then the prophets used to perform tawaaf around that place (even though the House was not there). Allah thereafter revealed the spot to Hazrat Ebrahim Peace be upon him and commanded him to build the House. (Targheeb - Munziri).

Hazrat Ibrahim Peace be upon him had erected the Ka'ba. There can be no doubt that this should be the most virtuous place because Allah Himself ordered its erection. Hazrat Jibra'eel Peace be upon him drew the plan. A man of the stature of Hazrat Ibrahim Peace be upon him was the mason while the man of the calibre of Hazrat Ismail Peace be upon him had been his assistant.

Also referred to as: Kaba, Kabah, House of Allah



Grave Clothes/Shroud

Also referred to as: Kafn



A Kalimah is a sentence; when referred to as the 5 Kalimahs it means the 5 Declarations of Faith

Also referred to as: Kalima



When used as a noun a special type of deputy/leader is meant.

Also referred to as: Caliph, Khalifa



Leather socks

Also referred toas : Khuffain, Khuff



Khutbahs (Sermons) are delivered as collective guidance on occasions such as Juma Salaat (Friday Prayer), Eid and Hajj. The person delivering the Khutbah is called the Khateeb.



There many types of knowledge and sometimes the term is confused as being exactly the same as data or raw information. Knowledge that is beneficial is to be sought out and identified, acquired from valid sources; It should be understood, verified from the learned and practised. Knowledge should be valued, preserved and propagated to others whilst materialism should be prevented from being the objective of life. Many people have sacrificed their time and wealth to relay beneficial knowledge to us and we should ensure knowledge is well understood, practised and communicated.

Also referred to as: Ilm, 'Ilm



Disbelief, a rejection of Islam

Disbelievers. Non-Muslims are called Kuffaar



To apply kuhl in the eyes is mustabab. One should use kuhl with the intention of ajr (thawaab, reward). It benefits the eye and one receives ajr for following the sunnah also

Also referred to as: surmah, antimony, collyrium