Myths About Islam and Muslims

Courtesy of Muslimah's Homepage on Islam



Jews Are Hated By Islam

Islam tells us not to hate innocent people. We are told to respect Jews because we are worshiping the same God. The hatred between Arabs and Israelis is political. It is often confused as being religious. Not all Arabs hate Israelis nor vice versa. You will find extremists on both sides!

The God's messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) passed a mixed company of Muslims, polytheists who worshipped idols and Jews and he gave them a salutation. (Bukhari, Muslim). (Sayings of Muhammad. by Prof. Ghazi Ahmad).

Islam Is Spread By War

This is one of the things we are led to believe by prejudiced and ignorant people. Islam is a derivative of the Arabic word meaning "peace"! Islam commands that Muslims keep and enforce peace. Our own Prophet said, "The Pen is mightier than the Sword." and Islam is a religion whereby there is no compulsion.

Islam Supports Holy War

Prejudiced people would have you believe that Jihad and Holy War are the same things. Jihad is self defense, while Holy War is most often offensive. As Muslims, we are required to defend ourselves, but not to hurt others offensively.

Muslims Are Terrorists

Some Muslims are distorted in their thinking, but so are some Christians. What about the terrorists who rape, and molest? What about the terrorists who are gang members, or in the KKK? Are they not terrorists? Why isn't their religious affiliation brought into the light? Islam teaches peace!

All Muslims Are Arabs

The truth is, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world! Arabs only account for 18% of the Muslim population.

Smoking Is Allowed In Islam

Islam insists that a person not bring harm upon him or herself or anyone else. Smoking does just that!! Smoking is no more allowed in Islam than it is in Christianity. Yet we still see a both faiths doing it.

Islam Encourages Polygamy

Polygamy is only allowed under strict conditions that must be met. He must treat all wives exactly the same. (This means giving each wife the exact amount of time, money, love to each wife. Since this is nearly impossible to do, most men do not practice this ancient custom.) To find out more, visit: Women & Islam

Islam Oppresses Women

If that were true I would not have converted!! I came to Islam because I see it as a refuge and liberation!! Islam gave women special rights 1400 years ago that American women still don't have today!! Alimony and voting rights were secured by women only AFTER Islam came along 1400 years ago! It is probably the ONLY religion which gives so much status to women. To find out more, visit: Women & Islam

Muslims Don't Believe In Jesus

Whoops, here is another big one. We do accept Jesus, in fact, we believe in ALL of the biblical prophets. We believe that he performed miracles. We believe in the virgin birth. We accept him as a prophet of Allah. We just don't accept him as "the son of God". To find out more, visit: What do Muslims Feel about Jesus (pbuh)?

Muslims Don't Eat Meat

Wow!! That's news to me!! We are only allowed to eat meat that is slaughtered a different way. That is why we only buy from our butchers. The meat we eat must be slaughtered in God's name. To find out more, visit: Animals in Islam

Muslims Don't Like Pets

Huh?? A companion of the Prophet was given the name Abu Hurairah (pardon the spelling). This name means 'father of the baby cat'. He was given this name because he always had a kitten with him. Our Prophet was very kind to animals and pets. One incident: A cat fell asleep on the long shirt Prophet Muhammad was wearing. In order to not wake the sleeping cat, he cut away the portion of his shirt upon which the cat lay and freed himself to leave the room. To find out more, visit: Animals in Islam

Muslims Don't Contribute To Society

If you happen to be in a major city in the USA, check out the major mosques in the area. You will find free clinics, run by specialists in most specialties, for everyone. You will also find major food banks for poor people regardless of their religions. Food banks also exist in most Islamic schools.

Muslims Keep Their Wives In The Home

I know of no woman that is confined to the house. Some choose to spend most of the time inside due to the immoral society that waits for them outside their homes. Others just stay at home to study or be house wives. Many have jobs and go to religious functions several times a week. Most of my aunts hold high positions in society such as University Professors and teachers and principals of schools. Every single girl in our family has either graduated from university, in the process of getting a degree or working toward university.