Imam Opens the Texas Senate Session with Islamic Prayer

then Islamophobia (Moozlems are coming) starts !!!!!!

Imam Dr. Yusuf Ziya Kavakci, my Imam and close friend

Imam Yusuf in TX Senate

Muslims in Texas were very proud to see Imam Dr. Yusuf Kavakci opens the Texas Senate Session after an invitation from Senator Florence Shapiro. We all thank and appreciate the action of Senator Shapiro.

I know Imam Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kavakci, for over 20 years. He is the Imam of Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT), Dallas Central Mosque. He is an inspiration for many Muslims here, and around the world. He is internationally known for his Islamic study.

The family of Imam Dr. Yusuf Kavakci is also a model Muslim Family of the main stream Muslims everywhere on earth.. He is the father of Merve Safa Kavakci The great lady who was elected and went to the Turkish Parliament with Hijab. She was then booed and kicked out of the Parliament.

Then the Islamophobic Texans are trying to paralyze the rights of Islamic religious minority. Senator Shapiro received 100's of hate emails for sponsoring Imam Dr. Kavakci to give an Islamic prayer for the opening the Texas Senate session at the third Texas Muslim Legislative Day.

These hate mails insult Allah, God, Quran, Prophet Muhammad, and Islam.

The Islamophobic American Taliban continues their hate mission on Islam, without even trying to get first hand knowledge of this great monotheistic religion of Allah, while the main stream Muslims are living a life of peace and surrender to Allah.

Islamophobic Texans should read
to know Who is ALLAH. (HE is their GOD too !!!!)

3rd Texas Muslims Legislative Day 
Wednesday, April 4, 2007... a milestone day for Texas

 Imam Opens the Texas Senate Session with an Islamic Prayer    


Picture of Lt. Governor Dewhurst Welcoming Imam Kavakci                                   Provided by the Dallas Morning News


The Chair of the Texas Education Committee, Senator Florence Shapiro along with Texas's Lt. Governor Dewhurst welcomed Imam Dr. Yusuf Kavakci and the Texas Muslim community on this monumental occasion. 

                                                                                                                                                                     As State Senator Dan Patrick said following the Minister's prayer given by

Imam Dr. Yusuf Kavakci, "We witnessed someting this morning that was extraordinary.  It made me proud." This was the sentiment throughout the Senate Gallery by all those in attendance of this monumental occasion and also by those who watched the prayer broadcast live on the State Legislature's website.  On April 4, 2007, the Texas Muslim community congregated in the State Capitol for the 3rd Texas Muslims Legislative and the day opened with Imam Dr. Yusuf Kavakci as he gave the invocation  to open the State Senate session.  Senator Shapiro, the Chair of the Education commitee and the senior Jewish senator, sponsored Imam Kavakci to give the Minister's Prayer and welcomed the Texas Muslim community to the Capitol even in the face of adversaries like one of her fellow colleagues and a small group of Houston-area Republican activists.   

F&J Action Alert from all people of good faith in Texas and beyond...

Let's show Austin that Texans celebrate Religious Freedom for all and that includes Texas Muslims!

People of good faith are asked to watch the prayer by clicking on this video link ( If you would like to read the full position on all the developments, please visit We ask you to send an email of gratitude and support to Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro (R-Plano) for sponsoring this milestone event by emailing:

Sample email sent by a Christian Texan to Senator Shapiro: "I am a southern baptist and iraqi war veteran. I totally support your request to have a muslim start the daily session with a prayer. Our country prides itself on freedoms which the US forces and I have defended to the death. I support any freedom that has not been perversed or manipulated to personal benefit. Thank you for standing your ground against the opposition."

Learn More About the 3rd Texas Muslims Legislative Day


Broadcast of the Imam Kavakci's Prayer:




You can be assured that we (Christians and Jews) have taken this as a call to battle to end this unfair advantage of Islam in our justice system.

Were you aware that he was praying to Allah (not the God that we serve) to protect the Muslims from the unbelievers -- the Christians and the Jews.  I assure you that the pretense of working alongside other faiths is not the agenda of the Muslim community.  The goal of the Islam faith is to overtake the world for Islam.

 I respect other people's right to worship; however, in the name of 'religious tolerance, our country is being destroyed by groups like Free and Just that are intentionally using our country's precious freedoms to further their outrageous agendas- to harm and destroy us.  Unfortunately, our leaders are not using wisdom to know evil from good or demonstrating courage to stand up for what is true.  God help us all- and I am referring to the ONE True God of the Bible- the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The video of the opening prayer brought up a fear for this country more than the fear of what happened on 9/11.  This is the "same" enemy, but now it is within our very leadership in government!

 I am totally disgusted that you let a foreign Muslim pray in the Texas Senate.

It is very disturbing that he prayed that God would kill and or punish those who did not believe in Allah.

America is a CHRISTIAN NATION not a Muslim nation.

It appears that you have turned your back on the God

of our founding fathers.

I am absolutely appalled at what I heard regarding the opening prayer by a muslim no less!! ...This is also a slap in the face to those people who lost their lives on flight 93 and also the twin towers in NY city and to the Jewish community. You are most likely saying to yourself "those were radical terrorists, and aren't the same." I beg to differ from you because Islam and their evil book called the Koran would rather all of the world call upon their "god Allah" or cut our throats. Have you forgotten the hostages whose heads were cut off and shown on video from the Muslim countries? And you sit back and say "what a country we live in to worship in freedom of religion." This country was never founded on Allah but G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob!!

Wake up to the fact that Islam has a deep hatred for Christians and Jews.  These people are killing our own men and women in Iraq as well as our Jewish friends ....and they are expecting to be accepted into 'heaven' with virgins awaiting them for eternal pleasure.  Ask the Iman what place today's Muslim women have in an Islamic 'heaven'...that's if he doesn't lie.  Ask the Iman why a truce or agreement with Israel can never be made...Islam can never ever hold or come into an agreement with a non Islamic's against their religion.  They will only lie and say they can but in reality all agreements are void. 

 What is wrong with Christians in our senate that can't stand up for a country built on God not Allah. 

 Heaven is only for those that accept Jesus as their Savior.  He is the way, the truth and the life and no one gets to Heaven without Him.  How would that thought or prayer be accepted in an Islamic would find very little freedom.

 Freedom without Christ is not freedom at all. 

"One Nation under  God" was not meant for this Allah prayed to by the imam...

The sound of this imam sent chills through my spirit and made me realize how very weak the Christian community has become to let this happen in silence.  God, forgive us and God forgive the Texas House of Representatives.  Allowing this "prayer" is practically treasonous!

...remember, in Islam it is OK to lie to advance the cause of Islam.

 Why did you not protest? Has this minority such influence or are you ignorant of who really hates the elected people making laws  as you are. Islam's Shia law says only the Koran is the law. A true Muslim hates the fact that you consider yourself able to do the will of the people.

Yes, I understand freedom of religion, but there is also such a thing as a

country protecting itself and holding the enemy at bay. I realize that there are some Muslims who desire peace, but those who hold to the teaching of the Koran have to be vigilant in the destruction of all 'unbelievers.'

Those who are not Muslim are considered unbelievers.

If the State of Texas does not shut the door on such an influence, it won't

be long before we experience a devastating attack on our very soil.

How can you be so ignorant! It's not the religion of peace, it the religion of hatred for everyone not like them.

Shame on you!! I think you owe an apology to Jews and Christians everywhere.

Not only is Islam a gross deception and perversion of God's truth as found only in the Holy Bible, but it is an amalgamation of lies given to the Arab people by Mohammed in order to unify them into one people to take over the world.  Islam is not spiritual in nature but territorial.

Wherever they put their feet they consider it to be under Islamic rule.  That is why the king of Morocco still considers Spain part of his kingdom.  Now the Texas Senate has opened the door to Islamic rule in Texas bringing it out from undercover.

Dear Senator Patrick of Houston,

 Thank you for being a modern day Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who would not bow to worship Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 3:8-30.  Freedom should not be defined as giving a microphone to one who would kill you and me to yell fire, jihad, or murder in a theater or on the floor of the Texas Senate .  God help us.

 May the true, living GOD bless you mightily for your courage, your example and your faithfulness.  "Choose this day whom you will serve."  You did so admirably.  Good job.

I certainly do not support your having a Muslim imam offer the opening prayer at the Texas State Senate.  I was quite brokenhearted that "political correctness in religion" had reached our great State.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  This great country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, not Muslim principles.  They seek to take away the freedom you so enjoy........I sincerely hope you come to your senses, if not, I hope you are not re-elected.  Sincerely, a Christian mother of four.

This is a Christian nation and our Constitution was founded upon Christian principles.  Why is someone with another god allowed to pray when all we hear is "separation of church and state" when our kids can't pray to God at school or anyplace else?  I hope this is the last time I hear of this.  Don't tell me I am not tolerant and do not love my neighbor.  It is a fact that in the past several years we have been the object of attacks overseas by Muslims.  They make no secret that they plan to rule the world.  They make no secret of the fact that they hate Christians and Jews.  There are many kind, loving people who are Muslims, but they do not have any business being in our government.  Wake up!  Read Grant Jeffries' book," The Next World War", or Keith Intrater's book "From Iraq to Armageddon".  Read a few copies of the Jerusalem Post.  Do some research on this.  The fate of America may depend on it.

Senator, yes we are the land of the free, but I spent 20 years in the military fighting our enemies.

I can tell you that the Muslims are our enemy period.  Just as I flew on the B-52s loaded with H-BOMBS around the borders of Russia with a cyanide tablet in my pocket so I wouldn't be captured alive if shoot down during the Cold War, to protect our precious nation it is NOW up to you guys in government to forget 'POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" and keep our nation with one God and one language or else my sacrifices were in vain.

I am in absolute agreement with others in our community who DO NOT support your having a Muslim imam offer the opening prayer at the Texas State Senate.  I think what you have done is very shameful.

Our country was founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic. Our God is Jehovah God not Allah. Our God is a God of love and justice .not a god who advocated killing all those who don't agree with their viewpoint.

How dare you in the name of tolerance, support one who's desire is to take over America and destroy the freedoms that our forefathers sacrificed for and our military are giving their lives for.

I think you have stepped over the line.

It is obvious that this nation, has been blinded as to their Biblical knowledge. You all should have asked the Imam if he believes in the God of Abraham, the God Isaac, the God of Jacob! His answer would not have been positive or he would have lied to you. Look at what is happening in Europe, the Muslims figure to have control of England by 2012 !  The Muslims have their own internet and when the time comes for all those "friendly and holy" people to  get the go ahead, they will come into your homes and you will either convert to Islam or they will kill you !!!

 They will get your attention when they start killing themselves as human bombs, to kill, to destroy Americans and they do not care if they kill millions of their own people as they are now over a billion in population. I would suggest the Texas legislative body get into their Bibles, for themselves for most of the Pastors know not much more than the average citizen does. Start out by learning that from Genesis  One through  The Book of Revelation is all inspired by God, and written to Israel as His Chosen People and that there won't be any Baptists, Methodists.Catholics when Messiah Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew)  returns and that will be before most Americans will be ready, and to have repented of all their idolatry...The message I have for Mrs Shapiro and all the others, who sat there probably dumb founded, that who should have run the Imam out of the State !  The last speaker touting about our freedom of religion, well better tell him that the Imam and all the Muslims are laughing behind your backs. They have intentions to take control of the whole world !!! But it will not happen, if you know what God says in the Bible, the Messiah will come back and will save this world from total destruction, and Muslims will be no more.

Did all of you forget this is the USA ???  And do you believe that those people would let any of our religious people do that on their senate floor ?  And NONE of you had the American ability to stand up and say this is NOT Iraq, Iran or any other muslim country.

 You owe the entire state of Texas an apology, and I recommend that you become informed about the real beliefs and goals of Islam.  A Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, by Robert Spencer, would be a good place to start.




Texas  1845, Preamble . We, the People of the Republic of Texas, acknowledging, with gratitude, the grace and beneficence of God.

 Doesn't our preamble say GOD?  Where does Allah get a free ticket in Texas?  If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.  I am so disappointed in the opening session on April 5, 2007, when no one opposed an iman's performance.  All it takes for evil to prevail is for 'good' to be silent.

 Prime Minister John Howard of Australia didn't bow to Muslims but stood his ground (and Australia's) when he said and I quote "If you aren't happy here then LEAVE.  We didn't force you to come here.  You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted."

This man was blasphemous to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  It is very nice to be open-minded, but be careful that your brains don't fall out.  Allah is NOT the god of the Bible. 

 This country was founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic and not a religion and holy book that advocates killing all those who don't agree with their viewpoint.  Islam's stated goal is to take over the world.  That includes Texas and the United States.  You may say the moderate Muslims don't espouse this view.  I say to that:  your head is in the sand.

 I am a Christian and I am very thankful for the freedom in the United States of America.  But Free & Just goes WAY too far.  What about the Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan who burned both Israeli and American flags at their rally?  Is that freedom?  Many Muslims desire shar'ia law in the U.S.  If that is their viewpoint, my answer is for them to move to a country that already has shar'ia law.  How dare they try to override our laws and our freedoms by a religion that sends suicide bombers to punish us?

I listened with disgust at the Iman's opening remarks and prayer before the Texas Senate and was amazed that he was allowed to: one, do it in the first place, two, given free reign and three that he was not removed.  Sir, are you not aware of the problems Islam and the Muslim religion has caused not only for this great nation but for the world.  I wonder what our young men and womed fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan would think, especially those from Texas.  I think you owe them and all that had the displeasure to see and hear this outrage an apology.

This is how the Islam is going to take over the world and the process already started.

It is because dumb Americans like you that the terrorists feel at home in Texas.

Is because dumb American like you this once glories USA will fall in the hands of Moslems Radicals

The devil has many faces and one of them was at the opening of the senate meeting in Texas.

I wonder how much money you get paid to let a freaking Moslem open the meeting in an American institution.

As a Republican Jewish woman, I was at first outraged that a Muslim would be allowed to open the Texas House of Representatives with an Islamic prayer to Allah.  Everytime I hear the word Allah, I am reminded of terrorist Muslims screaming "Allahu Akbar" as they chant for our death.

 But then I heard the words of Senator Dan Patrick and I realized what a good idea it was to allow Imam Kavakci to open with their Islamic prayer.

 The only joy and satisfaction that I, as an American, Latin Sefardic Jewish Republican got from this "milestone" is that we showed Muslims everywhere that WE, America is a country of freedom.  THEY would never allow a Jew or a Christian to pray in their Government functions, but we did. 

 I was horrified to find out that 400 to 500 thousand Muslims live in Texas and 150,000 in Dallas alone.  No wonder I see them everywhere and in casual conversation I have been questioned about my Star of David around my neck.  One Muslim even told me that I should not wear it because Muslims found it offensive.  But I will continue to wear it because in America I have the freedom to do so.

 It's terribly sad that like Senator Patrick said, we will not allow Christian kids to take their bibles to school or pray in school and we've removed the Ten Commandments from many places, have banned "Merry Christmas" and Nativity scenes from Government property, public schools and even stores,  YET... we allowed a Muslim Imam to take the Koran that demands our death for being infidels to pray in our Texas House of Representatives.

 It hurts that this is one more victory for Muslims but it is also a victory for America for showing them what freedom truly is.

What I saw on the video of the Texas Senate's convocation by the imam was disgusting and showed the gutless wonders who make up the Texas Senate !   The double standard and political correctness that has been displayed have to STOP.  It is this type of cowardice and apathy that has allowed the muslims to trample over European countries like Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, and so on and so on.  In the Netherlands, the native Dutch have become fearful of the Muslims.  In The Hague, the old Jewish synagogue in downtown has been converted to a mosque !!  I know -- I am from there and I have seen it with my own eyes.  It is decades of liberalism, political correctness, the absence of national pride, the failure to protect and defend their Christian faith and heritage that have led to the disastrous results of today:  refusal of the Muslims to integrate and to be courteous "guests" in the countries of Europe.  After decades of spineless apathy on the part of the Europeans, and the gradual but definite expansion of the Muslim population (through having larger families, whereas the Europeans have thrown away their morals preferring to live together denouncing the institution of marriage, preferring no children !), the Europeans are well on their way to being outnumbered in their OWN countries.

DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN IN THIS GREAT NATION.  Do not allow Islam to take the same place as Christianity, on which this beloved nation's foundation rests.   PLEASE DO NOT BE SO FOOLISH AS THE EUROPEANS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Please, please, do your homework and listen to the what leaders of the Muslim religion are saying. Please do not be naive anymore and stand up for our nation. If you refuse to do this, may God have mercy on this nation, and on your soul as one who stands as a traitor.

You must have you head in the sand if you believe what Islam is saying in America.  I have worked among Islamic people for over 30 years and I know what they believe and practice.  I am sure that all the families from our fallen men and women in battle think you are a traitor.  Islam wants to conquer our nation and make it a nation of Islam and they will not quire and until it is done.  Some body needs to stand up for America and you have been elected to do so but you are failing.

You know as well as I that their God is called allah and he is NOT God.

Do you have a child fighting in Iraq? Would you want he or she to be killed just  to please allah.?

What about all those people who were killed  on (9 11) just so some Muslim could go to his promised reward.

Please no more prayers from Muslims I don't care how educated or good they are.

I was very concerned and upset about hearing that a Muslim imam was allowed to pray to open up the Texas senate recently. Allah, whom Muslims worship, is not the true G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Koran is not the Bible, the Word of G-d, either. We are a nation that was founded with a faith in one G-d, the true and the living G-d, not a god of someone's imagination (Mohammed). At a time, when we have removed prayer and Bible reading from our schools, why should we be having the Koran quoted in our legislature.

We are engaged in a life-and death struggle with a foe that despises our Western ideals and is committed to our destruction. This is not the time to allow the camel's nose under the tent. Witness the subversion of Western Europe following its years of misguided acceptance of mass immigration from Muslim countries. The children and grandchildren of the refugees from intolerant Muslim societies have turned violent against the societies that welcomed them. Witness the virulent anti-Semitism and anti-French riots in France and the viciously murderous anti-Western preaching of imams in Britain. We don't need to repeat that sorry spectacle here.

I am totally appalled that you invited an Iman to lead the opening "prayer" at the Texas Senate.  Have you forgotten 9-11?  They did this and other dastardly acts of terrorism in the name of ALLAH,  who is not our God of love, but a "god" of hate".  Allah in the Koran says 'KILL YOUR ENEMIES"......while our God says "love your enemies".  They are not the same.


The idea of "tolerance at all costs"  will be the downfall of our country.  What about what is right and just ?  What about good old fashioned discernment of good and evil?

It is obvious which is good and which is evil here.  What religion cuts off heads, filets tongues, etc?  What religion wants to bring the whole world under it's authority thru terrorism?  Why in the world would you sanction and give respect to this frame of mind?

You say that we are all americans, but all americans in the name of religion  do not kill those who disagree with them.

Islam's stated goal is to take over the world, and it includes Texas and

the United States. You have forgotten 9/11 and what they did in the name of

Allah, who is not the God of the Christians and Jews.

Muslims want shar'is law in the U. S. so they can take control. How dare

they try to override our laws and freedoms based on the Bible. They can

move to from the U. S. to where that country already has shar'ia law.

Their religion is responsible for sending suicide bombers to punish us.

They are a very barbaric people, not a people of peace.

Our country was founded on the freedom to worship the true God of our Bible and not this false religion, who is not even alive as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord God almighty, Jesus !!

 We must stand up for our faith or God will in deed bring about the justice that we deserve.

We must not allow this again !!

This nation was founded on the Judeo-Christian values of the Jewish and Christian peoples who had died for the nation and the freedoms we now enjoy.

Your Islamic peoples are a waring, murderous people and do not belong in this country. There are those who have their eyes closed. There are those to want the Christian and Jewish people to fall asleep and let the Islamic extremists - remember Oklahoma and 9/11 - take over.

 There are those of us who are aware of Dearbornistan. Obviously, these will soon be a Texastan, as well.

 Go back to Turkey and spread your beliefs. You and your kind don't belong here.



I am outraged that the following happened on American soil, praising the Allah of Islam and degrading the Judeo-Christian values that this country was founded upon.

 Only a fool would be so blinded to not see the true goal of all Muslims, to take over America........your 'foolishness' by allowing and honoring this kind of "muslim praying" only hastens their goal...................God deliver your blindness.

 If this is what "Texans" are forced to accept, I am totally ashamed to be a Texan...and quiet frighten that we have such blinded, deceived leaders.

Just wanted to make sure you understood what the heck you people just did for America in the name of Religious Tolerance. Ask us. I live in Israel.

 BTW, you should have someone fluent in Arabic translate the prayer that the Immam sang. It's the same stuff we have to listen to here in Jerusalem day in and day out from all the Minnerets in the city five times a day.

 All I can say is that I hope America survives this recent onslaught that your legislature just brought down upon the country.

do you know the fundamentals of their Faith- it is to kill and destroy anyone who will not submit to allah.

 These Imans want to "Sue" people who are afraid of them. They BLOW UP THEIR OWN

 BABIES- THEIR OWN BODIES- and as many Jews as they can.

 Please consider that we live in America- one nation under G-d...

This great United States of America was founded on a Judeo/Christian foundation-thus the reason for the many blessings this nation has received in the past 230 years.

 The idea that a Muslim Inman would be invited and allowed to pray a hateful prayer directed at Jews and Christians as unbelievers, is appalling. Obviously the Texas Senate is either too PC or just plain ignorant. Read the Koran and see just exactly what plans these Muslims have for all Jews, Christians and anyone not a Muslim-it's death by decapitation. PERIOD. As politicians-you won't be exempt, they wish you dead also.

 Wake up, defend the Judeo/Christian foundation upon which this great nation was founded-OR-stand in line to be eliminated or convert!!

 Your PC sickness could be fatal not only to you but your constituents!

Please let it be known that I stand against letting a Muslim prayer be said in the Texas legislature!  This goes directly against the one true and living God --- Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

 I do not need a Muslim inman praying to Allah for my protection as an unbeliever.  There is no protection afforded to my by Allah ---- there is only jihad with Allah. 

 My protection comes from Almighty God through His Son, Jesus Christ!

 I was appalled to see and hear a muslim Imam giving the opening at the Texas Senate. Do you not realize that he was praying to Allah (Satan) ? Allah is not the same as our Heavenly Father God or His son Jesus Christ. At the very least you should have checked into his theology. Our country was founded on Christian principles, based on the Bible not the Koran. I do not live in Texas, thank God! If I did I would be more outraged!!! Do you not realize that the muslims are trying to take over our country, WE MUST stand up against them and live strongly and boldly for our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave His life that we might have everlasting life through faith in Him.

This religion is the only one in the world with a book where you can find the words slaughter the nonbelievers and do not befriend Christians and Jews, there hadeeths state Jews are pigs and monkeys.  I understand it is beautiful how tolerant we are here in America, I love our nation very much.  However, I find it a double standard when we were at war with Japan how we discriminated against the Japanese Americans and when we go to war with Islam we allow them to lead prayers in our government buildings.  Surely our tolerance of Islam will allow it to someday overtake us and destroy us if we allow this type of propaganda to enter our House of Representatives.  Please on behalf of Jews and Christians the world over who are loosing there lives to Islam do what you can to keep this type of thing from happening. 

I wouldn't go against the Bible if I were you. It's far too real.  The Bible purports to be the Word of God, and it's the world's most popular book.  Don't ignore it or oppose it for a moment.  Your eternal welfare depends upon your attitude to this Book.   Jesus said,  " If you do not believe that I am he, you shall die in your sins."

You should be ashamed by this. That prayer was death to Christians and Jews. That is freedom?

Remember what you started in this when your family is being executed for not being Islamic or observing Sharia law. I am ashamed that folks like you are considered Americans. You are traitors to our country!!!!!!!

You will answer to God for your unbelief.  You need to resign.

I am very grieved that this man was allowed to pray to Allah.  There are many ways we can show our care and work with Muslims, but to allow prayer to their god who has had nothing to do with the success and blessing of our state or country is wrong.  The God of our fathers is the one true God in whom we need to cry out to for mercy and grace in such times of need.

Sadly the god Allah would take away the very religious freedom enjoyed by this IMAM in Texas.

Please protect our religious freedom from Allah.

 I am outraged that in America this muslim was allowed to pray to Allah and

for the increase of muslims in our Christian nation.

  I believe and support the freedom that America represents. At the same time I believe we as a nation need to be as wise and serpents, and gentle as doves. We need to recognize what Muslims are trying to do to destroy the very things that we believe in, and many Americans die to defend. This is a spiritual war we are in, like it or not, and the sooner we recognize this, the greater the likelihood that we will survive as a nation. Some previously "Christian" nations are in the process of surrendering their beliefs to a growing Muslim influence, and this can happen to us if we fail to defend what our country once stood for. Frankly, I am very concerned for the future of America, and the event in the Texas Senate is a good example of failure to honor and cherish our Christian heritage. In trying to tolerate everything, we can end up standing for nothing. If you have doubts about which side our God is on consider the protection He has provided for Israel in spite of overwhelming odds, and Israel is not even a Christian nation.

Nevertheless, He chose them and will not fail to fulfill his Covenant with them as we approach the end. If you know anything about our Christian God, and the evidence He has provided in His Word, you will recognize who the god of the religion of Islam is. Check out what Australia has done as an example of what America should do in regard to this threat.

Do you think that by ignoring  everything we as a Christian country, or at least a democratic country, stand for in order to appease an Ideology that denies any form of democracy is showing yourself to be in any way a woman of wisdom?  It is not. You have done more damage to your country than you can possibly know. You do not appease that which wants to destroy.  You confront it.        Perhaps you might research a little about Islam's Moon God "Allah" and Mohammad's philosophy of conquering the world.  It is written down if you care to read it.  I don't care to aid and abet it.  You might take a look at what is happening in the world outside America where there is Islamic predominance.  I don't think you want to go there.  Weren't the Twin Towers enough?  How many more blown up school buses, subways, embassies, railroads and public places does it take for a Senator to realize she is helping the wrong side?  Perhaps you are trying to appease in hopes of avoiding another tragedy. 

I can't believe you would allow such a thing to happen.  They will soon take over if we don't put a stop to such things as this.  They want to be another Hitler of the 30's &40's and this Nation is allowing it to happen.  Or I should say, our so called elected officials are allowing this to happen.  I think if you took a poll of your people, you WILL NOT find anyone who is in favor if this. 

I have always been proud of the Great State of Texas and proud of being a Texan but I think that is about to change.

Have you forgotten that the God

Who delivered Israel from Egypt so long ago also told all the world that we are to have no other gods before Him? Do you want His judgment upon this nation?

Surely you understand that He will not tolerate our turning to any other god, and without Him, we are toast! Please never, never bow to the wicked who do not serve Jehovah God and Jesus Christ His Son again.

Our God reigns!


I think you should be locked away in a jail cell. You are a disgrace to this Country and every freedom loving person. You are a traitor.

How dare anyone on American soil dishonor this country with a so-called "prayer" to a hateful idol as Allah! This should not be happening. Americans are not allowed to have nativity scenes, The 10 Commandments, and other Christian symbols displayed, and yet this awful "religion" is allowed to be revered. It is a disgust and a shame, and the damnation will come to America if it is allowed to continue. Jesus will punish!

It is a crime that this is being allowed. This nation is based on Christians,,,,not muslims..... I am here to say STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP this!!!!!!!!! I am here to tell you that................ I WILL NOT ALLOW this. I belong here and my prayers for.............. my GOD ....................not allah!!!!!!!!......  is what should be allowed here in the USA......... I am telling you this has to stop...............

I am totally appalled.  May God have mercy on all of us and I do not mean ALLAH.....I mean the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the one true God.


This is sample of the more than a hundred hate e-mails sent to Senator Florence Shapiro for sponsoring Imam Kavakci to give an Islamic prayer to open the Texas Senate session at the 3rd Texas Muslims Legislative Day organized by the Freedom and Justice Foundation.

It is evident from the content of the hate e-mails that many of these "haters" believe that Islam and Muslims are not part of America but also of the viewpoint that:

1. the "Global War on Terror" is a "War against Islam"

2. Muslims are not "Americans" and should be treated as if they are "Iranians", "Saudis" or whatever "enemy" with which America is at war to where any of them inside the "Christian West" would leave.

3. Muslims don't believe in "God", but instead believe in "Allah" - a moon God from ancient Arabia. A Houston pastor with the US Pastoral Council, a fundamentalist evangelical group out of Houston, appeared on the Fox television show "Hannity & Colmes" on Monday April 9, 2007 and stated that "85% of Americans believe in God" and that our "government should represent the People". The assertion is that Muslims do not then believe in God and that our government should not represent its Muslim constituents, and this is why Muslims should not be allowed to perform invocational prayers before the Texas Legislature.