Are you Muslim, Salafi, Sunni, Maliki, shia,Takfiri, or what?

By: Dr. Adel Elsaie

Q & A - Dr Zakir Naik - About Different Sects in Islam

According to Muslim Statistics, 2013, the number of Muslims on earth is 1,751 billion. See:

Based upon these Statistics, we are "supposed" to be strong Ummah, but the reality is far from that.

One of the main reason for that is we are divided into, God only know how many groups. And each group consider themselves the only saved group out of the 73 groups that our beloved Prophet mentioned.

There many authentic Hadith that says Tawheed is a ticket for heaven, La Ilah illa Allah is the most important sentence in this whole wide word.

Allah SWT says in our holy Quran " Allah does not forgive being associated with anyone, and He forgives anything less than that" The same Ayah is repeated twice [Quran 4:48] , [Quran 4:116] Isn't that enough? Or do we need Allah to say the same Ayah 100 times?

Definition of Muslims

The definition of a Muslim can be understood according to the hadeeth of Jibreel AKA, more popularly known as the ′Hadeeth Jibreel′ , as narrated by Umar Ibn Al Khattab, when Jibreel asked the Messenger of Allah about Islam, he answered " Islam is that you witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and you establish the prayer, and you give the Zakat, and you fast Ramadan, and you perform the hajj of the House if you are able to take a way to it."

All Muslims agree on principal matters in Islam. The Foundation of Islam is Shahadah as a declaration of faith. Muslims have one Quran, one Kaabah, and one last prophet. They accept all messengers in the Quran. They pray 5 times a day, fast Ramadan, pay Zakat, and perform Hajj when they can. There are accepted Mazhabs (school of thoughts) in Fiqh (jurisprudence). Every Muslim is free to accept a Mazhab. All Imams of accepted Mazhabs never rejected other Mazhabs. Allah made the Quran and Islam simple, but some people exert much effort to make them hard and confusing, especially when they are making Dawah, or talking to other Muslims.

What do we really need after the above Ayah from the Quran, and hadeeth of Jibreel? But some Muslims feel they know our Islam better than Allah, and His Prophet, Wa Aliyaz bi Allah.

WE have thousands of Muslim user groups, some promote their own version of Islam. That is OK, but don't accuse other Muslims of being Kafir, Fasiq, Aasi, ....... That is for Allah to decide. Please stop calling other Muslims names.

I know that some Muslims will say "Yes we agree with above Ayah, and Hadeeth" but then they attach one thousand conditions to the above simple definition to exclude many Muslims from Islam. Those are doing like Christians and Jews, when they reject other Christian or Jewish groups.

I was talking to a Muslim scholar about this subject, and I asked him why the Fiqh committee of OIC does not do something about this crisis. He said top Muslim scholars may not agree about the above definition of Muslim. So our top Islamic worldwide scholars are not helping either. Hasbi Allah.

Now ask yourself this question? What Would Muhammad say about this situation? I think I can guess. The Salafi will try to convince him that they are the saved sect. The Takfiri will try to convince him that they are the saved sect. The Shia will try to convince him that they are the saved sect. , .... La Ilah illa Allah.

Many Muslims dream about Caliphate. Believe me, I dream about Caliphate too. But if that happens, this may be a disaster for all of us. We may turn like Iraq, where everyone fights with everyone else. Sunni fights Shia, Sunni fights each other, Shia fights Sunni, shia fights each other, Sunni fights Kurds, as if Kurds are not Muslim. Don't forget that Salahedeen was Muslim and Kurdish. Or may the Caliphate be a blessing for all of us, and the Caliph can unite this scattered Ummah. Allah knows the best.

I am asking all owners and moderators of Muslim user groups and owners of Islamic websites to adopt and promote this simple definition of Muslims as a first step. As Muslims, we should be "moderates", peaceful, and strong, by words and logic, against the critics of Islam and those who dream about destroying Islam. Remember the big disaster when the Tatar invaded Muslim lands, and burned Baghdad, Capital of the Caliphate? What happened to the Tatar? They converted to Islam, and the name Khan became a Muslim name. Subhan Allah.

Please tell us your thoughts about this simple definition of a Muslim. I only pray to Allah that I don't start another ideological battle between Muslims. Amen. Allah is my witness. My intentions are sincere and only for the sake of Allah.