Let′s Save Ummah From The Evils Of So-Called Modernization

Written By: Bint-e-Islam_Inshrah Khan

Khalid Yasin Lecture - Islam & the Modern World (Part 1 of 2)

As-salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Today we are derailing our trains from the righteous path of virtue to that of sin n calling all this “Modern Islam”. And in this issue I have tried my best to highlight what is the truth and myth behind all this traumatic philosophy of Muslims, today.

Our Muslim brothers and sisters today, are very well aware of models of immorality and they are very proud to have known them, but the saddest thing is that they really don′t know who there true “Role Models” are? Muslim Ummah today is, living on the verge of destruction only because of ignorance of the teachings of “Islam”, but we are very happily living in this hallucination. It′s all because we have left the gate, which leads us towards Allah Almighty. We have forgotten actually who we are? What′s our true identity? What is our religion? What it preaches us? We have the book but we don′t know what it commands and demands us?

We are forgetting which way we should follow? What are the teachings of our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (Saw)? We are forgetting again and again that in what fire we are taking ourselves? We are forgetting our past, that warns us again and again:

“Look O Muslims! When and where you left the path of Allah Almighty, denied and disobeyed the teachings of His Beloved Prophet (SAW), stepped against the laws and orders of the Holy Quran, derailed from the modes and conducts laid by Islam, you drowned, you fell into the pit of darkness, you left un-awarded, you got embarrassment, you lost your status, you gained hatred and last and of course the least, you earned Eternal Destruction”



Have we ever tried to stop and ponder for a while?

Why are we Muslims in so much pain, from Euphrates to Nile?

So this is the crux of the matter that whenever we stopped pondering onto the commands of Allah Almighty and stopped following the Sunnah of Rasool Allah (SAW) we welcomed destruction. We have forgotten why Khilafat-I-Usmania ended in Turkey? Why our Libraries were burnt in Spain, and where after so many years, still Masjid-I-Qartaba is waiting for its Moazan.

What Children Should Be Taught?

Another important drawbacks of us is that we don′t know the real meaning of Holy Quran, our elders think that when the child has finished up “Nazra Quran “, then its ok. No need to go in depth. O′ my brothers and sisters, unless and until we will not know what Allah Almighty commands us in His Holy Book than how can we be True Believers, True Followers, and True Muslims. If every child receives the lesson of Quran in its true real sense from the very beginning than it will become the part of his /her nature till reaching the youth. And if our youth will be free of vulgarity, immodesty than till death he/she will be successful in the Exams of Both the Worlds. Insha Allah Tala.

If today parents start giving their sons and daughters the lesson of lowering their gaze and to cover their faces respectively, as it is mentioned in the Holy Quran, In Surah Nur Verse: 30, 31

[24:30] Say To The Believing Men That They Should Lower Their Gaze And Guard Their Modesty: That Will Make For Greater Purity For Them: And Allah Is Well Acquainted With All That They Do.

[24:31] And Say To The Believing Women That They Should Lower Their Gaze And Guard Their Modesty;

If they do tell their children how much wrong it would be if they go against this rule and command of Allah Almighty, if they realize their true responsibilities then surely no Child will spoil, no Youngster will indulge in any sort of immodest acts, no Son Of Adam and Daughter Of Eve may suffer the torments of hell fire. Because this would be confirmed to them that following this rule will take them towards Allah Almighty′s love and mercy, and going against this command will earn them only n only Allah Almighty′s anger n wrath.

Responsibility of Parents & Elders:

But for this, parents must take first step i.e., they must strictly follow the Rules n Commands of ALLAH ALMIGHTY themselves. It is well know saying that “children adopt their elders” so a huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of the elders .If the character of Elders be right, they use to regard modesty, lower their gaze then surely Children will follow their footsteps, and the society will surely rail its train towards the right path.

How To Save Our Muslim Brothers And Sisters?

Now comes the real question that how can we save our Muslim brothers and sister, our age fellows from the immoral acts? The answer to this question is none other than that we must first of all change ourselves according to the teachings of Islam completely n then let them know what may be the consequences of their immoral acts .Its because unless n until we ourselves will not strictly follow what we are preaching to others, we will never caste a spell on others. Subhan Allah, so we must go with the same spirit as being the followers of Rasool Allah (SAW), and if we with full intention do such an act (i.e. forbid our brother or sister from any Anti Islamic Act, by ourselves refraining from those) than Allah Almighty will surely put flavor in our quotes and a day will surely come when we will see them on the right track too, Insha Allah Tala. It′s all because Allah Almighty promises so.

May Allah Almighty Help Us All In Understanding The Real Meaning Of Islam, And May He Almighty Succeed Our Efforts In His Way. Ameen.

Jazak Allah Khair.