Gaza is dying between Israeli and Egyptian blockade

Dr. Adel Elsaie - Jan., 21, 2008

Unrest In Egypt Squeezes Gaza

As I was watching the coverage of Aljazeerah TV channel from Qatar about the blockade on Gaza, and the suffering of the Palestinians, I felt their pain and agony, and had the following thoughts:

Bush, the American Nero, during his visit to the Middle East, put the whole region on fire, then danced and left.

Before his visit, the incidence of the strait of Hurmoz between the Iranian speedboats, and The US navy was blown out of proportion.

After his visit, Gaza with it 1,5 million people are suffering between Israeli blockade in the north, and Egyptian blockade in the south.

Israel and USA are the only occupying forces on earth. Any occupation force in history has simple demand, "Accept the humiliation of our occupation, and don't resist, or else". But occupation never lasts in history. The Americans freed themselves from the British. France freed itself from Germany, ...

Now Gaza is under evil blockades in a huge Nazi Camp, with no electricity, food and bread supply for only 2 days,, no medicine for babies, or old people, no pumps to get rid of sewage. Hospitals are in the dark with all electric equipment stopped. No gas for cars, and Ehud Olmert said: "As far as I'm concerned, all of Gaza's residents can walk, and have no fuel for their cars because they are governed by a murderous terrorist regime,"

Egypt has strategic peace with Israel. It borders Israel, Libya, and Sudan. If it will not have a war with its neighbors, so why Egypt has an army? Egypt can disband its army, and put money on food for poor people who don't have enough money to have a decent meal.

What happened in Camp David agreement between Egypt and Israel? Egypt supplies Israel with Gas and oil for a cheap price to fill up its tanks and aircrafts to kill innocent Palestinians. This oil and Gas are denied to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. What is the secret deal between Sadat and Begin in Camp David?

Two months ago, the Palestinian Pilgrims were hold and been lost between the Israeli and Egyptian borders. Mubarrak said "we can't open the Egyptian border, there has to be European, Israeli, and Egyptian representatives to open the border. When Palestinian elders and babies died, he opened the border. Why didn't he do that the in first place?

Again today a representative of the Egyptian ministry of foreign affair, claimed Egypt can't open the borders, he said there are legal, political complications.

What happened to the "Moderate Arab Leaders"? And all of them? Do they watch TV, or that is too much for them?

May Allah Have Mercy on Caliph Umar Ibn Al-KHattab !!!!!!