The Three Musketeers, USA, Israel, and the

"moderate" Arab Country

By Dr. Adel Elsaie

'Free Palestine!' World marches to protest Gaza victims

On April 19, 2007, I watched President George W. Bush on TV for few minutes. I actually did that !!!! He said The USA, Israel and the "moderate" Arab countries are fighting terrorism. I looked at him and said " when will he understand that the USA, Israel and the moderate Arab countries are the real sources of terrorism? The world over knows that, except for those 3 musketeers. Fortunately, it seems that he does not really believe what he is saying. So does the majority of the American people, and the Muslim people.


The U.S. Administration attempts to convince the world of their successes fighting terrorism. However, Michael Scheuer who was a 22-year CIA veteran who ran the Counterterrorist Center's bin Laden station from 1996 to 1999, published a book “Imperial Hubris: Why the West is losing the War on Terrorism”. He stated clearly that the west is, in fact, losing the war on terror. Moreover, until U.S. Administration recognizes the errant path they have irresponsibly chosen, he says, our enemies will only grow stronger. The greatest danger for Americans confronting the Islamists' threat is to believe—at the urging of U.S. leaders—that Muslims attack us for what we are and what we think rather than for what we do. Although aspects of the modern world may offend conservative Muslims, no Islamic leader has declared jihad to destroy American democracy, freedom of speech, the national association of credit unions, or coed universities. Instead, a growing segment of the Islamic world strenuously disapproves of specific U.S. policies and their attendant military, political, and economic implications. Mr. Scheuer goes on to list instances in which American foreign policy has resulted in oppression, economic exploitation, and mass death for millions of Muslims from Morocco to Malaysia:

U.S. support for Israel that keeps Palestinians in the Israelis' slavery.

U.S. and other Western troops on the Arabian Peninsula.

U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

U.S. support for Russia, India, and China against their Muslim people.

U.S. pressure on Arab energy producers to keep oil prices low.

U.S. support for apostate, corrupt, and often tyrannical Muslim governments.

The tone of Imperial Hubris is certainly angry and urgent, and the harshness of his warnings about al-Qaida resulted in his removal from the highly sensitive job. Michael Scheuer is one of few voices in the west that understand terrorism, its causes, its sources, and how to eliminate it with appropriate moral and economical ways.


As for Israel, I don't even know where to start. It may be a good idea to look at section Israel, The terrorist Zionist Entity.


I will take Egypt as an example of a "moderate" Arab Country. There is no difference between Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak, El-Sisi. They all use the same policy with different names. The goal of the Egyptian Government is to put the whole country in a state of deep sleep. The situation of the Egyptians is like that of the soviets during the last years of the ill fated Soviet Union. In this model, when people go to work, come back home to get drunk on Vodka, so no one had the time to think about the Soviet dictators. Well, it is the same in Egypt now.

During the last 40 years, there were 2 major headlines on government Newspapers. One headline says "The president asks the government to solve all citizen's problems", and the second says "the whole world are amazed at the wisdom and farsighted qualities of our beloved president"

The heavy handed police and security establishment tactics are established is base on retaliation against any form of freedom of Expression, Assembly, and Association. People are beaten up in the streets and women are molested, and oh my god, if any citizen is caught by police, then the hell of prisons is waiting for him or her. Sometimes I think that Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are modeled around Egyptian prisons.

There is no credible verification of the level of corruption in Egypt. Some? people are billionaires, and many citizens are very poor or unemployed. Why I am saying some and many? This is because the government does not publish these numbers. In Egypt the real income of the president, his family , members of government, members of parliament, and the ruling party are not published. This is very different from the case of USA where on April 15 of each year, the income of the president is published. Rumors and jokes are abundant in Egypt because information is not provided to citizens.

The state Egyptian TV station is qualified as the most disgusting TV station on earth, with its ridiculous programs, and absence of freedom, or opposition views. It is a brain washing TV station to get people's mind away from the real problems in Egypt. Here are some of the disgusting features of this TV station:

Most TV women presenters, and their women guests, have blond hair, even women on Islamic program do not wear Islamic dress !!!!

The shows are full of silly programs like: hobbies of actors and actresses, dreams of actors and actresses happy birthday parties of actors and actresses , how actors and actresses discovered their great talents. Who Cares????

Showing Egyptian people living in huge mansions, drinking alcohol around swimming pools, speaking English, and dress in western cloths, and handling business with million of dollars.

Another way to get people's mind off politics is the system of tutoring for school and university students. The education system is so bad, that most students have to get tutoring. As I remember, the one hour private tutoring costs about 50 EP (Egyptian Pound). When you know the monthly average salary of each family is may be between 500-1000 EP. For a family with 2-3 students needing private tutoring in most subjects, You can do the mathematics to calculate the monthly budget of private tutoring for an Egyptian family, and compare that to the monthly salary. So that is every day crisis in a family trying the human right to educate their kids. I remember watching the chief of the Egyptian parliament rejecting the idea of prosecuting private tutors for their heavy incomes, because the government cannot prosecute all the private tutors, and the families that are helping these tutors. In this case, according to his views, they will prosecute the whole country. Of course he chose to ignore that the government is creating this problem from the beginning due to the regretful state of public education.

So most Egyptian citizens are minding their own business, and just try to live day by day.

Before the 1952 revolution, countries like England and Saudi Arabia used to borrow money from Egypt. Now Egypt is a poor country, with the exception of may be 10% of citizens are extremely wealthy. The government accuses Egyptians of having many children. It is actually the government problem to find solution to its citizens. The main income of Egypt comes from tourism, oil and gas production, ships passing through Suez canal, and US Aid. Can a country live on an economy like that? Is it true that Egypt sells its oil and gas production to Israel at a very cheap price according to Camp David agreement?

The biggest crime of this administration is the destruction of the Egyptian identity, and the demolition of the moral values and dignity of the Egyptian citizens.

According to the World Report on Human Rights in Egypt 2006:

Although Mubarak, during the September 2005 presidential re-election campaign, said that he would allow emergency law to expire, officials claimed the renewal was necessary because they had not yet drafted what Mubarak termed “a firm and decisive law that eliminates terrorism and uproots its threats.”

Estimate that up to 10,000 people remain in prolonged detention without charge under the terms of the emergency Rules

After car bombers struck the resort town of Taba in October 2004, authorities carried out mass arbitrary arrests, detaining 3,000 people for questioning; more than 100 of them arbitrary arrests at this writing. law.

Human rights organizations continue to receive credible reports that security services and police routinely torture and mistreat detainees, particularly during interrogations.

In the early hours of April 24, 2006, plainclothes police beat activists who had staged a sit-in to support senior judges facing disciplinary action after they publicly criticized election irregularities and campaigned for greater judicial independence. At subsequent demonstrations police beat dozens of protesters and detained hundreds more.

On July 11, President Mubarak signed an amended version of Egypt’s press law that left intact provisions allowing the authorities to detain journalists who criticize the president or foreign leaders, or who publish news “liable…to cause harm or damage to the national interest.”

Between March and July 2006 security services detained at least 792 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, though officially banned, is the country’s largest opposition group, with 88 out of 454 seats in parliament. The crackdown accelerated in April and May, as members of the Muslim Brotherhood joined secular activists in street protests in support of judicial independence and fair elections.


Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are modeled around Egyptian prisons.

I think that Bush admires Mubarak so much so that Bush adopted "the wisdom and farsighted qualities" of Mubarak and also his real low popularity.

Israel is building a wall separating Jews and Palestinians, and USA is building a wall separating Sunni and shiah areas of Baghdad.

USA Administration lied about stated objective of the War on Iraq many times and the unintentional killings and torture of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, "Moderate" Arab leaders lie about democracy, torture, politics, economy, education, unemployment, ..... Israel lies about its merciful occupation force, and the unintentional killings of civilians.

The Three musketeers have Emergency rules for arbitrary arrests and people remain in prolonged detention without charge to eliminates "terrorism" and uproots its threats.

Stop Terrorism

For those who are searching to stop "terrorism", they can take it from any Muslim teenager in any Muslim country:

Stop Occupation of Muslim countries

Stop support of Muslim Dictators


Muslims had one of the longest great civilization on earth, and the majority of Muslims will never forget that.

For the Muslim "leaders" let me tell one story about Omar ibn Abdul Azeez", one of the most pious Khalifah and the grandson of Khalifah Omar ibn Al-Khattab:

His wife Fatima came to see him in his praying place. She found him weeping. She asked him "what happened, why are you weeping?" He said "O Fatima, I am responsible of all people in this nation of Prophet Muhammad, I thought of the hungry poor, the lost sick, the tired naked, the oppressed, the stranger, the old man with many kids and few money, and every needy person in this land. I knew that my God will ask me about everyone of them on the day of Judgment, I also knew that Prophet Muhammad will be my prosecutor, I am frightened because my defense will not be adequate. I didn't know what to do, so I am weeping"

Would this story affect any of the Muslim "leaders"? I doubt it !!!!

History books write about the greatness of the pious Khlifah Omar ibn Abdul Azeez for 14 centuries. Do you believe that history books will write about the existing "moderate Arab leaders" after 100 years? I doubt it !!!!