First Amendment to the US Constitution: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to Assemble Peaceably, Freedom to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances.

التعديل الأول للدستور الأمريكي: حرية الدين وحرية التعبير وحرية الصحافة وحرية التجمع السلمي وحرية تقديم الالتماسات إلى الحكومة للحصول على جبر المظالم

"Muslim" Dictators

Employees of the state Department of USA and/or CIA

Israel’s admission into the Arab dictators’ club.

Historical Disaster = Dictators + Field Marshals

Muslim Countries, under dictatorship, are too deeply mired in corruption and oppression causing poverty, ignorance and diseases for the people.

The only answer is Islam.

I don’t belong to any religious, political, or social organization.


Quran:43-54 "So he bluffed his people, and they obeyed him. Indeed, they were [themselves] a people defiantly disobedient [of Allah ]. "

Narrated Ibn 'Umar: The Prophet said, "Oppression will be a darkness on the Day of Resurrection.", Sahih Al-Bukhari, 627


The Great Dictator (1940) - Charlie Chaplin - Final Speech - Music - Hans Zimmer - Time - Subtitles

انا خريج توكتوك

بعد فيديو سائق التوك توك.. امرأة جريئة تشرح معاناة الغلابة في مصر

Mubarak Pharoah
Expelled Pharoah in Cag, still alive!                                               Pharoah Ramsis

Song of Liberty , نشيد الحرية - محمد عبد الوهاب , The great song that many Egyptian forget!!!!

Testimony of The first President of Egypt , محمد نجيب - كلمتي للتاريخ.pdf

Shady Srour to ElSisi , رسالة شادي سرور إلى السيسي.. شاهد ماذا قال "شاب بسيط" في حديثٍ وجّهه للرئيس المصري ,

Things Sisi did that Mubarak did not dare , «أشياء فعلها «السيسي» ولم يجرؤ عليها «مبارك ,

Egyptian Judge Reading Quran  كارثة مصرية - أين تعلم هذا القاضي قواعد اللغة العربية؟

The ruining of Egypt - After the Arab spring , Repression and the incompetence of Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi are stoking the next uprising

State of denial - Egypt’s economy , Egypt has squandered billions of dollars in aid. With more on the way, is it at last ready to reform?

Egyptians blast traitor Sisi as court blocks Red Sea islands deal , مصريون يخونون السيسي بعد محكمة صفقة جزر البحر الأحمر

Military Dictatorship has no place in Islam , by Dr. Ahmad Shafaat (1983)

Who are you, Sisi? , by David Hearst 

Mohammed bin Salman Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s prince of chaos , by David Hearst

Bonfire of vanities: Saudi demands expose fear and loathing of Qatar. , By Suraj Sharma

UAE′s envoy to the United States linked to 1MDB scandal, says report. US $4.5 billion fraud

Vodka Politics: Alcohol, Autocracy, and the Secret History of the Russian State, How to control the mind of people, so they don't think about politics and corruprion

How to Create a Military Dictatorship in 25 steps , by Dr. Adel Elsaie, How do I know that: I lived through Nasser, Sadat, Mubarrak and el-Sisi !!!

Collection of very important videos Egyptians must watch , by Dr. Adel Elsaie

Leaked el-Sisi Tapes are genuine, British forensic lab finds, David Hearst - Corruption of Egyptian Army. بالفيديو.. تسريب مكتب السيسي كاملا وكشف المؤامرة الكاملة على الدكتور مرسي من الجيش وتلفيق التهم له

I weep for Egypt, Mr. Prime Minister of Egypt, Please Resign, By Dr. Adel Elsaie - This article applies for any Military Dictator in Egypt.

The Zionist Egyptian Administration, By Dr. Adel Elsaie

Democracy: Effective and Economical, Can you adopt it? By Dr. Adel Elsaie

Be a Man, Fight Corruption in Egypt, A Lawful and peaceful approach, Please watch the video of Egyptian Police Brutality, By Dr. Adel Elsaie

Egypt’s epidemic of police violence and impunity,  By Please watch 2 videos of Egyptian Police Brutality

President Nelson Mandela warns Egyptians and Tunisians from Anti Revolution., (حين تنبأ مانديلا وخاطب الشعبين التونسي والمصري محذرا: احبائي.. احذروا (الثورة المضادة)! -

Al-Sisi’s a Jew! Egypt is Now Israeli-Occupied Territory, Posted by Vatic Master And

Egypt's Al-Sisi Establishes Tyranny Mubarak Only Dreamed Of: Washington Should Stop Playing The Fool By Praising Cairo's Commitment To Democracy. By

What a Choice for Egypt, a Megalomaniac President or the Madness of Isis, By Robert Fisk

Egyptian court confirms Morsi death sentence over jailbreak during uprising. By

Egypt's 'executioner judge' under pressure. ناجي شحاتة.. قاضي الإعدامات

Leaked Audio Shows Egypt’s Coup Leaders as a Criminal Syndicate By ESAM AL-AMIN

Arrests the Egyptian Administration?, By Magdy Ahmed Hussein - من يلقى القبض على الحكومة؟

Egyptian military regime steps up repression , by

The Deep State: How Egypt’s Shadow State Won Out , by Sarah Childres

Egypt Deputy Chief of Intelligence : Morsi deliberately mislead    وكيل مخابرات مصر: تعمدنا تضليل مرسي

Tamarod, The End of the “Leaderless” Revolution: A Global Fallacy and the Military Intervention in Egypt

Egypt’s presidential history: Military’s tight grip on power for over 60 years, even during the first freely elected President : Dr. Morsi.

List of Field marshals in Muslim Countries: Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Uganda, Yemen, Yemen Arab Republic.

Field marshals in Egypt: Lives and Military careers

Kefaya Fasad, Report from Kefaya in 2005 - The same report applies in 2014, but some names change, and other names still exist!!!!

Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2013. Denmark is the most clean country with a score of 91, while Somalia has the lowest score of 8. With dictatorship, their index should be in the 30's, . in pdf

Human Development Report 2014, United Nations Development Programme on Human Development Index in all countries. With dictatorship, Human rights are non existent in pdf.

Fragile States Index -2014, An annual ranking of 178 nations based on their levels of stability and the pressures they face. in pdf.

Democratization and the Legacy of History In the Muslim World , Middle East Policy Council

How the British Divided Up the Arab World , By Lost Islamic History - The Sykes-Picot-Agreement in pdf

Revolution against Revolution, the Street against the People, and Counter-Revolution, Dr. Azmi Bishara | September 2013. in pdf.

How Egypt’s Rebel Movement Helped Pave The Way For A Sisi Presidency. One of the five founders of the Tamarod admits his movement was taking orders from the army. Egypt's Army never quits since 1952, even during the time of President Morsi.

Obama calls for Africa : End tyranny, corruption, brutality, Bribery. Was he serious???

Egypt's Rabaa deaths 'crime against humanity', Human Rights Watch says killings were planned at highest levels of government. The report calls Sisi a "principal architect" of the violence, sitting at the top of the army's chain of command.

Cairo's Rabaa massacre: One year later, Egypt descended into violent chaos, peaking with the clearing of two vigils held in support of a deposed president.

Egypt Heads from Bad to Worse, By Lawrence Davidson, history professor at West Chester University

A Grand Entente , By Sisi: Hamas is a terrorist organization. Israel’s admission into the Arab dictators’ club.

How Egypt Prolonged the Gaza War, BY Michele Dunne , Nathan J. Brown,

Egypt: Bus Driver Raped by Police Faces New Risk of Torture Brutality of Egyptian Police.

What future for Egypt’s wealth? , By Ayman el-Amir

3 Years After Arab Spring, Democracy's Future In Middle East Still Uncertain, By huffington post

Prominent Saudi Writer asks Sisi to return Dr. Morsi to power, 10 Reasons why Dr. Morsi should return to Power - Arabic

Egypt’s Transition Has Failed: New Age of Military Dictatorship in Wake of Massacre, By Juan Cole

Egypt's Old Guard Takes the Reins After Overthrow of Mohamed Morsi By By Abigail Hauslohner,

Egypt On The Brink Of A New Dark Age, As The Generals Close In For The Kill , By Patrick Cockburn

Egypt turmoil: Coup or no coup? , By Jonathan Marcus - BBC diplomatic correspondent

Demoting Democracy in Egypt , By SHADI HAMID - NY Times International

Egyptians uncertain about future under President Sisi , By Marina Ottaway - Woodrow Wilson Center

Egyptians fear return to authoritarianism, By SHADI HAMID, about احمد حرارة

Just Remember what happened , After 25 Jan. Revolution, - Who is afraid of Ihkwan?? By Ali Adriano

Egypt: A new banana republic? , By John Esposito

Palestinian Dictator is selling Palestine , Introducing The Palestine Papers, How 1,600 confidential Palestinian records of negotiations with Israel from 1999 to 2010 came to be leaked to al-Jazeera

Can Egypt Avoid Pakistan’s Fate? , By MICHELE DUNNE and SHUJA NAWAZ

Does Egypt have a Government? – , An Analysis (31 May 2015) by Lawrence Davidson

Angelina Jolie To Pakistani Politicians: I Didn’t Come To Wine & Dine

Queen Elizabeth II sought U.K. poverty funds to heat Buckingham Palace , Even a monarch needs a little help from time to time, but not Dictators.

الفيديو اللي اتقتل عشانه الشهيد خالد سعيد

Khalid Saied

Khaled Said alive and dead by Egyptian Police Brutality

"Corruption in Egypt…A dark cloud that does not vanish" - Ibn Khaldoun MUQADDIMAH "Introduction"

I don't know what is left in Egypt.

No Freedom, No clean water, No Bread, No Housing, No Electricity, No Clean air, No Medical care, No Justice, No Human rights. No Education. No garbage picking, ........

What did they do to the great Egypt??. What is the answer to all these problems?

The Death of Justice in Egypt, An Eight-Minute Trial, with No Arguments for the Defense, and One Judge Sentences 683 People to Death

Judge Tahani el-Gebali Helped Egypt’s Military to Cement Power , By International New York Times

Egypt’s Judiciary, Coopted , By Sahar Aziz, Associate Professor of Law at Texas

Muslim Brotherhood Trial: Egypt Court Sentences 529 Morsi Supporters To Death

Not a drop to drink in many parts of Egypt, Dina Ezzat - Alahram , A human watch issue

Cities of the Dead, by Heba Fatteen Bizzari - Egypt' Slums: Housing of the very poor.

Egypt tries to tackle deadly bread crisis , By CNN.

Incapability of Health Insurance and Medical and Administrative Inefficiency, From Kefaya Fasad

Egypt's commitment to press freedom on trial, Egypt is now ranked among the top 10 jailers of journalists in the world.

The Mubaraks - Egypt's most hated family, in Egypt.

Egyptian Military does not accept inheritance of Mubarak. That is why they went along with the Jan 25 Revolution, until they get their own MAN (Sisi). تقرير: 'فيتو' من المؤسسة العسكرية يحبط خطة للتوريث

Egypt's OJ Simpson -Hisham Talaat Mustafa, According to Egyptian law, inciting a murder equals commiting the murder. But he was Saved from hanging. By Hoda Abdel-Hamid

Timeline of Mubarak's ascent and fall from power, CNN

Mubarak's 300,000-strong army of thugs remains in business despite elections, By Robert Fisk

Anatomy of Egypt's Revolution, How Democracy Could be Hijacked,, By Esam Al-Amin

Official Reports about corruption in Egypt,   Of Banks, Public money, Parliament, and Judges, By Dr. Abdel Khaliq Farouk on Aljazeera

Corruption in Egypt - 2008, Everywhere !!!

Ahmad Ezz The grand thief of Egypt, By Abdel Halim Kandeel.

Egyptian Gas Sold to Israel Cheap, Now Egypt has big shortage of electricity, How did Hussein Salem get gas from the Government ? - This is the doing of Military Dictatorship. لماذا أظلمت مصر فجأة؟ 9 أسئلة حول أزمة الغاز وإمبراطورية المخابرات

Egypt military budget allocations to reach LE31 bn in 2013/14, "Egypt's military budget should remain a state secret even for the parliament" !!

Mubarak family fortune could reach $70bn, say experts, Egyptian president has cash in British and Swiss banks plus UK and US property, The Guardian.

Prayer at the Arab Summit , Funny but it is true-  هزلي - دعاء افتتاح القمة العربية

Petition to freeze bank accounts of Mubarak Regime outside Egypt, نطالب بتجميد الحسابات البنكيه لقادة نظام مبارك في أوروبا وامريكا

Important Caution to the Jan 25 Revolution , By Dr. Tarek H. El-Metwally , لحذر .. الحذر يا ثوار التحرير ويا شعب مصر ا , Unfortunately, All his warnings happened after 3 years.

Beware of the counter 25 January Revolution ,  إحذرو الثورة المضادة

Mubarak 1981- 2011, and his corrupted family and businessmen, 30 years of Mass Destruction - قال مبارك ثم فعل .... خطير وهام جدا

Shiekh Abdel Hameed Kishk Funny Sayings من طرائفه رحمه الله - عبد الحميد كشك هو عالم وداعية إسلامي

Shiekh AlMaraghy To Mubarak: You are NOT God, الغزالي لمبارك: انت مش ربنا!! ـ عصام تليمة

Egypt- Once upon a Time , جميل فارسي (كاتب سعودي بجريدة المدينة)

Egypt doest not need national hero , مصر لا تحتاج بطلا قومياً - زي ما قال الريس

Egypt - Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics Website - الجهاز المركزى للتعبئة العامة والإحصاء

Richest People in Egypt, اغنى اغنياء مصر.. تتصدرهم عائلة ساويرس وثالثهم 'امبراطور الحديد' احمد عز - نصفهم وزراء او سياسيون في 'الحزب الوطني'

Wael Elebrashi – one of the propagandists of military dictators. فضائح قناة دريم الابراشي ينكر ايات من القرأن الكريم

Billionaire Muhammad El-Ameen. فأصحاب القنوات الفضائية الذين هبطوا على الإعلام المصرى وسيطروا عليه بأموالهم
الملياردير محمد الأمين: من "قواعد التواليت" إلي قمة الإعلام

وثائق ويكيليكس 2: مبارك نصح أمريكا بتدبير انقلاب في العراق قائلا: اسقطوا الديمقراطية

30 years of failure Of Mubarrak - in pdf  , ا لجمعية الوطنية للتغيير