I weep for Egypt, Mr. Prime Minister of Egypt, Please Resign

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Egypt is controlled by one million thieves, and one million security dogs

This article applies for any Military Dictator in Egypt.

Egypt Is Bleeding

I remember Egypt, the great country and the longest civilization in history. I remember Egypt during dynasties of Pharaohs when it was a superpower. I remember Egypt, the Muslim country, when it was a beacon of Islamic culture. I remember Egypt when it was the first country to defeat the Mongols. I remember Egypt before the "blessed revolution" when United kingdom and Saudi Arabia used to borrow money from Egypt. The history of this great country is one of the best of all times. I love and care about Egypt, the great Muslim Country.

So what did you do to Egypt?

Not a drop to drink, in many parts of Egypt, By Dina Ezzat

The Egyptian citizen Sherif Hamdi, a 21- year-old carpenter said "We were screaming. Yes we were. We shouted and asked for drinking water. Is this a crime in modern Egypt? Don't we have the right to have water to drink? Don't we have the right to wash up and clean our bodies? Don't we have the right to wash our clothes and clean up our children whose bodies have become sore with infections as a result of the heat and dirt?"

Egypt tries to tackle deadly bread crisis, CNN

Independent and opposition parties have been sharply critical of President Hosni Mubarak's government, calling the long lines a sign that his government is failing.

"Our life has become so miserable," said one worker, Saber Ahmed, who spends up to four hours daily in bread lines to get 20 pieces of bread for colleagues at the cafe where he works.

The 17-year-old, wearing a ragged T-shirt as he stood in a long line, said he and co-workers can't afford unsubsidized bread, "or any food to eat with it."

Cities of the Dead inside Cairo, Egypt, by Heba Fatteen Bizzari

Among these cemeteries lives a community of Egypt’s urban poor, forming an illegal but tolerated, separate society. “More than five million Egyptian live in these cemeteries, and have formed their own enterprises,” said Malak Yakan, an anthropologist and tour guide.

“There are five major cemeteries in this city there, the Northern Cemetery, Bab el Nasr Cemetery, the Southern Cemetery, the Cemetery of the Great, and Bab el Wazir Cemetery,” said Yakan.

Your Police Brutalities

torture JSC وراء الشمس الحلقة الاولى 1من5 عن التعذيب في مصر

torture JSCوراء الشمس الحلقة الاولى 2 من5 عن التعذيب في مصر

عن المعتقلات و التعذيب بمصر  Police Torture in Egypt

Police Torture in Egypt تعذيب المواطنين على يد الشرطة المصرية

And your Police Generals are on many TV channels, claiming these brutalities are individual problems that is being fixed right now. !!!! This is a joke.

You managed to destroy the Islamic Identity of Muslim Youth

Please watch: أوربت - السعار الجنسي - الجزء الأول     أوربت - السعار الجنسي - الجزء الثاني

And ask yourself : was Egyptian youth like that before your ruling party? What you will say to Allah on the Day of Judgment?

Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2013. Denmark is the most clean country with a score of 91, while Somalia has the lowest score of 8. With dictatorship, their index should be in the 30's, . in pdf by 

The rank of Egypt in Corruption Perceptions Index is 110. Countries like Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Tunisia, Turkey, Senegal, Morocco, Suriname, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Herzgegovina, Gabon, Tanzania, Algeria, Lebanon, Albania, Iran, Argentina, Libya, even Djibouti are better than Egypt in Corruption Perceptions Index. Can anyone believe how low is Egypt now in credibility?

Your Government

I only know two of your ministers, Abu Elgheit, your foreign minister, and Farouq Hosni, your minister of culture. Mr. Abu Elgheit, the top diplomat in the country, used undiplomatic language when he promised to break the legs of our Palestinian brothers and sisters if they crossed Rafah, forcing 1.5 million Palestinians to die slowly in Gaza. Farouq Hosni insulted the Islamic dress Hijab, and said he lived in USA for 17 years. So what did he learn in USA? Did he learn American pop culture and is proud of it? There are many Muslims that live in USA more than him, and they are proud Muslims. Probably, he lived a life that is alien to the Islamic Values that we all preserve.

May 4, 5, 2008

Mr. Mubarak gave a raise of 30% of the people on his 80 birthday on May 4, 2008. He is president of Egypt for the last 26 years.

Then, on May 5, 2008, Egypt's ruling party on Monday proposed steep increases in fuel and cigarette prices and vehicle license fees to cover the costs of public-sector pay hikes that President Hosni Mubarak proposed last week. I have another solution: Sell the Egyptian Gas not to Israel in a secret deal by Hussein Salim, but on the international market with international price. And by the way, how did Hussein Salim put his hands the the Egyptian Gas, anyway?

Release Egyptian Army

Everyone in your ruling party declares peace is a strategic choice for Egypt. OK, so why Egypt needs an army. You will not fight with Israel. You will not fight with Libya or Sudan. If you want to fight the Palestinians, you can send your police forces, as you did before. So why, you need an army? If you release the Army with its big budget (about 60% of Egypt's Budget), you will have big saving and you can solve all Egypt financial crises that you created.

Who Owns the Egyptian Gas?

Egyptian Gas Sold to Israel Cheap at $.75 and the International price is $10-12, Not kept for future generation. Gaza Is dying from lack of Gas. How did حسين سالم got gas from the Government?????? Or did he find it in his farm????

Egyptian Budget and deficit

Reading the above articles on budget and deficit, I felt that this budget is written for kids. There is no information of how much the government spent on security forces, Police, Army, Education, Health care ....

If Corruption is eliminated, how much will be the budget deficit? I don't even think you know the answer.

Your Resignation

Sir, I would like to ask you to resign, and all you ministers and deputy ministers. After your resignation, you need to report to the Egyptian Authorities you net worth before and after your job as prime minister. This also should apply to all members of your family, and all you ministers and deputy ministers and their families. If the net worth of anyone increased because of corruption, he or she should return the money back to the Government, and stand in front of court.

P.S. I am 67 years old. I live in USA and I enjoy my freedom. I did almost all what I want for my life. If your security dogs interfere in any way in my life, I tell you : See you on the Day of Judgment. So you and your security dogs don't scare me.

Thank you sir

Dr. Adel Elsaie