How to Create a Military Dictatorship in 25 steps

By Dr. Adel Elsaie

How do I know that: I lived through Nasser, Sadat, Mubarrak and el-Sisi

Hitler: Chancellor to Dictator

1. You have to have a military rank. Get your supporters to grant you the title of "Field Marshal" even if you did not lead a major battle in your life.

2. Use the “Vodka Politics”: Find what people are interested in, for example: soccer, then get people consumed in this interest.

3. Make sure to keep the people "poor, ignorant, and sick." Keep selling them the illusion of a great future.

4. Make sure to rig elections, and make sure you win with 99.9%. Get your propagandist to expose the 0.1% "traitors" who object your presidency.

5. Use George Bush failed policy of “War on Terrorism” extensively to establish new order and expose your opponents.

6. If you have a religious country, get religious people to differ on non-basic issues, and get your propaganda machine to publicize that, to your people to get them involved in arguments and confusion to get your people off your back.

7. Surround yourself with aides that glorify you and your genius ideas, and get your media to emphasize your “visions”.

8. You have to control all government branches: Executive, legislative, and justice.

9. Strengthen a culture of bribery and "wasta", or connections, to make it difficult for any citizen to conduct any business without these two evils.

10. Classify political activists as terrorists, and prosecute them to harsh sentences.

11. Use the term “terrorism” extensively to arrest and prosecute opponent of the dictatorship.

12. Create two classes of citizenships; one for the military, police, justice, and media., and one for the masses.

13. Make sure Military means big Business in the hand of the Army, and keep the military budget secret from the Parliament.

14. Create a group of corrupt businessmen to control the economy with the military.

15. Create a group corrupt talk show animals as your chief propagandists in the state media and corrupt TV stations to brainwash the masses

16. Buy the conscience of Judges by financial benefits, and lay away the con-cooperative.

17. Allow police to be ruthless and merciless to crush any opposition.

18. Eavesdrop on people’s conversations to spy on phone callers.

19. Supply judges and defense attorneys with allegedly incriminating information that police "discovered"

20. Criminalize the revelation of government crimes and spying as Espionage

21. Further criminalize whistle blowing as “Terrorism”, have police arrest innocent people, detain them, confiscate personal properties with no cause or warranty, and terrorize their families..

22. Misuse the concept of a Top Secret government document.

23. Classify all government crimes and violations of the Constitution as secret.

24. Use your secret service to spy on the public to silence objections.

25. Finally, if democracy sparks for a short time, crush it as fast as you can and label it “terrorism”.

If you do that, you will be a great sick dictator, and then you can deliver your regime to another hand-picked dictator, and you go rest in hell for eternity.