Be a Man, Fight Corruption in Egypt

A Lawful and peaceful approach

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Police Brutality In Egypt - Watch the dogs who are laughing

Before I start, I want to mention I can't get any proof for many of the allegations of corruption in Egypt. I wish I can go to Mubarrak, his sons, his wife, his relatives, his friends, and ask them to show me ALL their financial records in Egypt, and other countries. But I am sure you know what happens to any Egyptian if he/she "just thinks" about that in Egypt. I am American Egyptian and have USA citizenship. I truly enjoy my freedom in USA, where I can criticize the action of anyone up to the President himself.

Simply put, I am demanding the following:

1. There should be an independent honest organization in Egypt that should investigate corruption of the President, his family, his friends, his governments, members of his party, members of the parliament, or any person who made over $ 5,000,000 since 1981, when the President was "elected" the first time. Their Egyptian and foreign bank statements should be collected and investigated. Anyone who proves to have illegal wealth through bribery, kick backs, use of influence, his/her money should be confiscated and be tried in a court of law. The confiscated money should go towards the national debt in Egypt. This is a stolen money form the Egyptians , and should return to the Egyptian. This confiscated money could be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. نيابة الأموال العامة , النيابة الإدارية should investigate all allegations against Mubarak Regime.

The following reports should be investigated:

Mubarak family fortune could reach $70bn, say experts

Official Reports about corruption in Egypt of,   Of Banks, Public money, Parliament, and Judges, By Dr. Abdel Khaliq Farouk on Aljazeera

Mubarak And The Forty Million Thieves اضحك على حسنى مبارك والاربعين حرامى

تورط هشام طلعت في مقتل المطربة اللبنانية سوزان تميم

Ahmad Ezz - The grand thief of Egypt, عبد الحليم قنديل

Egyptian Gas Sold to Israel Cheap, Now Egypt has big shortage of electricity, How did Hussein Salem get gas from the Government ? - This is the doing of Military Dictatorship.

There are so many information about Corruption in Egypt. Search Google for "corruption in Egypt", you will find 3,080,000 articles. Search YouTube for "corruption in Egypt", you will find 1350 Videos. Search YouTube for مصريون ضد الفساد , you will find 36 videos.

2. This is in the same time that tens of millions of Egyptians, can't find clean water, bread, human housing. Let alone corruption of health System, Education, and police and security forces. How many poor Egyptians live under poverty level? Do you think that the Egyptian Administration treats them like humans?

3. Fighting blatant corruption in a country should not the work of hundreds or thousands of citizens. It should the fight of of the millions. It should be a peaceful show of power. This can be done by showing the government that you are mad about the status of the country. One brave Egyptian suggested this idea in an Egyptian Newspaper:

دعوى على سبيل التجربة
نحن نعلم ان كثيرون من الشعب خائف يطلع في مظاهرة والغريب ان غالبية الشعب يعانى فلماذا لا نجرب راى الشعب وذلك باننا ندعوا الشعب كلة اللى رافض سياسة الحكومة للخروج على الكورنيش بدون مضاهرة فقط مجرد الخروج او ان نحدد وقت معين يطفىء فية النور في جميع انحاء الجمهورية او ان نحدد وقت معين لمدة 3 دقائق يقف الشعب فيها بدون حركة حتى نعلم راى الشعب في الحكومة وكمان يكون تدريب للشعب
وكمان يكون تدريب للشعب ارجوا التعليق على الفكرة

I support this idea wholeheartedly.

Brazilians fight of Corruption




RADIO ROCK ONLINE: Huge win in Brazil - let's take it global

Dear friends,

A massive online campaign by the Avaaz community in Brazil has just won a stunning victory against corruption.

The "clean record" law was a bold proposal that banned any politician convicted of crimes like corruption and money laundering from running for office. With nearly 25% of the Congress under investigation for corruption, most said it would never pass. But after Avaaz launched the largest online campaign in Brazilian history, helping to build a petition of over 2 million signatures, 500,000 online actions, and tens of thousands of phone calls, we won!

Avaaz members fought corrupt congressmen daily as they tried every trick in the book to kill, delay, amend, and weaken the bill, and won the day every time. The bill passed Congress, and already over 330 candidates for office face disqualification!

One Brazilian member wrote to us when the law was passed, saying:

I have never been as proud of the Brazilian people as I am today! Congratulations to all that have signed. Today I feel like an actual citizen with political power. -- Silvia

Our strategy in Brazil was simple: make a solution so popular and visible that it can’t be opposed, and be so vigilant that we can’t be ignored.

This victory shows what our community can do - at a national level, in developing nations, and on the awful problem of corruption. Anywhere in the world, we can build legislative proposals to clean up corruption in government, back them up with massive citizen support, and fight legislators who try to block them.

France's Le Monde called our "impressive and unprecedented petition" campaign a "spectacular political and moral victory for civil society." And while this victory may be a first, we can make it the precedent for global citizen action.

Amazingly, our entire Brazil campaign was made possible by just a couple of Avaaz team members, serving over 600,000 Avaaz members in Brazil. The power of the Avaaz model is that technology can enable a tiny team to help millions of people work together on the most pressing issues. It's one of the most powerful ways a small donation can make a difference in the world.

5.6 million of us are reading this email -- if a small fraction of us donate just $3 or $5 per week, or 50 cents per day, the entire Avaaz team will be funded and we can even expand our work on corruption and a range of issues. Click below to become a Sustainer of Avaaz and help take our anti-corruption campaigning global:  We've seen the heart-wrenching movies about street kids and desperate urban poverty in Brazil, and we know that across the world political corruption preys on our communities and saps human potential. In Brazil, our community has helped turn the tide and usher in a new era of transparent, accountable politics. Let's seize the opportunity and begin to fight corruption everywhere it's needed today.

With hope,

Ricken, Luis, Graziela, David, Ben, Maria Paz, Benjamin and the entire Avaaz Team