Muslim Youth Across America Unite Against Ideology of Hatred


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In response to the latest terrorist attacks in London, young Muslim leaders across the country issued a statement today condemning all acts of terrorism and the ideology of hatred that fuels them.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council & the Islamic Society of North America mobilized this effort to issue the collective statement, which reads:

"This afternoon, the world witnessed a second terrorist attack on London. In light of these hostile events, we Muslim American students and youth stand united in condemning all acts of terror and the burgeoning war on ideas. We refuse to remain silent while others claiming to represent Islam preach an ideology of hatred. Islam does not tolerate the use of terrorism for any purpose, regardless of who the aggressors are and what their justifications might be. This sensitive time calls for solidarity not only for the people of London but for the international community, regardless of race or faith, to oppose the evil of terrorism.

"As part of this campaign, the Muslim Students Association-National, a coalition of Muslim student organizations in universities across America and Canada, has pledged to be steadfast in combating this ideology of hatred. MSA-National President Mohamed Sheibani said, 'Muslim students across the country condemn today's attacks in London and all terrorism irrespective of its motivation or perpetrator. We believe that these attacks are cowardly and barbaric and we call upon all people of conscience to stand with us in speaking out against these crimes against humanity.'

"The voice of American Muslim youth is essential at this tenuous time, and we will rise to the occasion of making our values heard. It is our duty to work for the cause of our future, and we will do so with a noble vision. We seek to cultivate a culture of pluralism, tolerance and coexistence for the advancement of all people.

"This ongoing campaign is currently endorsed by Muslim student organizations and communities in over 30 individual universities across the nation. Those interested in signing on to this statement can email and become involved.


Albany Medical College, MSA
Bates College, Mushahada
Boston College, MSA
Boston Young Muslims' Conference
Colorado, MYNA
Cornell University, Muslim Educational and Cultural Association
Crescent Youth
Duke University, MSA
George Washington University, Islamic Alliance for Justice
George Washington University, MSA
Georgetown University, MSA
Georgia Perimeter College, MSA
Harvard Islamic Society
Hudson Valley Community College, MSA
IMAN College and Young Professionals Group
Islamic Community of Emerson College
Islamic Society of Boston University (ISBU)
Michigan Muslim Youth Council
Mount Holyoke College, MSA
Muslim Public Service Network
Muslim Student Union of Phillips Academy
Muslim Students Association-National
Muslim Youth of North America
North Carolina State University, MSA
Northwestern University, Muslim Cultural Students Association
Ohio University (Athens, Ohio), MSA
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MSA
Rice University, MSA
Seton Hall University, MSA
Simmons College, MSA
Sisters United at Boston University (SUBU)
Smith College, Al-Iman
Southeast Muslim Youth
State University of New York at Albany, MSA
Syracuse University, MSA
Texas A&M University, MSA
Union College, MSA
Union Hill High School, Islamic Society
University of California at Berkeley, MSU
University of California at Hastings, College of Law, Association of Muslim Law Students
University of California at Los Angeles, MSA
University of California at Santa Barbara, MSA
University of Houston, MSA
University of Maryland at College Park, MSA
University of Maryland at College Park, Muslim Women of Maryland
University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MSA
University of Michigan, MSA
University of Minnesota, MSA
University of New Hampshire, MSA
University of Southern California, Muslim Student Union
University of Texas at Austin, MSA
University of Texas at Dallas, MSA
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, MSA
Wellesley College, Al-Muslimat
Wesleyan University, MSA
West Virginia University, MSA
Yale University, MSA
Young Muslims of Jamaica, NY"