International Know the Quran Day, September 11, 2010

Muslims Response

By: Dr. Adel Elsaie

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Burn a Quran

Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, USA, was best known for using the slogan "Islam Is Of The Devil," said it will host the Quran-burning event on the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Dr. Terry and Sylvia Jones – Senior Pastors of Dove World Outreach Center, and pastor Wayne Sapp have been on international news, YouTube, facebook, Internet promoting their vicious plan to burn the Quran day publicly.

Muslims CAN answer this EVIL campaign by a massive campaign to burn the Bible, but we are not going to do that out of our respect of the name Allah, Jesus, Moses, and all the Biblical prophets in the Bible. This is in spite of our belief that humans deleted verses in the Bible, invented the The doctrine of the son of god, invented the The doctrine of trinity, and the whole religion was established during the first seven Ecumenical Councils of Church under the directions of the pagan Roman Emperors and Empresses.

As a very proud Muslim, being angry about this negative and hateful campaign which is against the true message of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) , my response is a positive and loving International Know the Quran Day on September 11, 2010 emphasizing the Quran message of the Oneness of God with peace and knowledge:

The root of the word Islam in Arabic is SLM from Salam (Peace in Arabic).

The call of the Quran for Knowledge is from the first word and order of Allah in the Quran: READ IN THE NAME OF THY LORD.

International Know the Quran Day on the September 11, 2010

Muslims believe that Islam is not a new religion. It is the religion of ALL prophets (Peace Be Upon Them) that calls to surrender to the Will of God to achieve salvation.

It is the message that 1,630,311,479 Muslims believe.

It is the same message of all Biblical Prophets since Adam.

It is the message that made Islam the fastest Growing religion in the present time.

It is the message of Quran that introduced over seven hundred verses (Ayat) in the Quran that deal with solid scientific facts of the twentieth century stated by uneducated man in the desert in the seventh century.

It is the message of Islam that Leo Tolstoy, the giant of the Russian literature, and Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, the greatest German writer believe. It is also the same message that lead many Priests and Missionaries convert to Islam.

It is the message whose messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) was praised by many influential and intellectual persons in history.

It is the same message of the true Oneness of God that 5 US Presidents believe.

It is the same message that Sir Isaac Newton discovered during his search for God and made him believe that the Bible was tainted by human hands.

After all that, do you think that history will remember those who drew cartoons of our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), or those cheap American Taliban who keeps on attacking Islam. The destiny of their drawings or quotes will be the trash bin of history, and no one will remember them 10, 20, or 50 years from now. But the message of Islam will stay until eternity. That is the Promise of Allah.

So Muslims answer should be to make September 11, 2010, the International Know the Quran Day. Muslims should reject the negative hateful International Burn the Quran Day into a positive International Know the Quran Day by:

Holding on the Quran more and raise it up higher than anything.

Reading the Quran more.

Understanding the Quran more.

Holding on your Islamic Identity more.

Holding on our Islamic Unity More.

Following the teachings of our great Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) more.

Asking Allah to help and support our Ummah more.

Asking Allah to help our Ummah to unite and quit all aspects of divisions that separate Muslims.

Studying the Islamic civilization that was a beacon of light to the whole humanity, believing that Muslims Ummah CAN regain this civilization again.

Taking the call of Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign seriously, and signing Muslim Youth Code of Honor.

Believing this message "YES WE CAN BE STRONG PROUD MUSLIMS" and not the fake western politicians slogan "yes we can."

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Subject: You can type in: International Know the Quran Day, September 11, 2010

Message: You can type in: I am a strong proud Muslim.

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