A New Cult Pretending to Be Islam


Some Questions For Quranist Cult

The following are details about a new sect created in the 1970's. They have a mish-mash of biblical/Quranic/made up beliefs.

They insist that they are not Qadiani but support the view that Jesus (Isa (as)) is dead and NOT coming back.

They are actually WORSE than Qadiyanis and Bahais put together!! (At least the Bahais have disassociatedfrom Islam & Muslims.

The Web Site by 'Nadeem Quraishi' concerning Isa alaihissalaam not coming back is one of their 'productions'.

They have made the number 19 into a God! EVERYTHING depends on 19.

They believe in a new Messenger because of 19.

They change Islam because of 19

They remove verses from the Quran because of 19.

They have invented a new religion because of 19.

They DISTORT/CHANGE the meanings of the words of the Quran to confuse people and to make the Quran agree with their heretical views. They want confused people to think that they know what they are talking about.(i.e. that they are clever, intelligent, wise etc). They do not show their true beliefs straightaway. This is so that the confused person does not get frightened/disgusted and runs away from them. They constantly point to APPARENT contradictions in the Hadith to place doubt into the hearts of Muslims.

This sect call themselves 'Submitters'. Based at 'Masjid' Tucson, Arizona, USA.

They have also been called Khalifites but it is suggested that we should call them Tucsonis (or Tucsonites) and that their religion is Tucsonism. This is in keeping with the tradition of naming Heresies from their places of birth (i.e Qadianism started from a place in India called Qadian and Tucsonism started in Tucson in Arizona USA)

The word Khalifite, Khilafat or Khalif must NEVER be associted with anything bad or evil such as Tucsonism.

The OBLIGATION of implementing Khilafat must be stressed and repeatedly mentioned because it frightens certain groups who wish to destroy its very name.

Hence their creation of 'Rashad Khalifa' Tucsoni to oppose the 'Khalifa Rashida' (Rightly Guided Khalif).

This Rashad Tucsoni started off by claiming to have discovered a mathematical 'miracle' embedded in the Quran. Other muslims started to sing his praises (inc.Ahmad Deedat who later disassociated himself from Rashad Tucsoni) and he became well known.

He later claimed that certain verses of the Quran did not produce the required/desired mathematical results therefore these verses should be removed from the Quran.

Then he claimed to have visited Heaven and met all the Prophets and that he (Rashad Tucsoni) is the Final Messenger of Allaah. (astaghfirullaah for even mentioning such blasphemies!!)

He didn't stop there!! He went even further than Mirza Qadiani by inventing a new religion!!! Details below.

Their Beliefs are:

Only the 'Submitters' or Tucsonites are the true believers.

ALL the other billions of Muslims since the companions time till today are hypocrites and commit Shirk.

Islam was corrupted immediately after the Prophet's (may Peace Be Upon Him) death.

The Hadith are ALL fabrications of Hypocrites & Idol worshippers & are NOT to be followed.

The Sunnah are silly Arab traditions and NOT to be followed.

Islam has a "bizarre dietary system with multitudes of prohibitions"

"Only the meat of pig is prohibited, not its fat. God does not prohibit pigs, but prohibits only the meat of pigs."

The Quran's authenticity can be proven by playing with the number of letters, words, Surahs etc of the Quran by adding or multiplying them together and then see if the resultant is divisible by the special number '19'.

The two verses of Surah 9:128 and 129 spoil this calculation therefore they are removed from the Quran.

They claim that these 2 false verses in the Quran were introduced by Uthman and the other scribes.

Verses can be removed from one Surah and placed into another Surah to produce the 'mathematical structure'.

Jesus (Isa (as)) is dead and NOT coming back

Muhammad's (may Peace Be Upon Him) name is not to be invoked:

In the Shahada (First Pillar)

In Tashahhud & Prayers (Second Pillar)

In the Azaan

In the Mosques

Muhammad (may Peace Be Upon Him) is the last Nabi...............but NOT the last Messenger

(This is one of The Tucsonites favourite quotes. They will mention only the first part to differentiate themselves from the Qadianis in order to confuse Muslims)

Rashad Khalifa Tucsoni(the apostate) is THE MESSENGER OF THE COVENANT. (I.e. The Last, Best, Greatest who UNIFIES all religions and predicted that the world will end in 2280 CE (1710 AH)- multiples of 19!!)

Muhammad (may Peace Be Upon Him) wrote down the Quran with his own hand.

Satan is a 'fallen Angel'. All Jinns are 'fallen Angels'.

ANYBODY, repeat ANYBODY who dies before the age of 40 WILL go straight to heaven!! NO matter how wicked, evil, sinful they appear to be. Martin Luther King is specifically mentioned as having died before 40 andtherefore went straight to Heaven!!

Circumcision is an abomination and must be stopped Women need NOT cover head or wear veil. Gold & Silk are ALLOWED for Men

Capital Punishment NOT allowed. A Murderer MUST only gives money to family of victim. The Thief's hand is NOT to be cut off. Only 'marked'. (With a pen?) Adulterers are NOT stoned to death.

Helped by such 'researchers' some of who even 'discovered' better 'miracles' (i.e. bigger numbers divisible by 19!!) than their 'messenger'.

Note 'Edip Yuksel' is supposed to have translated the Quran into Turkish and Kurdish. Please make people aware of the beliefs of these people.

One may add the names of 'Nadeem Quraishi' - author of web page about Jesus being dead and 'Niaz Aziz' who hangs around Chat rooms trying to confuse people by telling half truths in order to gain converts to their because. It may even be one person using different names.

Their websites are and (there are others also) The above information is from their appendices to the text version of the downloadable Quran. Needless to say, BE CAREFUL!!! The site looks very nice & Islamic BUT contains pure KUFR.

It is obviously a creation by people who fear Islam and wish to distort it from within. After their failures with Bahaism, Qadianism, Arabism, Secularism and all other sects that have tried to change classical Islam, Tucsonism is another attempt. Another experiment.

This sect targets individuals & groups to convert them to their way of thinking.