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Economist, Social Worker and Preacher, (Japan)

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Japanese Muslims Islam in Japan

By the Grace of Allah I am leading a happy Muslim life for the last 3 years. The righteous way of life as taught by Islam, was shown to me by our Pakistan Tablighi brethern (Missionaries), who visited my country and to whom I am deeply greatful.

The majority of our people are Buddhists, but they are Buddhists in name only. They are not practicing Buddhists and actually they are almost unmindful of their religious knowledge. The main reason for this apathetic attitude may be due to the fact that Buddhism presents a high sounding and complicated philosophy and give nothing practical. It is thus beyond the reach of an average person who remains busy with the problems of this worldly life. He cannot understand it nor can be implement it. It is not so with Islam. The teachings of Islam are simple, straight-forward and quite practical. It governs all the departments of human life. It moulds the thinking of man and when once the thinking becomes pure, pure actions will follows spontaneously. The teachings of Islam are so simple, easy and practical that every one can understand it. It is not the monopoly of the priests as in the case in other religions.

There is great future of Islam in Japan. Some difficulties may be there but the same are not insurmountable.

Firstly, an organized steady and vigorous effort should be made to acquaint people with the teachings of Islam. Our people are becoming materialistic day by day but they are unhappy. They have to be told that the real peace and contentment lie in Islam which is complete code for life and gives guidance for all walks of life.

Secondly such people are required to do this work whose own lives set an example before others.

Unfortunately the type of Muslim students who come to Japan from different Muslim countries are no example for us to follow and we cannot gain any advice or guidance from them. Most of them have adopted the Western way of life and they know nothing about Islam due to their being educated in the European established institutions.

If Islam is to succeed in Japan, as I am quite sure that one day it will, all Islam-loving people should think over the problem and make sincere and concentrated efforts in this behalf. Such of the Muslims who are true believers and whose lives can be an example to others, should visit Japan and teach the people here. Our people are thirsty for peace, truth, honesty, sincerity, virtue and all that is good in life, and I am confident that Islam and Islam alone can quench their thirst.

We need absolute Faith in Him to do the job and we pray to Him to grant Faith to us.

Islam means ′peace′ and no other people than the Japanese require peace more. Real peace can come to us by accepting the religion of peace. Peace with all men and peace with God. The brotherhood in Islam is a unique principle and in it truly lies salvation for the mankind.


A man came before the Messenger with a carpet, and said, “O Rasul: I passed through a wood, and heard the voices of the young of birds; and I took and put them into my carpet; and their mother came fluttering round my head, and I uncovered the young, and the mother fell down upon them: then I wrapped them up in my carpet; and there are the young which I have.” Then the Rasul said, “Put them down.” And when he did so, their mother joined them′ and Prophet Muhammad said. “Do you wonder at the affection of the mother towards her young? I swear by Him Who hath sent me, verily God is more loving to His creatures than the mother to these young birds. Return them to place from which you took them, and let their mother be with them.”

(Sayings of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.)