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Their Stories are big inspirations to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

One of the big problems of many Muslims is that they are busy chasing Western Culture.

There are About 650,000 videos in and over 1,000,000 articles in about Converts to Islam

Top Bible scholar leaves Christianity

'Revert' is actually a more appropriate term than 'convert', since all human beings are born into a state of submission to the Will of God, that is to say, everyone is born a Muslim. By embracing Islam, one returns to that pure, original, sinless state in which God created him or her. However we have used the term convert to avoid any possible ambiguity.

I was telling an American friend that I am Muslim. He said "I thought that Muslims are black, poor, or uneducated!". This is the perception that the Western Media presents to the people. So, please examine this impressive list of converts to Islam, and you be the Judge!

Why are Christian priests and missionaries embracing Islam ? ! You can find many converts from Christianity to Islam there, as well as Christians who are learning more about Islam. If you are a former Christian priest or missionary who has embraced Islam, please Contact Us.

Below a collection of converts' stories which are enlightening, heart-warming and inspiring in equal measure. These new Muslims come from a variety of backgrounds. They include intellectuals, scientists, priests, Rabbis, missionaries, and artists, young and old, famous and laypersons, from around the globe. Most of these converts are former Christians or from a Christian background. These testimonies only represent a drop in the ocean however, since every day hundreds of people convert to Islam all around the world. Amongst the most powerful and thought-provoking testimonies are those of former Christian priests and missionaries who have discovered the one true religion. This is a tremendous challenge to Christian missionaries. Instead of wasting $6.8 billion each year trying to convert poor and sick Muslims, they should concentrate their efforts on understanding Islam!


'Revert' is actually a more appropriate term than 'convert', since all human beings are born into a state of submission to the Will of God, that is to say, everyone is born a Muslim. By embracing Islam, one returns to that pure, original, sinless state in which God created him or her. However we have used the term convert to avoid any possible ambiguity.

Why Did They Become Muslims

List of converts to Islam from Christianity

List of converts to Islam from Judaism

Israeli Prof. Moshe sharon about islam Full speech at BEN GURION UNIVERSITY


Young, British Female Muslim. Thousands of young British women living in the UK decide to convert to Islam - here are some of their stories

Turning Muslim in Texas HD full TurnToIslam. My brothers and sisters in Texas!

Annette Bellaoui , Denmark, This Muslim Convert Is Changing The Conversation About Women In Islam With Music And Humor.

Asiya Abd al-Zahir,Australia, "..the only religion I have ever been completely sure of.."

Audrey Parks Shabbas - When I read it (Quran) with my heart and not just my head, I knew I was a Muslim

Chahida Zanabi, Norway, "..i found [a belief that Jesus died] illogical and unjust"

Elizabeth Clarke, Palm Beach Post Religion Writer. Convert Finds Women's Rights in Islam

Karen's Testimony. "If Jesus is God, then why did he have a conversation with God"

Dr. Kari Ann Owen.USA, Jewish, "I began to look .. to Islamic culture for moral guidance"

Madonna Johnson "..all of my turmoil and anxiety was gone.."

Maryam al-Mahdayah, There is no more conflict within, because I have come home".

Maryam Jameelah, Converts' Stories: Interview with Maryam (formerly Margaret Marcus)

Maryam Noor, (Margaret Templeton) Scottish Atheist Lady Finds Islam at the Age of 65

Maureen McCormick, Life is good for Muslim women

Michelle, "I came from a Jewish family in New York."

Nakata Khaula, A Japanese Woman's Experience of Hijab.

My Dream Came True, Angelene McLaren, Sumayyah Bint Joan

Jocelyn Wiener, Times Staff Writer. Young, Female and Muslim

Rashida S. (Rachel Singer) daughter of a devout Roman Catholic mother/very devout Jewish father.

Rita, God works in mysterious ways

Somayyah, From a Bathing Suit to Hijab.

Tasha, I had been studying Islam ever since I was in 7th grade.

Um Luqman, "Jesus(AS) made sense to me as being a Prophet".

Zainab's Testimony. USA, "No a guy did not convert me". An ex-Sunday School teacher

Sister Zainab Onez Discovered Islam while training to be a nun.


Abdullah - A Hindu journey to islam (Video) A must watch..

Abdullah - Ein Japanischer Bruder "Abdullah" aus Frankfurt nimmt den Islam an Japan Japaner A Japanese journey to islam in Frankfurt

Abdul Malik Hamidullah, I discovered the logic and simplicity in Islam. I know Prof. Rezeski for over 30 years.

Abdul Malik LeBlanc tells how he discovered Islam within the pages of Bible


Ahmed Corpus (Formerly Marco Corpus), Philippines, Former Sunday School teacher & full-time ministry worker

Dr. ALI SELMAN BENOIST, Doctor of Medicine, and a descendant of a French Catholic family.

Christopher Patrick Nelson, Islam Saved My Mental Health and Returned My Soul .

FAUZUDDIN AHMAD OVERING, Preacher and Social Worker.

Giles Whittell, 'Allah came knocking at my heart', The Times UK, 7 January 2000,

Ihsan Chua Gim Sam, Singapore, "..the concept of Trinity was introduced in 325 A.D.." From Taoism to Islam

Jameel William Aalim-Johnson, organizes the weekly Muslim congregational Friday prayer on Capitol Hill

Imam Pedersen, Denmark, This Self-Described ′Hillbilly′ Muslim Convert Is A Refreshing Link Between Islam And His Danish Culture, Danish People Are Accepting Islam

Hussein Amin, My Conversion from Christianity to Islam,

John Kirch, USA, "I went on a 20-year-long search for the truth"

Mahir Abdal-Razzaaq, Native American, Have you ever wondered what the name Tallahassee means ????????????

Do you know what Manila (the chief port of the Philippines) means. It means Fi Aman Allah!!!!

MAVIS B. JOLLY, The Qur'an, I found, works silently on the spirit.

Mike LoPrete, USA, 19 year old college student. "I didn't get the idea of the trinity"

Musa Caplan, The Story of a Jewish Boy - Finding Islam in Cyberspace

Phreddie, My Conversion to Islam, I am only 18, and that fact seems to astound most people.

Sherif Quinn Christianity: The Point of Departure.

Shive Prasad Demolished Babri Masjid, India, That Day - Seeks Forgiveness Today !

Steven Krauss (Abdul-Lateef Abdullah), A Martial Art Led Me to Islam,

Terry Holdbrooks The Guard at Guantanamo Who Found Islam, Terry Holdbrooks stood watch over prisoners at Gitmo.What he saw made him adopt their Faith.

TIM WEIS, I have European lineage. I am a Muslim. I am a Westerner

Yahya Donald W. Flood, USA, The Best Way to Live and Die

Yusha Evans, My intention was to become a minister or a missionary His video was watched by over: 2,120,090 views !!!!!

Conversion to Islam

Are you afraid to become a muslim? The Personal thoughts of Kian Yit of Malaysia

The Call of the Creator of Earth and Light Native American Muslims - By Yahiya Emerick

Email from, KIMM HENRY,  an American convert sister: Damage from "Muslim sects"

Convertitis - or the Case of the Insta-Scholar American convert Saraji Umm Zaid cautions new Muslims about the dangers of extremism and absolutism

Frustrations of a Muslim Convert Committed to Islam, vexed by Muslims - By Michael Young

How do I tell my parents and family I've become a Muslim?

Understanding Conversion: Bridging the Two Selves By Abdul-Lateef Abdullah

My First Year As A Muslim Dr. Jeremiah McAuliffe