Testimony of Adam Wilson , Coverts to Islam


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Before learning about Islam, my only real exposure to any religion occurred during a hot summer day. I was outside working in the yard when two shady looking characters pulled up in a 1970's style black Cadillac. I only remember parts of their fast talking rhetorical nonsense. "The Lord wants this . . . The lord loves you . . . The lord needs you to be saved right now. So what is your name son?"

"Adam," I replied.

"Okay Adam, all you need to do is put your hand on this bible and follow along with me" they continued.

I thought the situation seemed a little strange, but I agreed to the ′saving ceremony′ to get them out of my yard. It worked. These men were far too busy to explain what had just happened and they were off searching for more desolate souls to save. What they didn't realize and what I am thankful for now is that their actions actually prevented me from going to church. At that point in my life I was searching for truth and was contemplating the idea of attending church to find some answers. Instead the church came to me and I still needed some answers. A couple of years went by and I eventually fooled myself into thinking that I was happy being agnostic.


About three years after the above incident I was delivering Pizzas in a small town located in Northern Michigan. It was 1:00 a.m. in the morning and there was about two and a half feet of snow on the ground. The sky was clear and the stars were glowing with a magnificent splendor. Delivering pizzas is a lonely process and the loneliness often directed my thoughts to spiritual realms. On this particular delivery I was trying to decide whether or not I believed in God. I drove over a small hill and at the peak of it I could see the night sky in what seemed like its entirety. At that very moment, I witnessed a falling star (meteor). It gave me the shivers one-second and an amazing feeling of calmness the next second. The very first thing that I thought was, ′there really is a God.′ I had resolved the most important issue of all issues. However, the transition from knowing that a God exists to knowing about the One and only God was still in progress.


My discovery and eventual acceptance of Islam happened over a ten-month period. I met an American convert to Islam in February of 1997. We worked together and often discussed issues about religious and non-religious topics. I was impressed with this particular brother because he had a wonderful ability to apply logic to many different situations. In addition to this he was young, married and had a child on the way. These are responsibilities that I had not seriously considered and I respected him a great deal for his actions. After about nine months, I became more and more interested in Islam. I knew that I had to take action but I was not sure which action to take. My thought process was changing and my desire to learn more increased.

In November of 1997 I was invited to the Mosque for an open house. I did not attend the open house because of a family obligation, however the brother was compassionate and patient enough to invite me again that very same week. After going to the Mosque and speaking to several other brothers, I was to the point that I knew accepting Islam was my destiny. The next day I used my newly acquired prayer book and began praying five time a day. Taking the shahadah (bearing testimony) that God alone deserves to be worshipped and Muhammad is His Messenger, is the not the final step, it is only the first step. Today, my path to God continues.


Does it really make any sense to say that God is a man or has a son made of human flesh? The answer is no. And no dogma can convince you or myself that this is true. The ultimate truth is Universal. It applies to everyone at any point in time. Remember there is no compulsion in religion as the Quran states, "Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error; whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things". Quran 2-256 Consider Islam with an open heart and an open mind. If you consider Islam to be true than accept and practice it, if not at least respect it.

The only way that you can justify rejecting Islam is to say that it is a false religion. Know one thing: if Islam is a false religion, then so is the religion of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, John, Mary, and yes, Jesus. Why? Simple: they all taught the same concepts, namely the Oneness of God, and they all worshipped God alone without making any association between Him and others. They knew that their Creator stood high above all of His creations. That concept alone is the first step to correct guidance. There is God alone, the Creator, then there are creations, which no matter how numerous or powerful they may seem to us, have no power at all, because all power is with God.


Remember it is our obligation to show as many people as possible that Islam is a possibility for them. The only way this can be done properly is to practice Islam with no exceptions the way Prophet Muhammad (SAS) taught it to us. Do as much as possible to establish this religion and to perfect the faith that is within your own heart. Allah (SWT) will hold you accountable for all that you could have done, even if you fall short. May Allah reward all of you for your good deeds and honest efforts.

Adam Wilson