Allah: The One True God

If there is one vicious lie about Islam running around in the world today it is that Allah s.w.t is not the true God that is worshipped by the Jews, Christians and Muslims. If you just so happen to be traveling around the U.S and you stay the night in a motel you might find a Gideon's Bible which is translating JOHN 3:16 Into 26 of the top languages. Two of these languages are Arabic and Malay. What word is used for God in their passages of John 3:16? Guess just guess! If you said ALLAH then give your self a big pat on the back!


Gideon bible

You would really have to strain your eyes to see this caption, but, as I said before and I will say it again, "It, like Ragu sauce, is in there."

Allah is the same God worshiped by Jews, Christians, and Muslims world over. The same God that answers our prayers. The same God we pray to when we hope the Packers win the Super Bowl. The same God who watched you buy that lottery ticket last week. The same God who loves all His creation irrespective of their race, religion and or nationality. The God of which Prophet Muhammad said, "Loves us more than a mother loves her child" [Riyadus Saleheen, #418]

If you happen to be somewhat familiar with a language other than English you will also note that there are different names for God in different languages. In fact, Arabic speaking Jews in Morocco and Arabic speaking Christians use the word Allah when referring to God.

In fact, scholars are unanimous in that Jesus spoke the language of Aramaic (not Arabic). What is the word for God in Aramaic? If you said ALAH, (one L), then give yourself a big pat on the back. For anyone interested in proof please purchase

the Lamsa Bible ( translated from Aramaic) by George M Lamsa. See:

Gideon bible

Please look at the English word of "God" and see its translation in Aramaic (not Arabic).
It is "Alaha". !!!!!!

Now I'm going to put a passage of the Bible up on the screen. I would like every one to do a little mental exercise with me. Picture Jesus on his face praying either out loud or to himself, to Allah! If tears begin to fill your eyes and your heart at this juncture then please feel free to accept Islam.


"...And (JESUS) fell on his face, and prayed. "Well, if the Bible is true and Jesus used such Aramaic phrases as Talitah cumi and Eli Eli lama sabachthani then which word did Jesus use when addressing God on a regular basis? Your guess? If you said ALAH then give yourself a big pat on the back.


You better believe it. "Allah loves us more than a mother loves here child." Read the following verses from the Quran and you be the judge!

HOLY QURAN Al Imran( The Family of Amran) chapter 3 verses 30-31
I seek refuge form Satan the rejected. With the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful." Say: If you love Allah, follow me: Allah will love you, and grant you protection from your sins. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Say: Obey Allah and the Messenger, but if they turn back, Allah surely loves not the disbelievers."

HUD (HUD) Chapter 11 verse 90

I seek refuge form Sata nthe rejected. With the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. "And ask forgiveness of your Lord, then turn to Him. Surely my Lord is Merciful, Loving Kind."

MARYAM (MARY) Chapter 19 verse 96

I seek refuge form Satanthe rejected. With the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful." Those who believe and do good deeds, for them the Beneficent will surely bring about love."

Al Buruj (Stars) Chapter 85 verse 14

I seek refuge form Satan the rejected. With the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. "And He is the Forgiving, the Loving,"


There are some missionaries running amuck proclaiming Allah s.w.t is a Pagan God. May Allah forgive us and forgive them. They wish to deceive the masses and, in reality, to deceive themselves.

However, one Christian missionary in particular, John Gilchrist, has taken it upon himself to refute fellow missionaries who spread lies and deceit. Whether other Muslims choose to do this or not is up to them, though I wish to personally thank Mr. John Gilchrist for the article he wrote. It is entitled, "Our approach to Islam: Charity or Militancy?" I have yet to see a better article published by either a Muslim, Christian or otherwise for prove conclusively that ALLAH s.w.t is the same God as worshiped by Jews, Christians and Muslims. That Allah is the God of Abraham is true! In the beginning of the article I was upset to see people who proclaim themselves to be Muslims and who have such a beautiful way of life, called Islam, act so contrary to the spirit and teachings of Islam. However, when I began reading his defense of Allah being the true God I quite literally jumped up out of my chair screaming, "Subhan ALLAH" (Glory be to God) and, "Uh take that!" If you read this article you should read John Gilchrist's!!! Just go to:

With that said it should be realized that from a Christian standpoint he is no sale out cup-cake missionary. He has debated Muslims on various issues ardently and stands up as a champion for Christian theology. Quite frankly, if I was a Christian I would be very sad to see the day God takes him.

I feel the truth stands clear from error. I also feel many of the arguments presented are to the point. May the God of Abraham guide us all to the truth. Ameen!