Allah is God of Jesus

The Proof

Dr. Adel Elsaie

Jewish man says Allah is a Biblical name for God

The western media and fundamentalist Christians promote the idea that the God of the Muslims is different from the God of Christianity. They advocate that Allah is not a real God but an idol! Have you ever seen a statue of Allah or Muhammad? As a matter of fact, Muhammad destroyed 360 idols in . The fundamentalist Christians do not realize that Allah is the God of Christians too! Arab-speaking Christians and Muslims recognize Allah as the only name of God. Any Arab-speaking Christian, when asked about the name of God, would answer Allah!

The English Old Testament Starts: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth.“ The Arabic Old Testament Starts: “In the beginning, Allah created the heaven and earth.“

Below is the first page from THE ARABIC BOOK OF GENESIS

Arabic Bible

The name of God throughout the Arabic Old and New Testament is Allah.

If you just so happen to be traveling around the U.S and you stay the night in a motel or hotel you might find a Gideon's Bible which is translating JOHN 3:16 into 26 of the top languages. Two of these languages are Arabic and Malay. What word is used for God in their passages of John 3:16? Guess just guess! It is Allah.


Gideon bible

Furthermore, if you happen to be somewhat familiar with a language other than English you will also note that there are different names for God in different languages. In fact, Arabic speaking Jews in Morocco and Arabic speaking Christians in the whole of the Middle East use the word Allah when referring to God.

In fact, scholars are unanimous in that Jesus spoke the language of Aramaic (not Arabic). What is the word for God in Aramaic? It is “Alaha“, (one L and added “a“ at the end).

For anyone interested in proof please purchase:

The Lamsa Bible ( translated from Aramaic) by George M Lamsa. See:

Gideon bible

Please look at the English word of “God“ under The Deity, at the top left , and look for its translation in Aramaic (not Arabic). It is “Alaha“. !!!!!!

Critics of Islam usually present translated Verses of the Quran that are taken out of context, or they pick up a translation that advances their biased point of view. The Office for the Non-Christian Affairs at the Vatican published a document under the title “Orientations for a Dialogue between Christians and Muslims.” It is a very important document in that it shows the Vatican position adopted towards Islam. In the third edition of this study (1970), this new position calls for “a revision of our attitude towards it (Islam) and a critical examination of our prejudices” ... “We should first set about progressively changing the way our Christian brothers see it. This is the most important of all” ... “We must clear the way the out-dated image inherited from the past, or distorted by prejudice and slander” ... “and recognize the past injustice towards the Muslims for which the west, with its Christian education, is to blame.”

The same document stresses that Allah is the True God and not an idol:

“It would seem pointless to maintain that Allah is not real God, as do certain people in the west!“

There is no better way of illustrating Islamic faith in God than by quoting the following extracts from Lumen Gentium, produced by the second Vatican Council (1962-1965):

“The Muslims profess the faith of Abraham and worship with us the sole merciful God, who is the future judge of men on the Day of Reckoning.“

However, some of the TV Evangelists insist that Allah is not the same God of the Christians. They refuse to recognize that the Vatican and all the Christian Arabs accept Allah as the Only God because Muslims do not believe in the Trinity. Their argument ignores millions of Christians who do not believe that Jesus is the son of god or in the Trinity.

Furthermore, Islam is the only religion that declares Mary as the holiest woman ever, the Holy Quran, Surah (chapter) 3, Ayah (verse) 42, - not Muhammad′s mother, daughter, or wife. One complete Surah in Quran is devoted to Mary with her name as the title of Surah 19. Surah 3 has a title of the family of Imran (the father of Mary). The Bible does not give Mary the same honor.

So Islam is not the enemy of Christianity, and for those who are interested, can read the book of Bill Baker, More In Common Than You Think, The Bridge between Islam and Christianity,“ Defenders Publications, 1998.