Afro American Muslims

I love my Afro American Muslim Brothers and Sisters -


They are great

Islam, Slavery and the African - By Abdullah Hakim Quick

WHY AFRICA was named after Roman General Sipio Aficanus ??

Africa, the first refuge for Muslims , by Najib Mohammed

Black History Month: A Personal Reflection , By Abdul Malik Mujahid

Rosa Parks, A Gentle Giant , By Maurice Weaver

Expressions of Islam in America , Gisela Webb introduces Islamic beliefs and profiles America's Muslim communities.

Keith Ellison On the Issues , The First Muslim Congressman in USA History


One Imam Traces the Path Of Islam in Black America , By PAUL M. BARRETT

Post 9/11, Islam flourishes among blacks , By Matthew Bigg

Reflections on the Persistence and Transmission of African-Islamic Identity Construct and Its Influence on Enslaved Africans in the American Disapora , By Ibrahim Sori and David Walker

What Accounts for the Rise of Islam - A Case Study of Nigeria and Senegal , By Dr. Kofi Johnson

There are many thousands of Afro American Coverts to Islam

Imam Siraj Wahhaj America's Imam ( He makes many appearances in many Mosques around America)

Imam Zaid Shakir One of America's Most Popular Imams

Keith Ellison, First Muslim elected to Congress

Jermaine Jackson, brother of world-famous star Michael Jackson.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, The greatest basketball player of all time.

Malcolm X - In His Own Words, USA, The famous Afro-American Muslim.

Muhammad Ali, The first three-time Heavy Weight Champion of the World.

Nuh Ha Mim Keller, From an American Catholic to one of the leading contemporary scholars of Islam.

Dr. Wallace Sharif Accepts Professor of Biology Position with Morehouse College

Zubaidah Gibbs, Woman finds peace at a southern mosque

Abdus Salaam , Turning to Islam -- African-American Conversion Stories

Links - There are hundreds of well respected Afro American Islamic Scholars


Imam Zaid shakir,

New Islamic Directions Writings

America's Imam Siraj Wahaj

Dr. Abu Amina Bilal Phillips


Shiekh Abdullah Idris Ali


Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick