Divide and Conquer

By Shariffa Carlo Al Andalusia- A revert Muslim Sister


The Fall of Islamic Spain┇ Full Lecture

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, and I remembered a story which I wish to share with you all. I have been thinking about the lack of unity we show as Muslims, and how when it comes to ememies, we can be our own worst enemies. Unfortunately, we can learn from the non-muslims in this category, because they way they act sometimes is more Islamic than the way we do. Let me illustrate a case in point.

When I first accepted Islam, there was this Egyptian family that kinda adopted me. They had a small restaurant in Iowa that sold Middle Eastern type foods. The father of the family once related to me a story of what happened to him when he first came to America and tried to establish his business. He went to the bank and opened an account with a few thousand dollars. While he was doing so, the man taking the information, asked him a few questions about the business he was making. The Muslim answered that he was doing ethnic foods like hummos and falafel. The man asked, “Like Jewish food?” The Muslim answered, “Yes, like Jewish foods.” A few days later, when the Muslim was checking his balance, he noticed it had suddenly grown to about a $100,000 or so dollars. He was shocked. He went to the bank to report the mistake and spoke to the same gentleman. The man told him not to be alarmed. He had spoken to a few of the brothers at the Jewish Temple, and they had donated the money as a gift to help a fellow Jew get started.

Of course, the man clarified himself and returned the money, but the point is this: This Jewish man and those he spoke to had seen only that the man was supposedly a Jew. For that reason alone, they had helped this total stranger. A Christian friend once told me that one of the reasons he disliked Jews was because they would rather pay more for a product and travel half way across town to a Jew-owned store to get something. They are, as he stated it, unfair in their business dealings because even by lowering your price, you can not compete for their business because they tend to stick with each other.

Amazing. He hated them for something I admired in them. I see their solidarity and I cry for the Muslims. I know that one of the only duas ever denied the Prophet was that his nation be united. I know there is definitely a good reason why Allah has done this. Yet, I see us acting like children so often that it sickens me. Once we agree upon la ilaha il Allah Muhammadur Rasool Allah, and we follow this as it was followed by the companions of Rasool Allah and the great scholars, we should be able to at least be civil to one another. It seems we can not even accomplish this, much less unity. In fact, we seem to do the exact opposite. We often sabotage one another.