Free of Charge License for the First Structural Optimization Software  STARSTRUC

to Universities in Muslim Countries

STARSTRUC is the first Commercial structural optimization system since 1983.  STARSTRUC proved its ease of use, efficiency, logical final solution, and versatility.  I remember a young US Engineer, his name is Ken, used to build transmission towers. He came to a STARSTRUC seminar, and decided to be a design structural engineer. He started with a transmission tower that was analyzed by a consulting company using STRUDL 11 times to reach minimum weight design. He took the final design from STRUDL, and optimized it with STARSTRUC. He got better design with a weight reduction of 10%, which translated into millions of dollars in a 560 miles of transmission line. Needles to say, he became a hero in his company, and got promoted.  He once told me STARSTRUC taught him structures, and load path.

Since its advent, I had a dream of making this technology available and being taught in Muslim Universities. This offer is presented to Universities in Muslim countries, to Professors of Structural design and analysis (Familiar with Finite Element Method, Computer programming, Fortran and C) to take on this work with graduate students to expand, update, and modify to local needs.

This offer is based on the following conditions:

STARSTRUC was used with impressive results:

STARSTRUC is a comprehensive and proven software for Structural Optimization. It can solve over 80% of the structural steel Market. Also other metals can be handles by providing STARSTRUC the properties of the metal.

It has been tested and proven in many Industries with very complex structural projects with challenging constraints for over 20 years.

While developing STARSTRUC, I was focusing on the accuracy of the results, and speed of the optimization algorithm. AlHamd Le Allah, I achieved that. Results from STARSTRUC are very close to other Finite Element Software, and the number of cycles required to reach the optimal design rarely exceeds 4 cycles, regardless of the design starting point.

Successful Projects:

Failure Stories:

After the introduction of STARSTRUC to the market, I had a chance to talk to Mr. Fouad Yousuf, the General Consul  of Egypt in Houston, Texas, at that time. I expressed my intention to him to donate this software to Egypt as a learning tool for the Air force Engineers, and in the same time to use it in many industries. He was very supportive, and arranged a meeting with the chief of Egyptian Air force and his staff during the delivery of F-16 aircraft in Fort Worth, Texas, to Egypt. During that meeting I was presented by reasons to reject my offer, such as: there is no design in Egypt. I showed them application of STARSTRUC to modify the design of the air intake structure of the F-16. After a long meeting, I realized that I was not going anywhere.

3 years ago, I was talking to a Prof. in Egypt about STARSTRUC. He expressed so much interest. So I gave him the User Guide and a copy of STARSTRUC. We have been in contact in the beginning. Then I realized he is so busy and he did not do anything with STARSTRUC. I don't need that!!!!

Muslim Association of Structural Optimization Professionals.  (MASOP).

We are in the process of establishing Muslim Association of Structural Optimization Professionals.  (MASOP). This is like a user group to exchange ideas, announce updates, research and development in many areas. I suggest the following steps:

Why am I doing this?

Dr. Adel Elsaie, PhD Aerospace Engineering.

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