Future Development Of STARSTRUC


STARSTRUC is a comprehensive and proven software for Structural Optimization. It can solve over 80% of the structural steel Market. Also other metals can be handles by providing STARSTRUC the properties of the metal.

It has been tested and proven in many Industries with very complex structural projects with challenging constraints for over 20 years.

While developing STARSTRUC, I was focusing on the accuracy of the results, and speed of the optimization algorithm. AlHamd Le Allah, I achieved that. Results from STARSTRUC are very close to other Finite Element Software, and the number of cycles required to reach the optimal design rarely exceeds 4 cycles, regardless of the design starting point.

There is always a wish list for any successful software. Here are some suggested future development of STARSTRUC:

Adding faster matrix solution, such as sparse Matrix solution

Design Codes: Update steel design codes of AISC and and API.

Concrete Design Codes, and including design of concrete slabs, beams and columns.

Add optimization of composite Elements. ( I have analysis and optimization of composite elements software that need to be included in STARSTRUC )

Add practical design constraints on fracture Mechanics (crack growth), Fatigue, Creep, .....

Have better GUI (Graphics User Interface), i.e. enhance WINSTAR , and better plotting capabilities.


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