Leading edge Technology

STARSTRUC is here now. Its advanced technology leads the way with:

  • Quick and accurate optimization

  • Simple commands that require minimal training

  • Proven reliability of results

  • Superior software design and flexibility



STARSTRUC enables you to:

  • Achieve a single optimum design with these constraints applied concurrently:

  • manufacturing

  • stiffness (deflection)

  • strength (stress)

  • free vibration

  • buckling

  • pre-stressed vibration

  • Set parameters to obtain a desired margin of safety. Optimize very large models due to superior software design.

  • Restart the iterative process after evaluating partial solutions.

  • Define models with all standard loadings and boundary conditions.

  • Model your structures with the most commonly used 3-dimensional finite elements: beam, shell, spring, truss, membrane, shear, mass, and solid elements.

  •  Interface STARSTRUC with other specialized software to apply constraints that are not included yet such as fatigue, fracture mechanics, flutter, etc., by using a simple existing post-processing file.

  • Use a library of steel sections that goes beyond the standard sections for your steel structural design using the AISC-80 and API-87.

  • Achieve the least weight structure that includes all your practical construction considerations.

  • Assume any initial thicknesses, areas, and moment of inertias for your structural elements, and STARSTRUC will converge to an optimal structure in about 4 design cycles. This means that very little time is spent sizing structural elements before creating the model, thus saving considerable time in the pre-analysis phase.


User's Guide.

Pocket Command Summary.


Most engineers with background in analysis software are able to use STARSTRUC in just 2 days. Often without training or experience in optimization, they can actually optimize structures. The User's Guide is not volumes of computer instructions, but one simple manual


STARSTRUC is the product of Structural Technology and Research Company (STAR) offering innovation in design optimization technology for many industries and applications. The company was founded by Dr. Adel Elsaie who began working on structural optimization in 1970.

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