• Engineering Productivity.

  • Design Efficiency.

  • Performance Improvement.

  • Cost Control.

  • Design Integrity.



The above defense system antenna was modeled with plate, beam, and truss elements using analysis-only software. As a benchmark, the model was converted to STARSTRUC. Ini­tially, the model was subjected to stress and deflection con­straints. The optimization results showed that the weight was reduced by 42% while satisfying the imposed constraints. Using STARSTRUC capability of checking structural buck­ling of the final design revealed that the structure will buckle. Therefore, buckling constraint was added to the model, and the final weight was reduced by 34% while satisfying the stress, deflection, and buckling constraints.



McDermott Engineers integrated Wisdom System's Concept Modeller (Object Oriented Programming Shell) and other in-house software with STARSTRUC to automate the deck design of offshore platforms.   Blake Cathey, Project Leader of Computer-Aided Deck Design and Optimization of McDermott, Inc., expects to reduce both the design cost and schedule of decks by as much as one half. Construction cost, based on previous engineering studies, could be reduced by 10-15% if certain decks were redesigned. The engineer will be able to spend more time evaluating different design alternatives. Moreover, the design quality will improve because this system will replace hand calculations which are more prone to human error.



The Highland Building was selected by the U.S. Small Busi­ness Administration as a model project because of the inno­vative techniques used in design and construction. The structure was 100% computer designed using STARSTRUC, resulting in a $35,000 savings in steel costs over a manually designed benchmark of the building.


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