• Reduce design time

  • Reduce structural cost

  • Improves design

  • Eliminates manual trial and error



STARSTRUC, the advanced structural optimization software for designers and structural analysts, is the result of over 18 years of research and development. Since its release for commercial use in April 1983, STARSTRUC has been applied in all engineering industries. The results obtained in each situation indicate the superiority and maturity of STARSTRUC as a practical design tool.

Structural optimization automatically reduces the weight and increases the integrity of a structure in one simple computer run. Combining the powerful finite element method with advances in optimization research, STARSTRUC "drives" the design to an optimum in just a few iterations. You control the optimization process.

The process of optimization is a complex and difficult mathematical procedure that is made simple through STARSTRUC. STARSTRUC offers a complete set of constraints for stress, displacement, buckling and vibration to assure a realistic and optimum design.

As a practical design tool, STARSTRUC optimizes steel structures using the latest AISC and API design codes, with the most comprehensive library of standard steel sections.

STARSTRUC is currently implemented on mainframe computers such as IBM, CDC, CRAY, UNIVAC; and mini­computers such as APOLLO, SUN, PRIME, HARRIS, and SYMBOLICS; as well as microcomputers.

STARSTRUC compliments established methods of design by providing the critical information to guide your structural design effort. Including STARSTRUC in your design process makes your engineers more productive by reducing the time otherwise needed for manual or analysis-based methods.



By enhancing both analyst and designer productivity, STARSTRUC:


   Makes engineers more effective.

  Reduces prototypes, production and field failures.

  Increases efficiency of your computers.

  Reduces your backlog of design and analysis work.


Optimization, combined with your design process, redistributes the major project costs such as engineering design, computer resource and production; resulting in a net savings of these combined costs.

STARSTRUC reduces design cost by eliminating manual trial and error methods.

By minimizing weight, STARSTRUC reduces production costs and consequently material and manufacturing costs.



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