The Smoke in the Quran

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Source: History of Truth - The Truth about God and Religions Vol. 4, page 183, By Dr. Adel Elsaie

Universe: Beyond the Millennium - Creation


The Horsehead Nebula is a dark nebula located in Orion. It is visible only because it lies above a lighter background

In the above Surah 21, Ayah 104, there is an obvious reference that Allah will end the universe as he started it. This Ayah states that Allah created all these worlds that we know a very small part of them out of nothing by His order “Be.” This Ayah may also be a reference to The Big Crunch, since it presents the analogy of expanding and collapsing the universe to the opening and closing scrolls.

As mentioned before, there was smoke at the beginning of the universe, Surah 41, Ayah 11. Then the Quran states that:

Then watch thou for the Day that the sky will bring forth a kind of smoke, plainly visible. Enveloping the people: This is a chastisement Grievous. (They will say): Our Lord! Remove the chastisement from us, for we do really believe!.” (Surah 44, Ayah 10 - 12)

The significance of the smoke is demonstrated by Surah 44, which has “The Smoke” as its title. As a matter of fact, the smoke is one of the major signs of the imminence of the Day of Judgment, as narrated by the Prophet. Some commentators associate the smoke of Surah 44 with a severe famine in Mecca. However, in the context of using verses of the Quran to explain other verse, if we put Surah 21, Ayah 104, with these verses, it may be that Allah refers to the literal word “smoke” and not to the famine. Accordingly, smoke is one of the signs of the starting and ending of the universe. And God Knows the Best.