The Scientific Miracle in The Quran - Introduction

Support to the Muslim - Challenge to the Non Muslim

Source: History of Truth - The Truth about God and Religions Vol. 4, page 159, By Dr. Adel Elsaie

National Geographic Confirms Quranic Science

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

164. Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth,
and in the alternation of night and day, and the ships
which sail through the sea with that which is of use to
mankind, and the water (rain) which Allah sends down
from the sky and makes the earth alive therewith after
its death, and the moving (living) creatures of all kinds
that He has scattered therein, and in the veering of
winds and clouds which are held between the sky and
the earth, are indeed Ayat (proofs, evidences, signs, etc.)
for people of understanding.

(Quran 2:164)

There are over seven hundred Ayat in the Quran that deal with scientific facts. In the present time, we understand many of those Ayat. Other Ayat imply different meanings and we do not have enough information to interpret their meaning correctly. This subject of the scientific miracle of the Quran is becoming increasingly fascinating. The available amount of work is so voluminous and some of the studies are so scientifically detailed. It is very difficult to cover this huge subject in one book, let alone a chapter in a book. However, an attempt will be presented to introduce some of the recent advances in this subject.

The scientific verses in the Quran represent serious challenge to the atheists as well as the Christians. This challenge in no way represents a negative process, but a positive one that keeps humanity reflecting on the many miraculous signs of God as stated in the Quran. How else can anyone explain that an unlettered Arab in the seventh century stated scientific facts that became known after fourteen centuries? Can there be any reasonable explanation except that the Creator of all realities revealed these facts to him? These verses also serve the purpose of providing Muslims with yet another proof of the Divinity of the Quran.

The history of the scientific miracles of the Quran goes back to the time of the revelation to Muhammad Pbuh. The Prophet and his companions had interpreted some verses according to human perception at that time. Also, the Hadith of the Prophet include many statements that deal with life sciences. The accuracy of those scientific statements is quite astounding considering the fact that he was unlettered. Dr. Abdel Razik Nofal wrote one on the pioneering books on this subject in Arabic with the title “Allah and Modern Science.” The book was an original attempt to explain the following Ayah:

“Verily, all things have we created in proportion and measure (perfection).” (Surah 54, Ayah 49)

The author concentrated on the proportions that relate to life on earth and how they represent a perfect balance provided by Allah. For example, the amount of oxygen in the air is perfect; if it is less, humans will not be able to breathe; if it is more, fires could start everywhere. Also the distance of the earth from the sun is perfect; if it is less, we will burn from the heat of the sun; if it is more, we will freeze. Potentially deadly radiation is kept at bay by the terrestrial atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and water vapor help warm the surface, but there is no runaway effect because both are perfectly recycled in various ways. On earth, complex life forms exist consisting of human, vegetable and animal life, from microscopic bacteria to huge elephants and from minute viruses to giant trees. Although the earth possesses a dense core surrounded by an outer crust and an atmosphere, it has this unique difference - life. During the twentieth century, it has become clear that life exists on earth only because conditions are perfect. Moreover, the chemical and biochemical environments are in perfect balance, to ensure not only the existence of living things but also their continuity.

During the last decades, the number of books and papers that deal with this subject, from Muslims and non-Muslims alike, increased tremendously. Many Muslims understood the orders from Allah to “read”, “look” and “think” as a call for a better appreciation of the Power of God. Also, Islamic institutions exist in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt that focus on the scientific miracle in the Quran.

Before presenting some of the scientific miracles of the Quran, the following three points are emphasized:

This is not an attempt to prove that the Quran is authentic and scientifically correct because it includes physical facts that conform to some modern theories. However, it is inevitable that the Muslim scholars become enthusiastic when modern scientific theories conform to the Quran that was revealed fourteen centuries ago. Thus, some Muslim scientists may rush to judgment and attempt to authenticate the Quran to new theories. It should be understood that this process could be extremely dangerous because theories are changed or modified. The Quran does not need science to prove its correctness or authenticity. It is a Book of religion, worship and a way of life. But Allah in His great wisdom knows that a time will come when some people will raise the slogan that the time of religion has passed and the time of science has started. Therefore, the Quran has included over 700 Ayat that have direct connection with science that should be considered as a miracle from the Creator of science. The Quran proves that the present time of science and technology achieved facts that were revealed to an unlettered Prophet for all generations after him. It has Ayat that are incredibly accurate with broad spectrums of knowledge from embryology to cosmology that were only recently discovered. It should be understood that the Quran is the standard by which facts or theories are judged and not vice versa.

The second point deals with the interpretation of the Quran. All scientific Ayat in the Quran were not interpreted in detail fourteen centuries ago. There are two reasons for this:

♦ It would have not been understood because human capabilities were limited. There was not enough accumulated knowledge to explain; for example, the Big Bang.

♦ Humans can benefit from many things without knowing their details. For example, humans benefit from the rotation of the earth whether they know it or not. Most people benefit from TV, radios, lamps, remote controls, or cars without knowing how they work. Babies are born every second without any knowledge of embryology. Therefore, the scientific signs in the Quran are useful to mankind whether they were understood or not.

The third point is that, in most scientific verses, Allah addresses the unbelievers as a real challenge to them. These verses usually start by “Don′t the unbelievers see that -.” The level of scientific knowledge in the seventh century is incomparable with that of our present time. What would be an honest explanation for an unlettered man, such as the Prophet Muhammad, to include such scientific facts in the seventh century, when they only began to surface ten to fourteen centuries later? There are two possible explanations; he was either a scientific genius or the words were not his - making him only a messenger to spread the divine message. The Prophet Muhammad was never known to be a scientific genius. For the Muslim, the scientific miracle of the Quran is very comforting. It does not initiate faith, but it emphasizes it. Abraham, the father of the prophets had a similar experience narrated in Surah 2, Ayah 260. Abraham had complete faith in Allah′s power, but he wanted, with Allah′s permission, to authenticate his faith and soothe his mind and heart. Abraham wanted to see the process of resurrection, so Allah asked Abraham to cut four birds into pieces and mix them together. Abraham divided the pieces into four equal portions and put each portion on the top of a mountain. Allah asked Abraham to call upon the birds. With the permission of God, the birds came flying. Similarly, the scientific miracles in the Quran comfort the Muslim′s heart. However, to the unbelievers, it is a tremendous challenge that they will never be able to explain.