Did Jesus want to Die for our Sins?

by Hassan aka John Anthony


People close their mind when it comes to confusion. For example, if we want to buy a car, we keep our mind open. If we see some scratches, or patches on its body, we never close our mind, but rather tell the dealer "See here are some patches on this car's body.."

He never tells us the phrase "You just have to believe it" you just have to believe it that this is a new car.

I ask some of my friends in a decent way that why is that when it comes to religion, we are asked that "You just have to believe it." It's in our nature that if we want to do something, we wish for it.

For example, if I am in love with a girl, and I love her, I would wish, and tell her that "I love you, and I want to marry you.." It shows my nature that I am in love with her.

Lets say, I like to travel, I would wish to travel to different places. Similarly, if a girl wants to have sex with her husband, she would tell him that she wants to have sex with him.

But what if a girl doesn't want to have sex him, and the man wants to have it with her? She is not ready neither does she wish to do so. What if the man put a pistol to her head, and has sex with her, against her will? That becomes rape right? Ok now it would be better if you read the following also.

There is a verse in the Bible, that says that when Jesus (pbuh) was put on the cross, he said "My God my God why has thou forsaken me?" Jesus (Pbuh) asks God Why are You leaving me my God? Please my God help me, I am in trouble.

Well!! every time I ask some of my friends that "OVER HERE JESUS (pbuh) DOES NOT EVEN WILL TO DIE FOR OUR SINS" If he will to die for our sins, he should have said that "Myself myself I am ready to die for the sins of the whole mankind." He would have used myself myself coz he is a God according to Christianity. When we ask them about such things, they reply to us that "You just have to believe it", close your mind, and accept Him.