What is a “Jew”? Do “Ashkenazi” Jews have a right to Palestine?

Not according to many historians, such as the Jewish historian Arthur Koestler, who wrote The Thirteenth Tribe

The Ashkenazi Jew Conspiracy - Full Movie

Please notice Zionist Wolf Blitzer (of CNN) at 7:30, Outrageous support of Israel and obvious hate of Palestinians

The word "Jew" refers to both a religion and a race. Using one word for two different concepts is as stupid as referring to a religion as "Chinese". In such a case, some people would describe themselves as Chinese when they were referring to their race, and other people would describe themselves as Chinese when they were referring to their religion.

Idiotic arguments would occur because some Chinese would insist that you cannot be Chinese unless your parents were Chinese. Other people would argue that we can all become Chinese, even Sammy Davis Jr. Incidentally, was Sammy Davis Jr. Jewish?

This arguing over words may seem trivial, but it is the reason we have wars in the Middle East. A group of people referring to themselves as "Jews" are insisting that Palestine belongs to them because their ancestors lived there 2000 years ago. They created the Zionist movement to help restore their homeland.

However, numerous historians have looked into this issue and discovered that most of these Zionist Jews are not descendants of the original Jews. Rather, most Zionists are " Jews"; a race of people who were known as the Khazars a thousand years ago, The real, original Jews were physically and genetically similar to the Arabs, specifically, dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. The Hebrew and Arabic languages have a lot of similarities, also.

The real homeland for the white, Ashkenazi Jews is near the Caspian and Black Seas, not Palestine. Their ancestors picked up the Jewish religion about 900A.D.. Due to the widespread ignorance of people in that era, after a few generations they assumed that they were the descendants of the Jews who lived in Palestine.

Jesus was not white

If there had been any white-skinned people living in Palestine 2000 years ago, the Romans and Arabs would have mentioned them in their writings, and they would have pointed out that the white folks get sunburned very easily.

Can you find any mention of sunburn, blisters, or white skin in any of their documents? We find remarks about red hair and white skin only when the Roman armies traveled north and encountered the Celts and Germans.

The Christians from the northern European nations usually depict Jesus with northern European features, but there were no white skinned people living in the Middle East 2000 years ago. Christians should depict Jesus correctly by giving him dark skin and Semitic features.

Real Jews were brown

The depiction of Jesus and his mother as white, Northern European Caucasians is creating serious confusion among Americans and Europeans. The real Jews were brown, not white. The white, Ashkenazi Zionists are incorrect when they claim that their ancestors came from Palestine.

Furthermore, people have been interbreeding so much around the Mediterranean that it's possible that there aren't any real Jews today. There are some Jews with darker skin, (the Sephardic Jews) but they're not necessarily descendents of the original Jews. For all we know, the Sephardic Jews are a mix of Ashkenazi Jews with people of darker coloring. Perhaps DNA analysis will become advanced enough to answer the question "who among us is a Jew?".

It would be especially ironic if the Sephardic Jews are descendents of the original Jews because the Ashkenazi Jews discriminate against them, and are trying to kill them. For example, have you heard about their ringworm treatment for Sephardi children? Here is a this copy of the original news article.

The Thirteenth Tribe

The document is a book written by a Jewish historian, Arthur Koestler, who died in 1983. He was an Ashkenazi Jew who helped to expose this major blunder that is causing horrendous suffering all over the world.

Koestler supported Israel, as you can see at the very end of his book in Appendix IV when he claims the issue of whether the Zionist Jews are related to the original Jews " irrelevant, and cannot affect Israel’s right to exist"

However, no group of people has a "right to exist". Or, if the Jews have a right to exist, then so does everybody else.

Why not allow the Aztecs have a special homeland in Palestine? When the Romans caused Celts to migrate into the British Isles, they took land away from whoever was living there already. Why not let those people have a homeland in Palestine? I made an audio file about the issue of Israel's right to exist:

All throughout history we find groups of people fighting with their neighbors, and migrating to different areas. If the Jews had fought with the Arabs for Palestine a thousand years ago, the Arabs may have moved eastward after a few fights, and the Jews may have created Israel without much suffering.

However, nobody today is nomadic. You cannot chase a person off his land by throwing rocks at him or by shooting at him with arrows. Furthermore, the human population is dense; there is no vacant land anywhere.

Today all groups of people refuse to move. The end result is that fights over territory become devastating for any nation foolish enough to get involved in such fights.

It is no longer practical for people to fight over territory. We are no longer living like animals, and we must stop fighting over territory like animals.

The Jews are trying to create Israel in an era when creating nations is impractical. The entire world is suffering tremendously, and we should give it up as a hopeless fantasy.