Muslims own 80 % of World resources: Cause for conflict



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There has been conflict between Islam and the West. To understand the genesis of this, we trace back the history to a period of more than2000 years back. The reasons for the conflict could be broadly classified into geographical, geological, economic and intellectual ones. Geographically, the Islamic world is blessed to occupy strategic central position: from the Caucasus to north Africa, including the Arabian Peninsula and Turkey, Syria, Palestine, parts of Asia, Iran and Iraq. These areas were favoured with Divine Messages with clear relationship between man and his Lord. Eminent personalities and Prophets were sent to teach. Few examples include Abraham in Iraq, Moses in Egypt and Isah in Palestine.

The origin of some non Muslim beliefs such as Budhah could be traced here.

Thus the Islamic lands have an important geographical landmark. These remarks were made by the renowned Authority in History Professor Dahiru Yahaya of Bayero University, Kano, while delivering a lecture on the topic: War against Terrorism or re-colonization of the Muslim lands. He was invited to speak at the 6th Annual Conference of the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria which is under the distinguished leadership of his Eminence, Sheikh, Sayyid Ibraheem al Zakzaky (H). The western World, on the other hand, continued the professor, had experienced not much of such messages. Hence they were susceptible to personal initiatives which, in most case, were not guided. Thus the only way for them was to conquer and subjugate other people.

Typical example is the establishment of the Roman Empire. After that the West scrambled for the colonization of the rest of the World. They considered themselves as the only civilized people. They develop erroneous theories to subjugate others. In the West, any dick and harry can postulate a theory under no guiding authority. Islamic society, on the other hand has one guiding authority, the Quran.

Therein, one finds complete laws of the Shari′ah. Muslims have criteria: Halal (lawful) and Haram (unlawful). The second reason for the conflict between Islam and the West lies on the geological formations. Muslims possess 80 % (four-fifth) of the resources of the World, leaving the one fifth to the rest. Hence Muslims are favoured with two vital things: Faith in God Almighty and Resources. This disturbs the Western World. Their strategy has always been to destroy those two vital favours. They try to separate the Muslims from the real faith in Islam and then whisk away their resources.

Before the Professor dwelled on the war against terrorism, he briefly looked at the historical perspectives. He said that Islam is the only civil system to challenge the Western aggression. Before the advent of Islam, the area spanning from North Africa up to Europe, practice Christianity. Turkey, the Caucasus and the periphery of Arabia were all Christian states. Christianity provides no concrete laws governing the society. It consists, principally, of moral declarations. The church, like a political party, was used to defend domineering interests. Within 100 years, however, Islam came to be accepted in Persia, Middle East and across to Spain.

This emerging civilization took pride in conquests. They celebrate Military Heroes and Heroine. This differed significantly with the Islamic thought.

Islam hoped to build man. Then the ‘ordinary′ Mamluks and saljuks rose up to defend Islam. They were not Arabs. They rose to save the Empire. This gave birth to a strong Ottoman Muslim Empire. This Empire which reigned for over 700 years.