Invitation to Volunteer

Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign

My Ummah needs Islamic Youth Awakening Urgently

I beg you to take this message seriously

Initial Emails - Sunday June, 6, 2016, Ramadan, 1, 1437

1. Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign - Invitation to Volunteer

Companion of the Prophet, and their age when they accepted Islam: Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (10 years old), Talhah ibn Ubaydullah (14 years old), Said ibn Zayd (15 years Old), Sad ibn Abi Waqqas (17 years old), Umar Ibn Al Khattab (26 years old) Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf (30 years), Othman Ibn Affan (34 years old), Abu Bakr (37 years old)

1. Invitation to Volunteer - Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign


Watch Video of this email at:

The video is Br. David McClung reading this email. The video is produced by Br. David McClung, American Convert to Islam. He is Electrical/Mechanical Engineer.

We start this Campaign on the first of Ramadan, 1437, June, 6,2016. May Allah SWT bless this Campaign, and bless all Muslim Youth.

This Dawah effort and the Islamic youth Campaign have nothing to do with politics, terrorism, or racism.

This is just a Pure Dawah for Muslim Youth.

Allah Said in the holy Quran "... cooperate with one another in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate with one another in sin and animosity: fear Allah. for Allah is strict in punishment." (Quran 5:2)

Prophet Muhammad said, "If you guide one person, this is better for you than this whole world and what is in it"

Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign is an idea I have been dreaming about for so long. We are ONE UMMAH who should care about each other, especially the care of the next generation.

This is our third phase of this campaign. It is an updated version from the first phase that started on October, 6, 2008.

These are some of the questions, that I hope everyone of us should ask himself/herself, and try to find answers.

How can we get Islamic youth to be excellent and proud Muslims?

How can we instill the Quran and the great moral values of our Prophet Muhammad in their minds?

How can Islamic Youth remember our Islamic history, and our civilization, that was one of the best civilizations in history and be very proud Muslims?

How can Islamic Youth stand steadfast and firm against the Western pop culture and the weapons of missionary deception that are sweeping everywhere in Muslim countries?

I live in a city in USA, and I personally know 8 Muslim girls, who converted FROM Islam to atheism, Jehovah witness, Christianity and Buddhism. I also know many Muslim youth who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Each case makes me very sad. An Imam told me that a mother of a 24 years old woman got pregnant with a non-Muslim man. Can you imagine the feeling of this mother. Is this our future Ummah? On the other side, in that city when I first came, there was not a single Mosque. After 30 years we have over 40 Mosques. AlHamd Le Allah.

What Islam asks us to do is not difficult and can be done with the grace of Allah SWT. I heard an Imam saying "a good Muslim is a good human being" and we have our best role model in our Prophet Muhammad, the best human being.

Working with a small group of Muslims, may Allah rewards them all, we developed this international campaign. We will InShaa Allah move one step at a time following the steps of the companions of our Prophet Muhammad.

We need to have maximum exposure, so please, give your support to this campaign. Can we all work together? Let's "cooperate with one another in righteousness and piety"

We need this campaign desperately; we just don't want to see our Ummat Muhammad plunging any further.

We have collected over 250 articles, videos, and Islamic inspirational songs at: 

And we did that for Muslim Youth not to be bored with articles only.

We cannot do this alone; We Need Your Help For The Sake of Allah.

For the sake of Allah, and our future generation of Ummat Muhammad, I would like to ask you to commit to the following steps:

We will InShaa Allah send you one email every week on Sunday.

You email this weekly package to all your list on Monday every week. Let's make Monday each week "Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign Day". Ask every one in your list to forward this email to his / her list.

Join as many Islamic User Groups as you can. There are about 40,000 Yahoo Islamic user groups. Please send these postings to your list of contacts and the user groups of your choice, by forwarding our postings in one email each week.

Your initial work will require collecting your list and joining Islamic user groups. And if you live in a country where mosques, Imams, and youth organizations have emails, please add them to your list.

We want this campaign to reach All youth in our 1.75 billion Muslims on Earth.

We want to reverse the downfall of our Ummah, and be worthy of the name Ummat Muhammad. We were the greatest Ummah many times in our history.

This is a message of change for the Muslim Youth to be a stronger Muslim. And we want every Muslim Youth to say: YES WE CAN.

This will take only five minutes from your time every week. Jazak Allah Khairan

Why I am doing this? I am 75 years old Muslim, and I love Islam. I hope I can do something big to serve Allah in my life. I am doing this only for the sake of Allah. I want to tell God on the Day of Judgment: "I tried hard and you are The Ultimate Judge, so forgive my sins, accept my good deeds, and take me with thy Mercy to Al Ferdous Al Aala in the company of our Prophet Muhammad. You are the Most Generous."

And you too can be part of this Ummah campaign. Can you imagine the rewards from Allah for this Dawah campaign?

I will Inshaa Allah publish Volunteer list, with your name, language, email, and country if you agree to publish this personal information. If you don't agree, I will not publish your personal information, but I will still Inshaa Allah send you the weekly email.

In summary, please reply to this email, telling me:

Could you commit to this campaign for the sake of Allah? Can I send you email every week, and you send it to all list? Yes or no.

Do you want me to publish your personal information, your name, language, email, and country? Yes or no.

Please email us at: "Dr. Adel Elsaie" . We welcome any comments or suggestions from you to make this campaign more effective and far reaching. Please write volunteer on the subject of your email.

Please circulate this email to your brothers and sisters, Jazakum Allah Khairan.

Please note that this posting is for adults too.

Jazakum Allah Khairan

Invitation to Volunteer in Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign:

Dr. Adel Elsaie