Dannah Diebas (9 years old Girl) A defender of Islam

سورة الحشر- سمية الديب- برنامج فرسان القرآن

When I was in Pre-Kindergarten, we had a Christmas party in the class, one girl said that God is Baby Jesus. I asked her; Are you serious? Does God put pamper on? God is up there in the sky and He can't be a baby. He doesn�t eat or drink. He is God. Since that time, I can't stand still if any one mocks God, My God and the God of this whole Universe. Dannah Diebas

When I went to Islamic school in Kindergarten, I had a wonderful teacher, sister Nosheen of BHA. She taught us the solar system, the planets, the black hole. She gave us a feeling of how big this Universe is, and this is a proof God is great.

Now I am reading about the Big Bang, and how the universe started 12 billion years ago from a very tiny piece in space. Then Allah caused it to explode, then we have all those galaxies, stars, and plants. To think that this entire universe came from a small piece is amazing. But Allah is The Creator, and when He wants anything, He says: Be and it is.

I used to love American songs, not bad songs. But when I head I am not afraid to stand alone of Native Deen, I really loved it. I kept listening to it with my 2 younger sisters who loved it too. We all danced to the music of this song. Also, we all love the song of Zain Bhikha "My Mon is amazing" these are our favorite songs.

My parents are good Muslims, they pray, fast, and always teach me good manners. AlHamdleAllah, I have my wonderful Muslim parents. InShaa Allah, I hope to be Hafiz Quran. I memorized the last Juzaa, Surah Yaseen, and I read all Surat Al Baqarah in Arabic. We have a nanny from Indonesia who knows the whole Quran, and recites Quran in a beautiful voice.

I want all kids to be good Muslims, stop listening to bad TV shows and songs. I have many Hijabs. My parents and grandparents tell me when I put Hijab, I look like an angle. When you put on Hijab, somehow the light of Islam comes to your face. Please try to be good Muslim.

I want all Muslim Kids to read Quran and Islamic stories. I want all Muslim kids to listen to their Parent and be nice to them, be kind to elderly, and merciful to young kids. I want all Muslim kids to study hard, because you have to be strong Muslim by practicing Islam and acquiring knowledge. Make reading one of your best hobby. The first word in the Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad is "Read". When Allah tells us something, we say "we hear, we obey" May Allah Bless you all.