" In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful"

It’s never too late to change

By Nouran Elsaie

Strong and Young Muslimah!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Who said it is too late ?! Since you are reading this, that means you are still alive. Since you are still alive , that means it is not too late after all . You can still change (YES YOU CAN) . If you are not that good , you could be good . If you are good , you could be better and if you are better , you could try to be the best . Being the best as I believe should be every Muslim's target in life.

Please for Allah start praying if you don't . Take my advice and don't rush it so that you won't start doing everything ( praying , fasting , reading the Qur'an) and then stop suddenly and get stubborn not to return back so you should take it step by step and remember the most important thing is the intention your true intention to be better and start praying . First you pray . Why did I choose praying ? For two reasons : First because I believe it is the root of all good and it will make a better you indeed .

Second because it is the first thing we are going to be asked about in the doom day . Then after you are praying regularly , you could read one page from the Holly Qur'an each day , only one page is enough to make a Muslim's heart alive again and touched after that you can increase your rate .

If you don't have money to go to Saudi Arabia and make Umrah or you can't travel alone , guess what ! You can do it in your country and in your own home . Yes that is right I'm not kidding Actually it is an offer that Allah had given us , but how ?! I'll tell you first you can pray El Fajr and keep reading the Qur'an till the sun rises then you pray El Doha and by that the steps of Umrah are done and finished (And May Allah Accept It)

Dear sister,

That's only for you . It is just a small request or an advice from my heart to yours if your clothes are some how not like what Allah has asked us to wear so why don't you try to wear suitable clothes and then wear the hijab . Why don't you do this just for Allah . Some girls say No I won't wear the hijab till I get married because they think after wearing it they won't be attractive and they won't get married �Can you guarantee living the next day, the next minute or even the next second to worry about marriage?� And some refuse to wear the hijab because they care about what guys think, what human beings �Creatures� think more than they care about what Allah thinks of them. That is ironic don't you think so ?!

At last , if we started thinking about what Allah gave us we won't get to an end and why is that ? Because they are too many. They are also so important if we concentrated on one bless such as sight for example your eyes that Allah gave you and after that think of what have you done for Allah in return . May be you didn't do nothing but is it enough ?! This is a question you should bear in mind . Don't you think you should keep trying and trying and do your best ?! And please don't tell me that you are much better than lots of people OK , If you are , that's good No that's great but why don't you try to be better than those who are better than you? Why don't you make it your goal ?

One last question you should ask your self and that would be What have you done for our prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) so that he would ask Allah to forgive you?

And remember your intention in every thing you do (reading, studying, working, doing sports) should be for Allah, to please Allah

By Nouran

(15 years old)