Islamization of Muslim Youth

Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign

My Ummah needs Islamic Youth Awakening Urgently

Please, take this message seriously

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Companion of the Prophet, and their age when they accepted Islam: Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (10 years old), Talhah ibn Ubaydullah (14 years old), Said ibn Zayd (15 years Old), Sad ibn Abi Waqqas (17 years old), Umar Ibn Al Khattab (26 years old) Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf (30 years), Othman Ibn Affan (34 years old), Abu Bakr (37 years old)

1. Invitation to Volunteer - Video Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign

How to do Dawah to Muslims and Non-Muslims

This weekly Emails Campaign takes less than one hour every week for two years.

Let's regain our greatest civilization in history AGAIN

This weekly email Campaign is mailed to Volunteers and Users Groups with the purpose of having maximum exposure. Total number of articles is 105.

Please email any or all of the following Articles to your list or user groups And post on your Facebook - Jazakum Allah Khairan

Life objective: Global Islamic Youth Awakening

I. Introductory Articles (16 Articles)

This group include articles such as;

Volunteers, We need your help

Fighting back: Mongols of our Time - Yes We Can

12 Principles of Islamic Unity - Action Items

Islamic Identity Don't loose it. It is your utmost possession.

Simple things you can do, that have great rewards from Allah.

The 15 Minutes Criterion.

Support Muslim Youth Code of Honor

Please sign the Muslim Youth Code of Honor petition at :

The number of the following odd and even numbered articles is 89

We send one odd number like 1 one week, the following week we send one even number like 2, and so on

III. Odd numbers Articles. This group includes:

1. Glorious Quran on Good Manners

2. Words of Wisdom from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

3. Muhammad (PBUH), The Best Man Ever Lived:

4. Videos Of Prophet Muhammad. From YouTube.

5. Great Muslims who Changed History, Most of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) were Youth:


7. Schools for Islamic Youth Awakening (Sahwah) Campaign

8. Kids for Islamic Awakening

9. Islamic Inspirational Songs. From YouTube.

II. Even numbers Articles. This group includes:

1. Glorious Quran on Good Manners

2. Words of Wisdom from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

3. Converts to Islam Videos. From YouTube.

4. Coverts to Islam:

5. Do you like American pop culture? See what good sincere American are doing?

6. WMD: Beware of Weapons of Missionary Deception and their dirty games:

7. WMD Videos.  From YouTube.